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9 Best Outdoor Projector Screen Reviews 2019 | For An Enjoyable Movie Screening

It’s a bit funny (in a tragic sort of way) how some people can spend so much time and money trying to buy the best outdoor projector, and then they don’t think about getting the best outdoor projector screen they can get. They seem to think that a sheet spread and tied between two trees will do just fine.


  • Huge screen
  • Easy to carry
  • Quick to set up


  • 120-inch screen
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Foldable without resulting creases


  • Huge screen
  • Portable at 18 pounds
  • No creases

That’s just not right. An outdoor movie screen isn’t a mere afterthought, like the color of a car compared to the engine specs. It’s a crucial partner to a great outdoor movie projector. Together, both projector and screen can provide a truly exhilarating movie-viewing experience that no TV can provide right now.

Buying the Best Outdoor Projector Screen: Factors to Consider

So how exactly do you find the best projector screen that perfectly matches your best outdoor projector? You should read reviews by experts, though customer reviews are quite helpful too. They can provide objective information that no product advertisement may mention.

When reading these reviews and product specs, focus your attention to the following factors:


While many indoor projector screens are permanently mounted to a ceiling or wall, outdoor screens are usually portable. This is just common sense, since you don’t really want to leave a screen outside as it can be stolen or damaged by inclement weather.

These portable projector screen models can come in many different designs, each with their own sets of pros and cons. It can come with a projector screen stand, like a tripod. You can put up an inflatable movie screen, especially for large gatherings. A retractable projector screen may work as well, and you can also get manual or electric floor-rising screens.

If you’re looking for just a small portable movie screen that you can use for picnics, you may even get a tabletop projector screen. These don’t usually exceed 50 inches in diagonal measurement.

Gain (Light Reflectivity)

Gain is how a screen fabric’s ability to reflect light is measured. This is important, since a strong gain boosts the brightness of an image. That’s why it’s imperative that you watch your movies in darkness—ambient light dissipates reflected light. That’s why the screen video images can look washed out.

A gain of “1.0” means that the screen reflects the same brightness projected upon it. If it’s greater than 1.0, then the brightness is increased. If it’s less than 1.0, then the video image produced isn’t as bright.

Viewing Angle

If you’re watching a movie on an outdoor projector screen, some people along the sides may not be able to see the action clearly. It all depends on the viewing angle of the screen. If it’s narrow, then people have to be directly in front of the screen to watch the movie.

The problem here is that’s screens with a high gain tend to have narrower viewing angles. So you need to balance the 2 factors to suit your needs.

Screen Size and Format

Obviously, a projector that can provide as large as 200-inch video images can’t be at its best if the projector is only 50 inches across diagonally. So you should have a screen that can accommodate the video size you want to watch. If your projector can comfortable project a 200-inch image in HD, you definitely need a 200 inch projector screen.

You also pick out the aspect ratio of the projector screen. This can be in HDTV 16:9, Widescreen 16:10, Widescreen Cinematic Standard 2.35:1, or even old-style 4:3 format for 20th century TV series. There’s even a square 1:1 option that suits data presentations.

White or Gray Fabric

Most screens are white, as they’re very bright. So if your projector doesn’t have enough lumens to boast about, a white screen fabric can help.

But gray screen fabrics do have the advantage of dealing with darker hues. They’re also better if you have ambient light. So if you do have a powerfully bright projector with high lumen levels, a gray screen fabric may be a better choice.

Sound Transparency

Because of space issues, sometimes speakers are located behind the screen. The audio quality won’t be affected if you have a screen that allows the sound to pass through without too much interference. It’s not really a high tech method—there are simply tiny holes in the screen that are small enough to be barely noticeable so your best floor standing speakers will rock your movie night.

Reviews of the Best Outdoor Projector Screens

With the great number of available outdoor screen models that can match with your projector, you may not find it quick and easy to pick one out of the pack. To help you sift through your options, here are some of the best projector screens you can choose from:


A lot of people are going with the EasyGo Products 14' Inflatable Mega Movie Screen, and this has garnered numerous customer reviews extolling its superior features. It really is that good.

This inflatable projector screen is huge, so it’s like having your commercial-quality backyard movie theater. It measures 14 feet across the diagonal, with a width of 10 feet and a height of 9.5 feet. The screen itself is 96 inches (8 feet) across and 58 inches (4 feet 10 inches) tall. It’s stabilized in place by “feet” measuring 7 feet long each.

What you get with your purchase, aside from the detachable screen and the inflatable frame, includes the blower for the frame and the ground stakes and tie-down strings connected to the D-rings. The tie-down strings can help secure the screen, but the truth is that the base itself is so stable these strings are more for insurance.

It’s astonishing that all these can fit into a compact bag that weighs a total of 16 pounds. So if you want, you can easily bring this along to a movie at the park or at a campsite. You can also bring this along to a friend’s backyard party. The portability of this thing is quite a bonus, because you won’t usually see screens of this size for campsites. They’re often permanent fixtures in someone’s home.

There’s not much to do regarding the installation of the screen. You simply have to plug it in, and then it inflates in just 2 minutes. The screen itself is made from waterproof polyester, and it’s very smooth. You won’t have to see annoying creases when you watch your movie.

