Best In-Ear Headphones under $100

Music is like passive breathing to humans so is the Headphones! which plays a crucial role for your personal entertainment.

Headphones are the most privileged mode of listening. 

In-Ear Headphones have their own set of luxuries like portability, compactness, user flexibility and comfort factors..

All these are equally vital for both Indoor and Outdoor uses.

In-Ear Headphones also referred as In-Ear Monitor (IEM) or Earbud, Here our prime target is Best In-Ear Headphones.

IEMs are ultra compact, portable, easily fittable and provide a good amount of noise cancellation.The audio output needs to be sound and safe for our ears.

Selection of best in-ear headphones is indeed a tedious process. An average buyers tendency revolves around the product price, brand, design and surface features while neglecting other crucial tech-details.

You have enough good reasons to justify the likeness; the large over-ear headphones, risk to spoil your hairs or the luxury of entertainment. All likewise factors propel you to hunt for next-generation best earbuds.

Our precisely composed catalog of 8 Best In-Ear Headphones Under 100 listed some top-notch best in-ear headphones in concerned price segment. All these products have a unique combination of established brands and standalone classics.

Let's dive-in..

Device Name






Noise Isolation

2.4 ounces



16 ohms



0.3 ounces



16 ohm



Sennheiser CX300 MK-II

0.2 ounces



16 ohm



0.2 ounces



16 ohm



3.5 ounces



18 ohms



5.6 ounces



16 ohm



thinksound ms01

0.3 ounces



16 ohm



Shure SE215-K

4.6 ounces



17 Ohms


Upto 37dB

How to Pick your Best Headphone within $100 price range.?: A Quick Guide

#Built-Design: One of the most prominent aspects is the design of your In-Ear Monitors. You need a device with precise, comfortable design, which smoothly fit into your ear canal for a longer time without stress.

The size, shape of earplug heads and ear-tips require to correctly synced with your ear-canal. Also, the construction material and quality play a significant role towards the quality of entertainment.

#Comfort Level: In the case of Earbuds, their tiny earpieces rest on your outer ear or require to be inserted into the ear canal. Major high-end brands have a more convenient design, additional comfy ear tips and used materials. All these features support your ear and greatly minimise the stress level.

Listener comfort is paramount, so evaluate and pick the best earbud accordingly.

#Product Features:

Frequency- It defines the audio range of your device in hertz (Hz). The lower the hertz, the greater bass your canal phone speaker will deliver. And the higher the hertz, the more treble you feel.

In short, if you want a deeper bass, you must go with the lower frequency equipment.

Impedance- Your Headphones are available in low-range 16-32 ohms to high 100-600 ohms impedance range. As the impedance increases, the loudness of headphone for a given voltage decreases. The amplifier drives most modern headphone.

High impedance means more actual audio production by your in-ear hearing devices.

If you are an Audiophile, you require a high impedance pair of gadgets. So that, you can enjoy a next level music experience.

Drivers - Most of the Earbuds usually powered by small drivers (size 8-10 mm). These moving coil or dynamic drivers are responsible for sound reproduction. The fact is ' The stronger the driver, the better the quality' of your audio.

The integration of drivers in small hearing devices proves expensive due to their size.But the quality of audio worth it completely.

When you proceed to buy, make sure to watch for drivers size and quantity.

Sensitivity - It is the measurement of your earpiece-efficiency to convert inbound Electrical signals into listening audio. Also called the Sound pressure level(SPL) and decibels(dB).

As you are opting for best earbuds, you need some that are loud but not that obnoxiously loud. Most of us like to listen to the loud and high pitch, sometimes indeed exceeds the safe 85 dB limit. You keep maintaining the sound exposure in a gentle manner.

#Performance parameters:

The Audio Quality- Good quality gear delivers you complete and natural audio, which is fine balanced across bass, treble and mid-range frequencies.Regarding rich bass experience, you might be slight behind of larger over-ear headphones.

The point is; Go through the product details and accordingly choose the best for yourself.

The effectiveness of Active Noise-cancelling- Usually good headphones have active noise cancellation technology. Such product uses a small microphone, that picks up outside noise, and produce sound in reverse frequency to check the outside noise.

