7 Best Floor Standing Speakers Reviews 2020 | Sound Quality At It’s Finest

Written by David Lahav

Floor Standing Speakers – Seven of the Best Online

Getting your home entertainment system set up just right takes a bit of knowledge. No, this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to succumb through a bunch of monotonous audiophile forums and guide websites. It does mean that you can all but guarantee a satisfactory result, whereby you’ll enjoy your game, sports, and movie nights to the fullest potential.

To ease the search for you a bit, here are seven quality floor standing speakers, all having a great frequency range and high decibel levels. Each product features unique advantages over the next, so read up on them to find out which has more attributes that are geared to your liking. At the conclusion, the top product is named. So without further delay, let’s begin!

To avoid going into the reviews blind, it’s recommended for you to read the following guidelines and tips detailed below. You’ll know what to look for in relation to your personal preferences.

Choosing the Best Standing Speaker

Whenever you’re online shopping for electronics, make sure that you know as much about the product as possible, to the point of understanding the makeup and its physical shape. These aren’t your average speakers and it’s quite common for consumers to get the sizing wrong.

In short, expect to do some minor lifting when the set arrives at your door. Again, you don’t have to be an audiophile to choose a good speaker. The more complicated your home entertainment system is set up, the more time you should spend on nuances between each brand, and their compatibility with other electronics you already own.

Speaker Appearance

No matter what anyone tells you, a speaker that’s as tall as some children should most definitely be considered a piece of furniture. Sure, you’re not buying a new sofa set but the truth is that you could end up having to move things around a bit when the speakers arrive. It’s best to do this ahead of time, or even measure things off before you finish purchasing the product.

See if the speakers are sold in different colors, too. Most aren’t, but you might come across some that use brown wood grain instead of black. Depending on the home or apartment’s interior decoration, you may opt for something more or less flashy. The best part about this is that it’s entirely up to you and has no effect on the performance of your speakers.

Good and Bad Vibrations

Much like people, speaker vibrations can either be good, bad, or downright ugly. Unlike people, the vibrations can be felt if they’re strong enough. Overall, this is something that only the user can judge with certainty, however.

Vigorous shaking could be something that you like. But if not, things may quickly turn annoying. Unfortunately, you can’t tell how strong this will be by looking at the speaker. The best way to know if from the descriptions laid out by other purchasing customers. Where you live may also play a role in the vibrations level. Small apartments tend to pick up shaking the easiest.

Breaking Things In

Ask anyone that knows a thing or two about speakers and they’ll tell you that almost all of them come with a break-in period.

Audio quality is produced by electronic conversions within the speakers which pick up in clarity after a while. “A while” can be anywhere from one day to several days but the majority have break-in periods that go away after a couple of hours have passed. So if you get your dream speakers and things are a little bland, don’t change your equalizer settings just yet. Instead, wait a little while and the sound will become richer in texture.

Using Standing Speakers with an Amplifier

You can use most floor standing speakers with an amp. If you do this, be sure that you know impedance limitations of the amp that you’re hooking it up to. The lower the speaker’s nominal impedance, the more strain will be placed on your amp.

All speakers shown in the reviews indicate their impedance levels on the product description’s page. Impedance is most often described in ohms or a horseshoe symbol. Without getting overly technical, compare the ohms specifications to the capabilities of your amplifier before everything is set up.

Weight and Dimensions

Standing speakers are far from your average desktop speakers. You won’t be able to just sit them anywhere and expect things to be heard all over the room. Have a centralized location to place the speakers, preferable to the left and right of your television or entertainment center.

If that’s nearby a wall to another room on the adjacent side, it could disrupt if you play music at a loud volume. Measuring it off is easy to do, even if you don’t have the speakers yet. But this is suggested for people with very limited space. And since most customers getting speakers in this category understand their size already, size shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

Assembly Difficulties

You might have to do a bit of minor assembly work when the speakers arrive at your home. Most parts should already be put together. However, some may contain rubber or plastic feet of some sort, or additional grills for the tweeters. Cables are usually situated in the rear, with cable plugs included.

If your speakers have Bluetooth capabilities, pairing is the same as doing it on any other electronic device. Always unplug everything before tinkering with the plugs, and check that your volume is turned all the way down before playing any music or movies.

Top 7 Floor Standing Speakers Reviewed


Polk T50

The Polk T50 is a standing speaker with all the qualities that one looks for. For starters, it’s very attractive. The all-black exterior will match up with virtually any home interior. And since it’s dark, keeping it looking clean is easy to do. The materials that it’s made from are very strong and dense, to the point of not breaking were it to fall.

While you won’t want to test that for yourself, it remains a nice thing to have. Setting it up with your other devices is painless. Just read the user manual, which is comprehensive and detailed. The highs and mids are great, with equally impressive lows. With the T50, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing movies and music that way it’s supposed to be heard. Highly recommended.

