8 Best 2.1 Computer Speakers Under 100 | Professional Grade Sound for Your Laptop or Desktop

best 2.1 computer speakers

Computers be it Laptop, desktop, or others plays crucial role in our personal and professional spheres.

​You probably  own a great computing gadget, but it doesn't guarantee an amazing multimedia or music experience .

The 2.1 channel speaker system is the ideal set of speakers for a great audio experience. However, if you're not able to set them up correctly (they're tricky) you may want to default to some 2.0 speakers instead.

Because, most computer internal speakers aren't capable enough to deliver professional or audiophile grade sound to your ears. In this post we decided to cover some great ones you can get for under $100. They're good enough to take over as your speaker system, but cheap enough to not break your bank.

By taking a careful note of all concerned aspects, I have created this exclusive article on Best 2.1 Computer Speakers a unique mix of multipurpose, movie, music and gaming computer speakers.

Notably, all these exclusive PC speaker systems are highly efficient, stylish, durable, dedicated towards unmatched user experience.

Now, it's time to guide you towards the core of my presentation.

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  • Lavish, elegant designing.
  • Clean, pristine sound.
  • Gloss finished durable body.

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  • Best 2.1 computer speakers in under $50 range.
  • Multipurpose for music, movies and gaming.
  • Thick big Bass feature.

Editor's Rating:


  • Best under $100 PC speaker For Gaming.
  • Compact theme-based designing.
  • Theatre-style sound for games, music and movies.

Best Computer Speakers:

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Here I am introducing you, A Unique 2.1 Multimedia audio system with some exclusivities namely Hourglass design, Multiple sources hosting and Timeless Audio.

M3200 is the Perfect Mix of Style & Sound, which also has a unique capability to host your multiple audio sources.

This Unconventional Audio product from Edifier specially crafted to take your Listening experience above and beyond the limits.

A complete audio solution for the most refined ears.

It is necessary to disclose all those specifications which constitute such Refreshing Eye candy systems, take a look ahead. Uncommon designing highlighted with 'cool Blue halo's thinnest point of satellites and subwoofer glows brightly around in the circle.

That light indicates your system is ready to blast and resulting effect superbly customized for trend-conscious Audiophiles. The hourglass shaped 2-way satellite speakers only blows you away, with their graceful design and magnetic shield protection. Also, delivers combined 18 Watts of power punch in your sound.

With 34 Watts of Audio power, M3200 is proficient enough to awaken your senses. Wooden enclosed curvy subwoofer houses 5-1/2inches driver, which gives you richer deeper Bass effect. Edifier scored another style breakpoints through its Glowing Rotary master remote controller.

This aluminum made pod consists of blue halo power indicator, headphone output, volume control, on/off function and 3.5mm auxiliary input port. Regarding connectivity, it shows very versatile traits. You never go uneasy with its highly productive 3.5mm AUX pair conveniently located on the remote control and backside of the subwoofer.

In my opinion, the Multiple Audio source hosting is the biggest scorer here, that happens via AUX input, PC to PC signal input and Cd to CD signal input respectively. Are you fond of Bluetooth PC audio systems? Then must consider Edifier's excellent Prisma Bluetooth & Prisma Encore Multimedia speakers.

Edifier USA M3200 is an exclusive category audio system tailor-made for PC Speaker segment. That brings you an impressive fusion of sound, style, and functionality, made available at sub $100 Price tag.

For M3200's specific product review, click here.

Things We Liked

  • Double package DAC & Amplifier.
  • Compact lightweight and transportable.
  • Highly compatible with Top-end headphones.
  • Minimal price yet Maximum performer.
  • Bus powered.
  • Latest Coaxial and Line-out features.
  • Gives you an overall sizzling yet crisp audio output.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Short micro USB cable.
  • Bass-boosting application not much of use.

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CA-3602FFP is the best 2.1 computer speakers for Music and Gaming; one can own within $50 budget. A Great value computer audio solution.