They block 10 to 15 dB turbulence level. Some specially designed for Drummers, guarantee to prevent noise up to 25 dB.

Now you have to evaluate and decide upon the product; that fits better with your need.

Bluetooth range- Bluetooth is one of the major transmission technologies used by wireless headphones. With this, they can be paired wirelessly with smartphones, computers and tablets, etc.

If you select the cableless canal phones, make sure it has useful long-range Bluetooth techniques.

#Value for Cost: This is the last but most important aspect of all buying procedures. Firstly decide on all the features and qualities you want, shortlist you best choices. Further, evaluate their cost-to-performance ratio and pick the winner.

I hope this 'Quick Guide' assisted you in greater sense and boost up for an excellent Headphone selection.

Pro: - Compact Small size and ultra light. Higher portability.Comfortable to wear for extended hours. Very less to no obstruction with your earrings, glasses, hairstyles or hats. Most products have cable-built track navigation controls and microphones. Can facilitate moderate to higher external noise isolation.

Cons: - Some of the users may not like the in-ear fitting nature. Continuous high volume level use may cause temporary or permanent hearing impairment. Audio quality and bass response are usually not comparable with big hi-fi over-ear models.

Here, we exclusively focussed on; crucial areas like the technology, features, overall performance, User experience and value for bucks. Any product you opt for, you will be assured the best reward for your dollars.

Tip for you: The In-Ear Headphones (IEHs) organised according to the performances. That means, from starting to finish find better class products.

These are the real wood headphone with unique deeper bass properties. It gives you excellent noise isolation capabilities. Included microphone has an added advantage.

Wood construction and designing make you feel closer to nature.

I am going to reveal the biggest secret..might be some of you already familiar with it. Did you ever try to know, why most of the high-end speakers and musical instruments are made out of natural wood?

Well, it's because wood-material provides the best audio reproduction due to its unique acoustic properties.

Crafting finesse and auditory band result into superior rich sound. The bold wood-product styling delivers unique standalone image in plastic ruled world.

If you are using multiple gadgets, in that case, NRG Premium is your biggest saviour. It allows you to groove along a variety of devices; latest generation ioS, Android smartphones, tabs and many more.

For your comfort and using part; it has three different sizes(S/M/L) and luxurious silicon ear-tips.

With a built-in microphone, you can perform a bunch of tasks while enjoying. These feature includes call handling, voice control activation and skipping soundtracks.

The audio-scale: You got deep bass, crisp acoustic, and zero breakage at any volume level.

No fear of leakage,.its 3.5 mm gold-plated jack ensures a leakage free powerful audio connection.

Symphonized Headphone's Driver unit uses dynamic 8 mm Neodymium-. This magnet provides enough power to wrap you in energetic high-fidelity sound.

It has sleek, zero tangle nylon-cables in multiple attractive colours. That creates enough reason to elevate your feelings. Here is an upgraded version Symphonized NRG 2.0 Premium with new shield technology cable. You can get it at merely $1 extra cost.

The Product package includes; NRG premium earbuds, three sizes(S/M/L) custom made silicon ear-tips and an eco-friendly carrying pouch. Check here for (complete detailed review).

For superior real-wood construction and excellent audio quality, Symphonized NRG Premium In-Ear Headphones are your best budget choice.

POSITIVES: Genuine natural wood speakers. Trendy bold design. Higher Noise isolation capabilities. Tangle free, durable nylon cables. Broad range compatibility. Best budget buy.

DOWNSIDES: The base of stereo-jack feels bit lengthy. The nylon cord might create noise with some of the fabrics.Wooden body require careful handling.

Are you looking for a fine metal finish earbud, which is way more superior than its class.? If yes, then SoundMAGIC E10 is exclusively your play.

best in ear headphones under 50

They seem to be much valuable than quoted price; credit goes to careful metallic crafting and trendy style. Dual toned body in combination with modern design create a premium display.

The Audio is dynamic and dominant with profound and meaningful bass impressions. You feel the vocals relay are explicit and subtle, and treble also came well shined.

Today's popular music full of energy and vibrancy, here it seamlessly matched with this spirit. Heightened bass brings out the signature sound punch and impact. ...If you try it on fun music zone, you will amaze with the sound stage and clarity level.

best cheap earphones

Noise cancelling feature is well efficient and brings added advantage for sound reproduction.

