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Written by Michele Zangrandi

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Buying a new set of speakers for your home might seem like an easy thing to acquire on the surface, but some knowledge of electronics under the category is recommended. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to figure out which brands are better than the rest.

This article takes an in-depth look at the top nine brands featured online, along with the best pc speakers under 100. Each product is chosen based on durability, sound quality, and ease of connectivity to other devices. There’s something here for everyone and it’s guaranteed that you’ll find the right speaker from those listed. Let’s begin!


Top 9 Best Computer Speakers under 100

How do 2.0 speakers compare with 2.1 speakers?

When searching for the best PC speaker under 100, many consumes wonder about the difference between 2.0 and 2.1 versions. It’s mainly a situation where the differences have to do with terminology, the amount of space they take up, and their respective bass performance. Keep in mind that either system can work for you depending on your personal preferences. Often, when you hunt for the best desktop speakers under 100, the word “best” is relative to your desires and personal tastes.

How do 2.0 speakers compare with 2.1 speakers?

So, what are the key differences? First of all, 2.0 speaker systems do not include a subwoofer, but still, have two channels. They are typically very compact and have an amp inside of the two speakers, either the left or the right one.

The 2.1 version, on the other hand, offers something of a trade-off, namely much smaller right and left speakers but the presences of a rather large subwoofer. The small speakers are referred to as “satellites.” Note that the 2.1 also has two channels and that the pair of smaller speakers take up much less room on your tabletop. However, you’ll need some extra space underneath your table to place the subwoofer, which is an amp/speaker component that handles those rich, resonant lower frequency sounds.

Most people call 2.1 systems “sub-sats,” or even subwoofer-satellite units. However, in addition to this different terminology among enthusiasts is a real difference in overall size. A 2.0 system has a tiny footprint compared to a 2.1 system because of the 2.1’s subwoofer, which parks underneath your desk and needs plenty of room. One thing to remember, however, is that because of the subwoofer, the 2.1 features much smaller left and right satellite speakers than the left and right speakers in a 2.0 system.

What about the performance of these competing candidates in the search for the best PC speaker under 100? Obviously, that subwoofer serves a purpose. It helps produce a very nice bass extension than any kind of unit that lacks a subwoofer. So, the 2.1 generally has a more powerful capability when it comes to bass. Remember, looking for the best computer speakers under 100 means making a few trade-offs here and there. Do you want more free space in your work area or more resonant bass? It’s your decision to choose between 2.0 and 2.1 systems.

How to Choose the Best Computer Speakers

2.1 speakers a slightly different than your standard home stereo speakers. Instead of having five channels and one sub, there are two channels consisting of two speakers and one subwoofer that attaches to the other via a cable. To get the best set, you should always pay attention to the sound quality of the system you’re interested in.

how to choose the best pc speakers

While it might be hard to do this when shopping online, an easy workaround is to look at informational videos made by content creators on YouTube. Of course, this may not always be feasible but most of the products shown below are popular to the point of having lots of people test them out on the web for others to hear.

Shopping like an Audiophile

Go to any audiophile forum and you’ll quickly notice that audiophiles have a tendency to notice things about speaker systems that others aren’t keen to pick up on. A good example of this is the break-in period. Some speakers will naturally sound a little flat when they’re first used, but pick up a fuller, richer sound as they become used over a short period of time.

With this in mind, consider the break-in period of every speaker (if it’s provided) if you want better sound quality. Some brands take significantly longer to hit the point of adapting to your computer’s audio setup than others. Still, other varieties might not have any noticeable change in sound quality at all.

Cord lengths and Device Compatibility

Wires are something that consumers might not have in mind when shopping. That is, at least until they’ve purchased or are physically viewing a product for the first time. Cord length is one of the most important considerations for you to think about when choosing a 2.1 speaker. And this doesn’t just apply to the power cord length, either. Check out the distance given between the cord of each speaker, the one that connects them together. What about the piece that runs to the subwoofer?

If these are too short, you’ll have a much harder time getting everything positioned in a way that doesn’t look awkward at your desk. Those with wireless functionality might not have this problem as much as those without such attributes. It’s probably why Bluetooth-enabled 2.1 speakers can often contain a shorter cord than other competing brands.

Choosing based on Music Preferences

If your music preference is limited to only a few genres, then you might be better off with a brand that performs well in either middle, high, or low frequencies. Remember, this is based on what you like, so techno heads and lovers of electronic music might appreciate speakers that play out well in the mids and lows. In this instance, placing a greater emphasis on subwoofer and satellite speaker quality is suggested.