Computer speakers play a vital role in the quality analysis of your system sound. This dynamic twin speaker and subwoofer setup rejuvenate you with deep Bass laced audio.

Cyber Acoustics loaded with incredible pro-user and control features, delivers a better audiophile experience.

It has dual 2-inch satellite speakers with 5.25-inch subwoofer. Power stats are total RMS 30 watts including 6W each of speaker and 18W for the subwoofer.

Regarding speakers, all electronics are precisely housed in, magnetically shielded enclosures.

Subwoofer modeled in acoustically balanced wooden cabinet with 10x8x8 inches dimensions, means you need sufficient space on your desk.

Desktop Control Pod provides you complete command over your speaker system. It has controls for Bass and Master Volume; Top Central Blue LED indicator ring and on/off switch.

Also, has Auxiliary audio source input and a Headphone output jack, which facilitates smooth user access.

With its High-end pod, you can easily manage the audio output and experience more personalized listening.

Build quality is quite good with the mix of wooden, plastic and some metal crafting, which is sleek and durable.

At below $50 price tag, CA-3602 is the best computer speakers out of available options in the segment. An excellent choice for music, gaming and movies.

You can easily connect to a smartphone, tablet, and computers, Mp3/DVD players thus makes it suitable for your home, office or other places.

For Cyber Acoustic CA-3902 product reviews, check here.

The complete package includes; Subwoofer, two satellite speakers, control pod, 5ft power cable, 11ft speaker to speaker wire, control pod cable(6ft) and power adapter.

Things We Liked

  • Best 2.1 computer speakers in under $50 range.
  • Multipurpose for music, movies and gaming.
  • Thick big Bass feature.
  • Magnetically shielded sleek design.
  • Amazing subwoofer.
  • Super efficient Control Pod.
  • Multiple inputs & Wider compatibility.
  • Easy setup and connections.
  • Deep, balanced, clear audio performance.
  • Best value product at given price.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Many sensitive controls require careful hands.
  • Slightly muddled mid-range.
  • Don't expect too much, as you already getting more than its worth.

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A High-efficiency, Budget Audio system for all those, wants to explore a mesmerizing gaming experience without breaking the bank.

Indeed, Genius SW-G2.1 2000 speaker system is power-beast with 45 Watts RMS audio power nice upgrade for the high-octane gaming environment.

Now I have to explain all those facts which make this Top League robust sound solution.Ultra potent MDF wooden cabinet subwoofer gives you acoustically refined shaking deep rich Bass.

Curvaceous Satellite speakers deliver high power sound that seriously boost the joy of high-intensity moments. Also, compact enough to fit minimum desktop space for your extended comfort.You never need to worry about the setup, operation, and controlling issues. All these aspects smoothly managed by its splendid Control module also host the various connections (input/output)

Here you got the luxury of multiple input & output objectives, stereo RCA, 3.5mm primary, 3.5mm AUX inputs and 3.5mm in-line output for your TV connectivity. Besides, you have a headphone jack and microphone output jacks.

It's Pulsating blue LED joins the rhythm of powerful heart-beating gives you the scenario of real battle-field. It has another power scorer in the form of Multi-compatibility. This Genius audio system easily syncs with a range of gadgets i.e. All the main PC, Laptop, Gaming or other multimedia devices.

Here, take a look on Genius GX-Gaming SW-G2.1 3000 for a more intense experience.

Things We Liked

  • Best under $100 PC speaker For Gaming.
  • Compact theme-based designing.
  • Theatre-style sound for games, music and movies.
  • Broad range compatibility.
  • Multiple input & outputs.
  • Super efficient Central control hub jacks.
  • Headphone jack for personalized listening.
  • Highly versatile audio platform.
  • Huge upgrade from regular computer speakers.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Lack of anti-skid footing on satellite speakers.
  • Bit short length cables.
  • The absence of Protecting Grills.

Editor's Rating:


Finding a best sounding primary level is indeed a very gruesome task, with so many brands flooding the audio market.