You also got the tangle less wire and a cable clip, that help to wear it comfortably.

The Bonus is 1.2m cable length, which creates enough room for your multiple wearing styles.

It also has a special edition SoundMAGIC E10S in black/gunmetal varients. It boosts up with new exciting features, and also maintaining real SoundMagic tradition.

in ear headphones review

..This edition merely cost you extra $5 bucks. But in return manufacturer offering you, integrated smart remote call/music controls. That will seriously raise the overall effect.

At Technical part, E10 offers 16-ohm impedance at 15Hz-22kHz frequency range with sensitivity up to 100 dB.

All those desires to upgrade their earbuds, this is the time to own an affordable and high value for money product. 

For delivering a realistic music experience at very affordable cost, SoundMAGIC E10 truly entitles to the top grade product recommendation.

POSITIVES: Highly affordable. Exceptional best value for bucks product. Solid metal built with modern design. Finely detailed dynamic audio output. Cable clip for extra user comfort. Good extended 1.2 m wire length.

DOWNSIDES: Absence of volume and music track control.

Are you a big fan of bass boosted stereo sound.? and want to use Intercanal phones. Your visit worth for good, CX 300 II Precision is exactly the best one..step ahead.

Firstly, it is an upgraded version from Sennheiser, which includes crystal precision and improves dynamics.

This plastic built product comes with multiple ear-adaptor sizes(S/M/L). It fit well in your ear canal and block most of the external noises.

As you insert these In-earphones, a crystal clear stereo music instantly lightens the mood.

Asymmetrical 1.2m Y-cables allow you extra comfort, the longer end loop behind the neck for opposite ear. During your physical activity, it also prevents any possible face front obstruction.

..These are the foldable type, have tangle free wires and available in black and silver colours.

If you addicted to music, no's comfortable fitting and multi-sized smooth silicon ear-tips came to your rescue. Enjoy your favourite music for extended 10 hours; that is too without any sore ear.

The high-quality dynamic speakers are substantial enough to impress any true base lover.

These headphones unquestionably adopt with most smartphones, tablets and portable players..thanks to 16-ohm impedance properties.

For technical specification; it has 113 dB sound pressure level(SPL) with 42-17,000 Hz frequency range and 3.5mm stereo jack.

CX 300 II Precision covered with two years international warranty. Now you can resolve any related issue in quick and easy manner.

With the deep bulky sound, these inter-canal phones prove an ideal solution for Rock and P0p and dance tracks.Their warmth also goes well with you can have good fun.

Will you need a specialised iOS model,..don't go away just browse. Because they have Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear (iOS version) in dual black, red tone. This cost you approx $39 extra bucks.

The CX 300 MK-II packaging consists of; Ear-canal phones, Ear-adaptor set(S/M/L) and an attractive carry pouch. Find (actual user reviews) here.

Due to the realistic, great sounding and better affordability, Sennheiser CX 300 MK-II Precision is a beautiful trophy to win.

POSITIVES: Well defined Base. Compact, durable and stylish design.Precisely detailed yet warm sounding. Decent noise-blocking capability. Great comfort with excellent fitting. Good value for money.

DOWNSIDES: Listening purpose only. Cable design might be uneasy for some. At jogging, they cannot stay tight.

With this product, JVC specifically made available to the hardcore bass lovers. Name 'Xtreme-Xplosives' clearly indicating towards the signature features.

Fierce modern look well supported with superior built and trendy style. Deep bass sound with comfort and budget price, gives a reason for music enthusiast's likeness.

Dark and dense bud design with an eye appealing Red cable made it look like Monster Beats by Dr Dre iBeats.The only difference is cost; that is about a quarter of the price.

If you are fascinating for the big league, monster like earbuds..then definitely it is worth to try. Most important thing, XX is of much compact size. The 'XX' logo embossed on near open back, sending out an attractive appeal.This large grill covered side is JVC's signature 'extreme deep bass port'.

These headphones are prepared to handle the heavy load. For that, you got a durable rubber head-protector and gold-plated 3.5mm stereo straight plug.