Best 2.1 Computer Speakers Under 100

However, lovers of genres with higher frequencies (such as classical) would do well to look into the tweeter quality of the speakers. Tweeters were sometimes notorious for being low-pars on computer speakers, to which this can sometimes still be the case. Stick with brands that are known to produce decent audio equipment and your risk of getting poor tweeters will remain low.

Size and Dimensions

This size and dimensions of your speakers are very important, especially for people who don’t have much desk space to work with. No matter if you’re buying a set for the office or home use, always make a quick check with a speaker’s size and weight. This is easy to do as most brands will list this information in the product’s description.

Satellites are generally small, so there won’t be much of a problem getting those to fit, at least in most cases. Try to focus on the subwoofer’s size instead. If it’s too tall or wide, the entire system might feel as if it’s causing more clutter than entertainment.

Common Issues

Like all products that are sold to consumers online, 2.1 speakers aren’t perfect. Some of the most common issues are related to build quality. This is a problem with many electronics, where manufacturers create stunning-looking plastic works of art that’s pretty to look at but doesn’t put out sound very well. Always remember that good durability doesn’t always translate into outstanding sound quality.

Furthermore, do you plan on attaching headphones to your 2.1 speakers? If so, look at photos of the product of interest to see how far back the auxiliary cable is on the speakers. Sometimes, it’s located in the back of the subwoofer. The farther back your aux is, the longer your cable much or for the headphones. If your cans have Bluetooth capabilities, then you can simply hook them up wirelessly to the speakers or computer.

Getting it Installed to your Computer

Some 2.1 speakers will attach to your computer via a USB cable, while others can work by plugging them into an AUX port. Whatever the case, be sure that your computer’s audio is set up in a way that will bring out the speaker’s sound quality to its maximum potential. Some audiophiles even use separately-purchased amplifiers to achieve this.

best 2.1 computer speakers

An easier route would be to use your computer’s dedicated equalizer or to find similar software made by companies online. Some of this is freeware, so you may not have to pay anything at all to boost your speaker’s audio. Most desktop and laptops have driver software that’s compatible with all 2.1 speakers; it’s unlikely that you’ll have to install any software or them to properly connect to your system.

Volume Controls

Getting your volume at an acceptable level to the point where you won’t have to alter it on a regular basis is hard, but possible. Many 2.1 speakers have two volume controls, one for the satellites and the other for the sub. If your music genres change often, you’ll probably have to adjust according to the style changes.

But for people playing playlists with the same music style, this shouldn’t happen very often. Gamers don’t have anything to worry about, either. If there’s too much base in the subs, simply tune it down a bit. If your speakers don’t have a separate volume dial for this, then it’s recommended that you take care of most adjustments with your computer’s audio software.

Do I need a subwoofer?

When people make a decision to purchase one of the best desktop speakers under 100, they always ask about the necessity for a subwoofer. In short, it’s pretty easy to make a case for having a subwoofer, especially considering recent advances in sound technology. In terms of pricing, you’ll not have to shell out much more money for a system with a decent subwoofer, so it makes perfect sense to understand the following advantages of subwoofers in general:

  • They free your left and right speakers from having to be so big. Thus, you don’t need much physical space for two very high-quality speakers.

  • For speakers, placement is of paramount importance, but you can park your subwoofer pretty much anyplace you want, even in a corner near the ceiling, wonderfully tucked out of the way.

  • You can achieve incredible tonal quality and balance with the two satellite speakers in various locations if you remember to adjust the one small toning knob on the back of the subwoofer.

  • As time passes and technology continues to shrink almost everything, even subwoofers have benefited from this trend. They’re now much smaller than they were when they first arrived on the market.

  • Your small speakers enjoy a significant boost in quality if you have a subwoofer.

  • You’ll be able to decorate your living or family room much easier when you only have to worry about placing two small satellite speakers, which take up very little space. You can put the subwoofer “out of sight, out of mind” by locating it in an inconspicuous part of the room.

In conclusion, if you want the best PC speakers under 100, you have a choice of whether to include a subwoofer or not, based on your preferences like your favorite brands, other components you already own, and the kind of music or audio you typically play.