Just Imagine a good sounding computer audio system with stylish design and Build quality, sounds great.? Altec Lensing VS2621 is best 2.1 computer speakers in its exclusive zone.

The vs2621 speaker system has something unique features on offer, take a look down ahead.

Stylish designing with bold new looks: Satellites cool angled outline consists of an active driver(for mid & highs) and passive speakers(for improved Bass response). Audio Alignment Technology: It delivers splendid alignment between the drivers, enclosure, and electronics of your system. The music reproduction is admirable that is natural, uncolored and rich in essence.

The music reproduction is worthy which is natural, uncolored and rich in character. Side-firing Subwoofers: With the measurement of 4.9 x 10.3 x 8.8 inches(W x D xH) it's compact structure keep your workspace in order. Front-Mounted Controls: Separate knobs for Volume, Tone, and Power, so that you can quickly access your choice of music frame.

Another handy feature is Auxiliary Input Jack; that allows you to join in your MP3 Player, CD Player or other digital gadgets. The best part, during this process you do not require to unplug the speakers from your computer. Also do check out the Flagship "Altec Lensing VS4621" 2.1 Expressionist Ultra Speaker System.

I suppose, most of the listeners liked to have a well-balanced, mellow and crisp sound package out of an entry-level speaker system at affordable price. Altec Lensing V2621 is a must get prize catch. Product package inventory includes; VS2621 speaker system(two satellites and one sub-woofer) along with Quick connect guide.

For Altec Lansing In-depth product review, just hit here.

Things We Liked

  • Solid and Stylish satellite speakers.
  • Crystel bright full spectrum sounds with powerful Bass.
  • Compact size.
  • Impressive 28 Watts Power Output.
  • Highly useful 2nd Aux-In Jack.
  • Better sound quality at given price.
  • Cheapest best computer speakers in its segment.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Absence of Subwoofer volume control.
  • No Headphone out point.
  • Shorter Connection cords restrict placement options.

Editor's Rating:


Title 'Creature' itself make you guess about outline and appearance of a product. This gadget is third generation produce of Creature-series computer audio systems.

The Sound which is trusted choice of professionals & experts from last 60 yrs, their pathbreaking design and electronics created the Incredible legacy of JBL.

Must say, they are specifically designed to deliver high-calibre sound out of your Laptop or Desktops. Creatur​​e III has some sheer traits that seriously transforms them into a cult audio gadget.

Now it's time to reveal all those killer technological advances in motion right here -

Exceptional Design: The design concept reminds you some extra-terrestrial stuff from Sci-Fi movies or a sea creature like an octopus with folded tentacles. Such extraordinary striking design theme has the prowess to magnet your vision instantly.

JBL's Signature Audio: Featherweight tiny satellite pair made out of aluminum but sound reproduction is highly accurate and detailed.For ultimate pairing, the Ultra refine subwoofer delivers rumbling deep Bass resulting into an extraordinary sound blast.

The joy of Flexible Connectivity: You can join in with your computer systems, iPod, Smartphone, MP3 Players and lots of other audio machines and run music, video or games with same brilliance.

Ease of Setup: Seems you get illusion with personality,.this system never needs a rocket scientist to set it up. Plug the Creature III into the wall socket and connect (via 3.5mm mini-jack) to headphone input on your external audio source.

Smart Command & Controls: Innovative touch controls for the volume take user experiences to new heights.And this is not the end of a story; it also remembers your last volume settings even after the system shuts down.

Flawless user experience: No nasty switches or over-sensitive sensors, just fluid-response adds new dimensions to your luxury.

Exclusives: Enjoy your favorite music with live concert grade audio. This Speaker system is self-powered so no new charging mess, only plug and play you will ready to launch

The JBL Creature III Multimedia Speaker system belongs to an exclusive category, only those crazy for 'Style with Sound' via ultra-compact body entitles to own it. If convinced bring it home and enjoy the luxury of attention with high-quality entertainment.