Here you find; 10mm diaphragm with neodymium magnet and a deep bass port for impactful audio reproduction.HAFX1X releases dynamic bass response, crisp mid and powerful low-end create a fun experience.

This JVC product is especially enjoyable with the beat-based music, and the electronic kick-drum effect comes out naturally.

Noise isolation is very crucial if you want to enjoy a thick bassy sound. Yes, it delivers all, with three set multiple sized silicon ear tips and sound designing.

XX loaded with a special application; iOS phone control now adores listening with your iPhone, iPad or iPods.

JVC-XX headphone comes with; unique hard carrying case, 2.6mm thick and robust 1.2m long copper Y-cable and three-set(S/M/L) silicone ear pieces.

JVC HAFX1X 'Xtreme-Xplosivs' is the coolest upgrade to basic headphones. Great sound quality combined with bold designing, under affordable price range, makes an unavoidable deal.The actual beat lover must try it. Browse for (detailed product review).

POSITIVES: Powerful deep bass. Great music. Better ear-stay time. Superior noise isolation.Water resistant and durable copper cable. Lovely appealing design.Excellent durability. iOS gadget-control. Water resistant wire.

DOWNSIDES: Large earpiece might be inconvenient for some smaller ear.

R6i in-ear headphones are for those, who sincerely cares for audio-quality. They are the true game changer, modern and fleshy yet sturdy and awesome performer out in the market.

Brand 'Klipsch' set an Ultimate bar with legendary sound and excellent styling. Reference series incorporated designing, performance and acoustics from its premium R-series Home theatre speaker line..Indeed a quality certification for you.

These fancies crafted with aluminium and elastomer. Sleek design makes it lightweight and durable. Maker claimed this is the ' most comfortable headphone on earth,.are you convinced.?it is hard, but one should be, because Klipsch already Patented it.

Regarding Anatomy; R6i in-ear monitors come with patented contour(oval) tips, they will exactly fit into your ear canal.Softness reduces fatigue and allows incredible sealing for superior bass response and noise isolation, cool stuff, isn't it.?

Now we switch-over to feature & functionality.R6i has advanced triple-button Remote and Microphone. Here you have effortless control over music and calling.Another juicy feature is efficient iOS gadget control.

...The track is still unfinished.

Klipsch also has an exclusive Model Klipsch R6m for your Android/Blackberry/Windows & more smartphones.If you need a unique music variant(No Remote/Mic), Try R6 in Black and White colours. For Wireless experience, choose R6 Bluetooth available in Black.

best fitting earbuds

Almost every Audiophile had a forgettable experience with 'Tangling of Headphone Wires'. But No worry for R6i In-ear Monitors, It's Flat tangle-resistant cable spare from such incidents. Nice ear tip storage and transportability allow you to move hassle-free.

This star performer out here in two colour choices; Black and White. If you are fond of later one, please check this Klipsch R6i White In-Ear Headphone available at same price.

If we talk about Audio-performance, that is also of next level. R6i delivers solid deep bass, middle and low-range also follows nicely. The sound is full of details and overtones, specifically with wind-instruments,.thanks to its sweet bubbly Treble..with its ultra-fine treble you can enjoy high-ends without feeling harsh.

earbuds with good bass

Headphone felt very well balanced, with snare drum stick, trumpet & other such instruments. Also sounds grand on turbo-charged electric guitars. Dual magnet moving coil driver offers

Inside the Box you got; Klipsch R6i headphones, Trendy Carrying case, Clothing clips and set of 4 different sized Eartips. Read (complete review) here.

If comfortability and thick filling bossy sound tops in your priorities and or you love to listen to hip-hop/techno music, Klipsch R6i In-ear monitors is a perfect choice.

POSITIVES: Patented superior comfort. Powerful bass loaded audio.Great fitting with style. Solid carrying case with secure ear tip storage.Advanced three button Remote and Mic. Near complete sound isolation. Untangling cable design.Real under $100 value product.

DOWNSIDES: clumsy, Loud headphone cable. Treble lack in details. Remote position much close of the earpiece.

Brainwavz releases this standard product S3, especially for Apple iOS gadgets. This stylish product offers you a smooth audio impression with a wide soundstage.