Top 9 Best Computer Speakers under 100 (2.1)


Swans Speakers – M10B

The Swans Speakers are black and silver-highlighted 2.1 speakers for people who like good likes and excellent audio quality. No matter what genre you listen to, the speaker and sub’s tone will always sound well with minimal tuning required. There’s hardly anything negative to say about them, and their build quality ensures that you’ll have them around for many years to come.

After unboxing, you’ll quickly notice how fast they can adapt to any device you hook them up to, which includes either computers, laptops, or smartphones. With this in mind, breaking them in should only take a day or two from the date you initially use them.

When you have the volume turned up, expect to hear solid highs and mids that never output any distortion of any kind (that is, unless distortion is a part of the sound from the music). And after that, check out the surface of the speakers. All you’ll need is a clean non-abrasive cloth to get any spotty areas clean.

Don’t worry about cleaning too much, however. Everything is built to negate most dust particles from easily sticking. If all of this sounds like good news to you, you’ll find that this Swans set is the best computer speakers under 100. Give them and try and see how well they match your computer and music preferences.

4.2 of 5.0 Stars

Logitech Speaker System Z323 with Subwoofer

The Logitech Speaker System Z323 is a glossy all-black computer speaker system, also one of the best PC speakers under 100. But this machine can do much more than make your desktop look more appealing. It’s housed with the latest home audio technology and delivers sound with no feedback at all. When you’re ready to open it up and see all of what’s inside the box, take a look at the user manual.

Everything you need to get it up and running quickly is printed, regardless of how you plan on hooking it up to your electronics devices. Even the most beginner audiophile shouldn’t run into any issues from the start. The dimensions are also pretty small.

Sure, you’ll have to make a little bit of room in order for it to fit but nothing to the point of needing a complete desktop makeover. Just set aside some space and that’s it. Volume control is done by either the sub or the speakers. Adjust both of them to your liking for the best possible sound combination. However, the Z323 could be improved with a grill for the sub.

If you’re not careful, you could damage it if too much debris gets inside. And think twice before using headphones with a short cable length. The audio in port is located in the rear, making it hard to plug in without moving the entire speaker system. Other than this, there’s nothing about the Z323 that would keep you from second guessing a purchase. Highly recommended.

Logitech G560 vs Z323

The Logitech G560 speakers are similar in some ways to Model Z323, but differ in many respects. For one thing, Z323 costs only about 25 percent of what the G560 does, but for a reason: the Z323 has about one-fourth the output power, namely 30W vs 120W for the Logitech G560 speakers. Likewise, the G560 features a frequency response of 18,000 Hz, while Z323 offers 20,000. If you’re interested in locating the best PC speakers under 100, it’s important to know the similarities of Logitech G560 speakers and their “cousin,” the Z323.

Similarities include:

  • Connectivity for USB, Bluetooth, and AUX
  • 2.1 channel computer devices
  • Active, 2-speaker component system
  • Manufacturer is Logitech

4.3 of 5.0 Stars

Cyber Acoustics Bluetooth Speakers with LED Lights

The Cyber Acoustic Bluetooth Speakers with LED Lights are for people that love mood lighting around their computer systems. For many audiophiles and gamers, this is a popular trend and really sets the mood for relaxing music and/or computing experience. The LED lights are bright enough to partially illuminate a dark room, although the look would be better when paired with a separately-purchased LED light bulb.

And similar to the latter mentioned, you can change their color to suit your mood. Unfortunately, there’s no wireless remote included for you to do this. All frequencies sound great, specifically the mid to high ranges.

Bass is good too but may sound slightly mushy depending on the music that you’re listening to. This system is Bluetooth-ready, and quickly pairs with any smartphone or laptop/PC you throw at it. If the cable length of the speakers were a little bit longer, the Cyber Acoustics Speakers would be close to perfect.

Still, it’s good enough to make it on the list and certainly built well enough to keep serious audiophiles and the occasional user more than happy.

4.2 of 5.0 Stars

Cyber Acoustics High Power 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker System

The Cyber Acoustic High Power 2.1 System has a more traditional-looking subwoofer, with speakers that are top-quality and output with great range. You can easily get this set to sound loud and enveloping in either large or small rooms. Volume controls are good and the dial won’t slip or tune up/down at you using them.

But that’s not all. The cable length for this set is very long, ensuring that you won’t run into the problem of moving it around just to get your headphone or other aux-compatible electronic hooked up.

User instructions provided in the manual are intuitive and very easy to understand. You can check it out on the product’s description for yourself. The subwoofers, while good, may output a small amount of feedback that you’ll hear at low volume. It almost sounds like a hum. Truthfully, this might not be the case for all users so don’t anticipate it happening with your set (but don’t be surprised to hear it also).