What's in the Package Box: Here you got Two satellite speakers, One subwoofer, mini cable & Power cord.

Need more detailed point-to-point analysis? Just read here.

Things We Liked

  • Great out of planet design.
  • Ultra compact hardware.
  • Durable Aluminium body.
  • Self-powered system.
  • Smart and convenient controls.
  • Amazingly high sound with deep Bass.
  • Hassle-free setup and use.
  • Treble & Bass controls.
  • Full range compatibility.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Absence of Remote control.
  •  No Headphone input.

Editor's Rating:


How about a Versatile Speaker System that offers Best quality audio experience with your PC, Laptop, and Gaming, also available at the cheap budget?

You got me; It is about 'ARDS300' the mid-size 2.1 PC speakers with Multi Utility Control Box. This Smart Box connects your Headphone, TV, and Microphones also charges USB devices.

Maker 'Arion Legacy' claimed it The Best desktop speakers under $100, well here I am presenting you those key specs ahead-

Five Acoustic drivers precisely assembled inside high density all wooden cabinets, resulting in natural creamy tones to compliment your music and movies perk. Your Fully loaded Desktop Box is new Entertainment command & facility center; Ask how? Provide smooth controls for all of your Power, Volume and audio output/ input settings.

Also, it let you switch between input 1 to input 2, connect headphone and microphone and charge your smartphone, tablets or MP3 players.

If you put up Deep Sonar 300 against any 2.1 speaker system in same price segment, Deep Bass, dynamic mid and highs, finely-balanced audio all this simply amazing. You never need additional extension cables for large space set up, thanks to its extra long detachable cables which gave freedom to your choice.

Durable Power supply & AMP; Due to its energy transformers, heat sinks, storage capacitors and large amount power processing capacity it can handle loud dynamic peaks without any distortion.Tuff Metal Grills provide safety from any possible wear & tears or external damages.

The Best Value, Highly versatile 2.1 speaker system twisted for your Music, movie, and gaming experience. Also, Deep Sonar 300 regarded as the Best under $100 PC Speakers.

Want to explore more? Consider visiting other high-end versions like Deep Sonar 550 and Deep Sonar 750; you will like them.

Product package inventories consist of following- Two Satellite's, One Subwoofer, Control Box, Power Adaptor, 3.5mm Extension Cable, Dual subwoofer cable, 3.5mm to RCA cable, White & Red colored cables for left and Right satellites, User manual and Warranty card.

For ARDS300 Live demonstration and performance analysis click here.

Things We Liked

  • Splendid upgrade to your PC and Gaming systems.
  • Customized wooden cabinets.
  • Metal speaker grills.
  • Multipurpose Desktop Control Box.
  • Dynamic finely-balanced Audio package.
  • Well, refined midrange.
  • Deep Bass Effect.
  • Extra length detachable setup cables.
  • Native Audio pass-through.
  • Good enough for asking price.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Nothing serious drawbacks at given price-segment.

Editor's Rating:


If you are a casual listener and in pursuit of highly affordable best Computer speakers, this Logitech product is a real steal.

Room-filling loud and balanced audio in the most convenient way, undoubtedly a treat for Budget Listeners.

Expecting tons of advance feature on $35 budget speakers is not justifiable. Logitech Z313 is one the best entry-level PC audio system.

It is just perfect for your small room or office space; which has total 25 Watts (RMS)output, 48Hz to 20kHz frequency responses. Also, fits in small space on your desktop.

Operate smoothly with highly convenient control pod, consists of power on/off switch and full volume control. For Personal listening, just plug in your headphone into the built-in jack and enjoy with complete listening control.

The compact subwoofer delivers enough deep Bass to transform your small place into a high voltage entertainment zone. Sound output is crystal clear and perfectly balanced with fine details, even at highest volume levels. Also, the power is just right for occupying the place. Setting it up is a quite easy task, you just need to join satellites into subwoofer and subwoofer into your PC. Thus, you are ready to begin a musical journey.