S3 IEM constructed with aluminium and the natural shine comes from clear anodised protection coatings.All metal casing and design make it pretty smooth and slick feel.Thus, it stays safely in your ears for a longer period.

Bullet shaped ear piece is silver shiny and tapered. High precision MEMS(Micro-electrical-mechanical-system) microphone combined with Signature Clearwavz remote located on left ear side.

Three-button control panel moulded in rubberized texture for material. You can make calls, play your favourite music also control the volume in a go.

If you require In-ear monitors then must try Brainwavz S5 for much superior listening and upgraded built design.

Flat 1.3m long Y-headphone cables consist of, high-quality OFC copper wiring at core. They are soft, less tangle and comfortable to wear. Cable end into 3.5 mm straight gold plated connector jack.

Brainwavz accessories package is bag-filled, good enough to last longer. Premium comply foam ear tips and signature earphone carrying case are the real bonus.

Sound quality is clean, smooth and well enjoyable.In a sum, you will experience a finely detailed crystal clear audio.S3 capable of providing superior sound isolation for hassle free entertainment.Bass is quite balanced with stable audio configuration.

Specification at a glance: Dynamic 8mm drivers offers 16ohm impedance at 16hz - 22kHz frequency range. Audio sensitivity rated 96dB at 1mW. Here check for detailed review.

best in ear phones

Bundled Accessories that you receive with S3 Headphone; Earphone hard case. 6 set of colour coded silicon ear tips.1 set comply foam tip T-400. 1 set of silicone Bi-flange Eartips. 1 set of silicone Tri-flange Eartips. One shirt clip. Velcro cable tie. Instruction manual. 24 months warranty card.

If you not a hardcore bass-lover and like an audio with quality treble and clarity, the Brainwavz S3 might be your best pick. For good built, Greater iOS compatibility and generously bundled accessories; It is a top upgrade choice from your iPhone earpieces.

POSITIVES: Clean, detailed sound reproduction. Superior built. Shiny metallic design. Specialised iOS support application. Excellent calling quality.Lavish genuine accessories. High precision MEMS microphone feature. Fatigue-free ultra comfortability. Better value price.

DOWNSIDES: Lean bass. Ordinary treble. Unfit for the smaller ear.

They are the world's leading Eco-friendly listening gear brand,.acclaimed for Real Natural sound reproduction..They are thinksound.

Are you believe in eco-friendly living,? Worried for steadily depleting nature, or desperately require a Studio In-ear Monitor under affordable Budget.? choose thinksound ms01.We bet you never stop praising it!

How do they reduce carbon footprints.? eager to know. The maker 'thinksound' does; wood used from renewable sources, Product packaging made out of recycled bleach free material and no plastic bubbles use for compact packaging..that's amazing.

ms01 maker claimed..they will bring the studio sound right inside your ear. Well, they have good enough reasons for this. Let's check.

The incredible sounding headphone produced in an eco-friendly and feasible manner. As thinksound claimed; Use of wood as a construction material has its audio benefits, as it provide warm and natural sound. Also has other environmental benefits too.

Pear tree wood blended with Gunmetal coloured aluminium part; it contains Acoustically boosted powerful 8mm drivers. They Carry 18 hz-22kHz frequency response.

The handcrafted rear wood section look stylish, and it is pretty lightweight too, it assists in much accurate, precise sound reproduction.

Higher passive noise cancellation is possible due to better ergonomics. All come with the ultra lightweight design and reduced speaker diameters.

The 1.2m long cables are PVC-free, tangle-resistant and also reinforced with Kevlar.

Headphone audio is a significant verdict of a loud booming bass, precise details, clear highs and smooth mids. The combination of advanced studio acoustics and broad range sound resulted in stuff; that is Pro and Audiophile listeners demands.

The sound is truly natural not artificial, it venture deep, yet stay fast and stick to the soul. Bass is powerful but never feels stressed and stay on course. You can hear every intricate detail of your music and make recording a lively event.

For all-around and everyday listening, we recommend trying thinksound rain2, from the highly successful 'Rain series'.Available in Gunmetal chocolate colour.

ms01 designing is water resistant, thus enables them to use at Gyms, jogging or any such sweating physical activities.Read (detailed review) here.