Overall, the Cyber Acoustics High Power is great for people that like the traditional look on 2.1 speakers but with current audio capabilities.

4.2 of 5.0 Stars

Logitech Z337

The Logitech Z337 is a remarkable speaker set with the right features to get your music playing as it should be heard. The same goes for games as well. This isn’t dependent on how big or small your room is, either. Most living rooms, master bedrooms, and smaller are compatible with them, to which the speakers sound outstanding with or without soundproofing foam.

The Z337 is more than ready to pair with your Bluetooth devices, which can also smartphones and even some personal home assistant devices, such as Amazon Alexa. And if you’re the type that wants to bring the sound with you on a trip, you’ll love how these can fit into most travel-size bags.

Do take note that you can only turn the volume up and down when they’re hooked up to your TV. If that doesn’t bother you, the Z337 has all that you need to boost the sound quality in your home.

3.0 of 5.0 Stars

Creative Pebble Plus 2.1

The Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 speakers are unusually shaped, at least the satellites are. Its sub is the familiar box shape but everything else has a very futuristic appeal. The “pods” can fit in space without toppling over, thanks to the added base room. Turning them to the desired position is easy to do because of this.

Use your computer’s USB port to hook the speakers up instead of an aux. This might make it easier to listen to your music and game, more so if the audio port is in the back of your comp. Everything is ready for you to use immediately upon taking the speakers out of the box.

There’s no reading through lengthy instruction manuals or watching tutorials to get it attached to your sound system. For all the bass lovers, you might want to check out some of the other 2.1 speakers listed instead.

While low frequencies are sufficient for people that aren’t expecting a thumping base, it won’t get loud enough to resonate in very large rooms. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that the Creative Pebble Plus is an outstanding choice for anyone in need of audio that’s good enough for the average consumer.

4.5 of 5.0 Stars

Logitech Z313 Speaker System

The Logitech Z313 Speaker System is built for people that appreciate the sound that plays well at all frequencies. For experienced audiophiles, this could be a must-buy since such abilities can greatly boost the quality of sound when it’s paired with either hardware or software-based amplifiers.

It’s also quite small. Fit it anywhere on your desk and it won’t get in the way. And best of all, you won’t have to worry about having to play music during certain hours. The volume isn’t too loud at its lowest level, something that’s oftentimes complained about but not taken into consideration when shopping for 2.1 speakers.

There’s no volume control featured on the sub, so you won’t be able to finetune the bass in exclusion from the tweeters and satellites. But with a decent equalizer set or program, this won’t become an issue.

4.3 of 5.0 Stars

Logitech Z333 2.1 Speakers

The Logitech Z333 2.1 Speakers have large satellites and tweeters, almost resembling your standard stereo system. Everything on the exterior is strong and durable. You could drop it on the floor from a small height and the chances of something breaking would be minimal. Turning the volume up to the highest level won’t output any clipping or unwanted distortion, either.

The bass thumps at good low frequency, yet it might clip a little bit if the music is exceedingly base-heavy. Regardless, the dimensions certainly make up for this, with the entire set being small enough for most to place every piece on a desk, with room to spare.

4.4 of 5.0 Stars

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified

The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified is last but definitely not the worst from the bunch. The tweeters are top-notch, almost sounding like those that you would attach to a car. But it means that you probably won’t be turning the volume up to its highest setting, whereby the sound could be a little harsh when maxing out. Both satellite speakers have rubber feet at the bottom for you to firmly place on any surface without it slipping off.

The cables on every piece are a little on the short side, however. Be sure that your desk and computer are housed in a place that’ll make it easy for you to attach without needing to move anything every time you use it. It’s another one of the best computer speakers under 100; try it out if you enjoy crisp sound that works great on movies, gaming, and most music genres.

4.1 of 5.0 Stars


Did you find the best speaker for you? There were nine of them in total, although each has attributes making them worth a look at. But there is one that comes out on top, having outstanding sound quality and Bluetooth capabilities. The Swans Speakers M10 excels for having no distortion at all either at high or low volume. Unlike some of the other 2.1 speakers shown, this is a feature that isn’t always provided by even the most popular brands.

However, this isn’t a put down to the rest of the speakers reviewed, so stay with your pick if it falls under the other eight. No matter which product ends up at your doors,, it’s a given that you’ll be satisfied with any of the products from the list!