No need to worry about compatibility, your Logitech system is sync with any audio source or computer sound card having a 3.5mm jack. Ready to go with Mac, Windows, Linux and other major operating systems. For wide-angle analysis, go through Logitech Z313 Comparative review here.

The Mellow, warm, mid-centered sound marks with Power Bass is all about Logitech Z313. Undoubtedly, one of the best desktop speakers in budget computer audio segment for casual listening. For High-end Logitech options, check out Logitech Z623 audio system.

What you have got in Box; It consists of Two satellite speakers, One Subwoofer, Power cable, Color-corded audio cables and User documented materials.

Things We Liked

  • One of the Best 2.1 computer speakers in the segment.
  • Integrated audio amplifiers.
  • Smart Control Pod.
  • Sleek and Modern appearance.
  • Clear richer and warm sound.
  • Impressive Bass.
  • Sufficient cord length.
  • Fluid Plug and Play set up.
  • Best value for Price.

Things We Didn't Like

  • It is way good for regular listening, but for high quality upmarket sound move ahead.
  • Providing a Bass control mode is of greater use.

Editor's Rating:


Being a No.1 is quite fascinating, but it also carries a piggyback of scrutiny and expectations together.

Here, this Creative Inspire product performs well on all fronts and thus got top position in this article.

Those who are up for Superb Bass & and fantastic broad spectrum sound must go for Creative Inspire T3300.

Another high performing best-in-class budget product that has something unique to deliver for your luxury.Creative integrate some exciting latest feature and specification those sharply boost overall performance.

Take a look at these technological points ahead. Creative Dual Slot Enclosure Design(DSE); Infuse a highly functional Port Tube within its compact territory.

What it does.? Improve entire frequency distribution and ensure a louder playback with boosted mid-Bass. Creative IFP(Image Focussing Plate) feature; The Flare encircling your satellite speakers uplifts sonic directivity and Imaging.

It designed to deliver increased acoustic throw to the users listening area, thus yields wider acoustic sweet spot. Independent Wired Remote Control; Here you find the pairing of Power and Volume control at one junction. You can fire your speaker system through Remote only.

Now taking you on a quick internal tour of Creative Inspire T3300- A summarized analysis.

  • Largest in class Powerful down firing Subwoofer with adjustable Bass feature.
  • Natural sounding high powered audio output with precise tonal accuracy.
  • Highly user convenient and easy access to controls.
  • Durable design with a smooth, glossy flawless surface.
  • For connections, it has Mini-phone stereo 3.5mm audio jack.

Total system power output stands at 27Watts; comprising 5.5 Watts RMS per channel and 16 Watts of Subwoofer.

Check out another low-budget Creative system- Creative A250

This 2.1 channel speaker system perfect for your Music, Movie and Gaming excursions. Also, it is pretty versatile which gives you multiple choices to use with a computer and other portable audio sources.

For Creative Inspire T3300 audio system's user reviews read here.

The Product package includes; Two Satellite Speakers, One Subwoofer with attached Remote Control, Quick start guide, Warranty and Technical Support Brochures.

Things We Liked

  • Great sound with compact body.
  • Natural broad spectrum Audio.
  • Powerful thumping Bass.
  • Durable and stylish product design.
  • Permanently attached multirole Remote-control.
  • Energy Star certified system.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Best primary upgrade from your standard speaker.
  • Highly versatile speaker system in affordable budget.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Absence of headphone out port.
  • Due to pre-installed cables, you have limited set up options.


Besides, above described 8 Best desktop speakers you can get another Exclusive high-performance 2.1 Bluetooth speaker 'Vava Voom' with my previous Article- 12 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $500.

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I am confident; you will like them.

Final Thoughts

I am very optimistic about your experience with this article and hope you benefitted well in the pursuit of best computer speakers.

The collection of diversified exclusive products gives you a greater understanding and further assists in making great worth choice.

Your satisfaction is our success, and we always dedicated to improving your engagement with us in best possible way.

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