Let's peek inside the package box: The box is made up of recycled cardboard material.

Box contains; thinksound ms01 in-ear monitor, Four sized flexible silicon ear tips (s/m/l/xl), Cable shirt-clip, Eco-friendly unbleached cotton carrying pouch and Active lifestyle ear hooks.

"For Incredible natural sound, Green-manufacturing, great acoustics and precise, clean deep bass; thinksound ms01 in-ear monitors are highly recommended. Now do your 'Studio-monitoring in an eco-friendly way'. How does this sound.?Great, well then Go Green & Enjoy listening."

POSITIVES: Best Eco-friendly In-ear Monitors. Natural sound signature with wood acoustics. Environment-friendly construction and packaging. Kevlar reinforced, tangle less cable. 9.5gm ultra lightweight design.01 years product warranty.

DOWNSIDES: Lack of Airline adapter.They take a second to put in or out, better if used for continuous play.

SE215-K An exclusive gadget for Pros and Aspiring Audiophiles. Probably world' first In-ear Monitor with Kevlar enforced unique detachable-wires.

Earbud's lightweight, unique shape with optimised nozzle designing is rest comfortably in your ear. These are made to fill with exciting new hardware.

Earpiece shape wedged into the outer ear canal, enough deep inside ear so that you got finest noise concealment. Outer earpiece part is designed to sit comfortably at outer ear.

Kevlar enforced Cable aligned to run upwards and further creep around the back of the ear. It is a creative solution to ultimate wearing comfort. And ..hello, these are detachable means you can separate/replace them as per requirement.

An ideal earphone for fitness freaks, As it sits tightly inside the ear during jogging, treadmill running and more such activities.

Single Dynamic MicroDriver delivers, precisely detailed sound with boosted bass signatures.It is capable of providing the coolness and warmth of music as per your wishes.

Noise cancellation is magnificent up to 37dB, which cannot be achievable without its different shaped soft, flexible sleeves.

If you are looking for high-definition Audiophile sound with maximum noise isolation, consider Shure SE535-V and SE535-CL both amazed you.

Shure applied the personal monitor technology that is continuously tested by professional sound experts. Sound reproduction is well efficient for personal and expert studio uses.

Gold plated MMCX connector includes a lock-snap mechanism. It allows you to rotate 360 degrees around, an unmatchable comfort.

Within the Package box: you got, SE215 sound isolating In-ear stereo headphone and the Fit Kit consists of; Three (S/M/L) sizes (3+3 No.)sound isolation rubber sleeves and black memory foam units, carrying case, cleaning tool and user guide. Read (complete review) here.

"If you care for Powerful dominating Bass, and superior sound isolation and different look or over-the-ear cable is non-deterrent the Shure SE215-K noise isolation earphone works wonder for you.With personal monitor technology and strong replaceable cables, all this made available under $ Red hot deal; You don't want to loose."

POSITIVES: Lightweight, ergonomic design. Dynamic bass boosted audio. Superior Sound Isolation sleeves. Mighty Micro drivers. Excellent in-ear fitting. Personalized Greater comfort. Advanced detachable cable.Best under $100 value IEM. Good Accessory Kit.

DOWNSIDES: Big 1cm diameter plug. A Little bit long cable. Overpowered bass might be uneasy for some listeners.The absence of iPhone /music player controls application.

The audio marketplace is brimming with a variety of choices. Picking a good earbud requires an adequate planning.

Here we formulated a few point strategy, which assisted you in a better way. This guide enables you to grasp the basic concept and details. Ultimately defines a right vision to pick your best device.

Our upcoming study especially focused on In-ear headphones.

This guide enables you to grasp the basic concept and details. Ultimately defines a right vision to pick your best earbuds for small ears.


Indeed, it is an uphill task to find the best headphone of your choice, which can accomplish all desired standards.

I am confident you enjoyed accessing this guide, and it assisted well in the selection of best In-Ear Headphone of your choice.

From our part, I always strive to transform towards excellence and same approach applied to it too. The topic does update with time to include all upcoming developments.

If it sounds well and felt better, do consider sharing with your social community platforms. Also, contribute your experiences and register opinions in below-mentioned space.

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Be happy and spread the happiness!

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