4.7 of 5.0 Stars

Sony SSCS3

The Sony SSCS3 is comparable to the T50 in terms of sound and build quality. It resonates in a way that won’t cause a disturbance to the people around you, making it a solid buy for apartment dwellers. Vibrations, while noticeable, won’t become strong to the point of causing your entire room to move. When you’re ready to play your favorite tunes, check out how well it handles low-quality audio files.

Anything less than 320 kbps in bit rate will sound much better than what’s possible with low-quality headphones and speakers. And for your hifi files, you’ll marvel at the smooth clarity.

There’s no clipping at all regardless of your volume level, including if you’re using an amplifier. The backports are a little flimsy but should last for a long time if you don’t roughly handle them. Try out the SSCS3 if you spend most of your time playing music, and want something that offers a more powerful listening experience.

4.7 of 5.0 Stars

Pioneer SP-FS52

The Pioneer SP-FS52 doesn’t lag in sound when switching up from movies, music, or games. Sound will churn out with a blissful tone that seems to get better with every listen. It picks up low frequencies very well, with decibels that push out with no feedback at all. When the tweeters are put to work, don’t worry about turning the volume down. It gets loud but not ear-piercing.

But even if you don’t want it set to high, there’s a very wide margin between its highest and lowest setting (the volume). This makes it easy to find that perfect spot, minimizing the number of times you’ll spend adjusting. If you watch movies in surround, this could be very helpful. You’ll have to get into the habit of cleaning it on the regular, however. Dust builds up pretty quickly, so keep a cleaning cloth around if you like to open your windows a lot.

4.7 of 5.0 Stars

Klipsch RP-280F

The Klipsch RP-280F succeeds in getting out those low notes that other speakers sometimes fail to do. If you’re sold on this model, take a moment to compare it with another speaker system, if you have one. You’ll find the audio is very clear, producing sounds that are drowned in a sea of too much bass with speakers of lower quality.

When you find the right spot to place the speaker on, they’ll stay there until you’re ready to move them again. The volume and shaking won’t move them, either. Even on carpet, nothing will sway or wobble. Use the RP-280F for streaming your favorite movies and music. They’re perfect for audio that originates from online content.

4.8 of 5.0 Stars

Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Tower Speaker

The Polk Audio Monitor is another floor-standing speaker with excellent audio quality. The decibel level is wide, giving off great power in the lows and crispy clear highs. Its face is partially built from titanium, providing great tone and durability. You won’t get any dents in these, that’s for sure. The rest of both units consist mostly of wood grain that’s painted black, with rubber feet extending up to about an inch in height. Audio will fill your room, no matter if that’s a master bedroom or a large living area.

In the back, there are ports that’ll allow you to attach a subwoofer to the speakers, a great way to golden your low frequencies when playing games and streaming movies online. Doing this is recommended since the lows might not be sufficient, mostly for people with an affection for bass in their sound. Other than this, there’s nothing negative to report about the Polk Audio Monitor. Recommended for people with subs and amplifiers.

4.7 of 5.0 Stars

Klipsch RP-260F Floorstanding Speaker – Ebony ( Single unit )

The Klipsch R-26F is one of the largest standing speakers on the list. Judging from its size, one might think that it takes a good deal of wattage to keep it running but this isn’t the case. At its peak, the power hovers around 400 watts. As for the physical makeup of the unit, it’s built to last for a long time. There are additional grills featured, so be sure to save them in case they’re needed in the future.

Each speaker is weighted, totaling about 41 pounds max. Nothing will dent or scratch up, including the wood grain. Just handle them carefully and you’re guaranteed to have the R-26F outlive most of your other home electronics. If the size is too much for you, there’s always the other speakers shown but don’t pass these up if the build quality is your top priority.

4.5 of 5.0 Stars

MartinLogan Motion 60XT Floor Standing Speaker

The final product is the Klipsch R-26F. It has a classic look that’s almost antique-like. If you don’t like the brown wood grain, switch over to the all-black version. It’s not every day that one comes across Floor Standing speakers that have options colors, a nice advantage for shoppers. You’ll love this one when it’s movie time, and music sounds just as pleasant.

Clipping and distortion should never appear, though it does sound fabulously great with vinyl records (where some natural clipping is expected). Bass hits the mark between being close to a subwoofer at times, especially when paired with an equalizer or amp. If you’re not a sucker for very strong bass then it might be good enough for you to avoid a sub altogether. However, try to be patient with teh break-in. It might take a day or two for things to settle in but once it does, you’ll love the audio quality.

5.0 of 5.0 Stars


Which floor-standing speaker do you think is the best? Do they meet some of the suggestions and recommendations presented in the guidance section? If you’re still not sure which one you want, settling for the Polk T50 is your best bet. It’s audio and appeal is for both the casual listener and audiophile, having few flaws at all.

Hook it up to an amp, sub, or play music with no attachments; the sound will remain great regardless of how sophisticated or bare your setup may be. The other six are swell, having attributes that could make it worthwhile when prioritizing minor differences between each speaker. But no matter what, your music should never sound dull again.