The screen itself can reflect the light very well, which makes for rather nicely bright video images on screen. You can see everything here, and a lot of American football fans have started to use this to watch games with friends (and a few cans of cold beer).

So is it perfect? Well, not quite. An inflatable screen of this size can be rather subject to slight swaying if you have strong winds. That’s why you may want to think about securing the top of the screen as well.

You may also want to get a new bag for everything after using this 2 or 3 times. That’s because everything fits in the bag perfectly at first. But after a while, the inflatable frame may not be perfectly folded and so it won’t fit in the bag anymore.

This isn’t the biggest inflatable screen from Easy Go Products, in case you wish for something bigger. There are other large projector screen models, including one that measures 20 feet diagonally. But for most people, a projector screen size that’s 8 feet across and almost 5 feet high is more than enough. It’s also able to show the action even to viewers who aren’t directly in front of the screen.

So bring this out next time you have a backyard party. In fact, owning one of these may give you lots of excuses for having frequent parties in your backyard. Use this to watch football and basketball games, or have fun with the family by watching movies outdoors.

And if you’re going camping on vacation, bring this along as well. You should also read the best tower speakers under 500 dollars reviews so your audio matches your video quality.

It’s so easy to set up and disassemble that it’s really no big deal. The great movie-watching experience—now that’s a big deal!

Things We Liked

  • Huge screen
  • Easy to carry
  • Quick to set up
  • Nice bright video images

Things We Didn't Like

  • May need extra stability on top with strong winds


The P-JING 120-inch projector screen is definitive proof that you don’t need a lot of money to get a large high quality movie projector screen. It’s true that you can end up spending many hundreds of dollars for a good outdoor projection screen. This time, you get a high quality screen for the price of a few movie tickets.

It’s not that you sacrifice a lot with the discount you enjoy with this. This is by no means a small screen, as it’s able to display a 120-inch video image in 16:9 format. The viewing area measures 104 by 58 inches, and that’s a lot of screen for your money.

The folks at P-JING weren’t joking when they said this was portable, since you can just fold this and the weight is only 2.2 pounds. All you really need to do to set this up is to unfold it. It has a dozen metal-finished grommets, and your purchase includes a 16-pack of peel and stick hooks along with a couple of 5-meter ropes. This can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Once you’ve set it up, you can readily understand why it’s a great choice for the best buy projector screen. Even though you fold the screen when you’re not using it, there will be no creases or wrinkles on the outdoor screen material. There will be a few creases at first when you get this delivered, but then you can just iron it out (not too hot!) or place something heavy upon it to get rid of the creases.

After that, the creases won’t return. You won’t have to iron it anymore or even hang it for days on end. That’s true even when you fold it to a small size.

It’s also brighter than most outdoor movie screens, and the contrast is terrific. You’ll certainly know what’s going on with the movie action. It won’t be like you’re watching a movie that’s perpetually set at night.

What about the viewing angle? This is important if you have lots of people watching. Fortunately, the viewing angle is wide at 160 degrees. That means a large crowd can watch the movie in your backyard.

This isn’t just for recreational home use, however. It can be used (and it has been used) for business presentations, conventions, and even for teaching purposes. Its portability and video image clarity combined really does the trick.

All these features easily explain why this is a perennial bestseller. It’s extremely affordable, yet the video quality is high with great brightness and contrast. It’s very portable too, and you have all you need to set it up. Just make sure you also have a good projector, or else you don’t get optimal use of this projector screen.

Things We Liked

  • 120-inch screen
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Foldable without resulting creases
  • Nice video quality and brightness

Things We Didn't Like

  • It may be 1080p-ready, but it’s not the most suitable for 4K movies


If your search for a projector screen is focused on inflatable models with extremely large screens, then you need to take a look at the Inflatable Outdoor Movie Projector Screen - 16Ft Diagonal. While it’s not among the most affordable models, it is true that it’s a huge screen. It really seems like it is fit for a cinema theater.

So what does you money get you? The actual screen has a 12-ft diagonal, measuring 125 inches wide and 75 inches high. This is actually huge, because the top of the inflatable frame reaches up to 10 feet.

You don’t have to worry about its stability, however. That’s because it has a frame behind the screen for support.

You also get ropes and pegs to make sure it stays in place. You also have a blower that stays on while you watch your movie. Fortunately, it’s not noisy at all. 

The huge size also doesn’t come with a heavy weight. All in all, it only weighs 18 pounds so it’s no trouble to move around.

The setup is actually simple, and you only need about 10 minutes to get it going. Inflating the frame itself only takes 2 minutes, while the rest of the procedure is about securing the screen in place while you also attach the blower.

The screen itself is white, so you don’t need to worry about brightness. It stretches perfectly, so you won’t have to endure distracting creases. If it ever gets dirty, you can just remove the screen and clean it.

The screen also allows for front and rear projection, whichever is convenient for you. The frame is made from triple grade 600DD oxford woven fabric, so it doesn’t puncture easily.

So all in all, you have a giant screen that’s really easy to bring along and very simple to set up. You just lay out the frame and then close the back deflation valve. Plug in the blower to a power outlet, though if you’re outdoors you may need extension cords. Tie the back tube to the blower, and then turn the blower on.

In just a couple of minutes, the frame is properly inflated and you can then attach the projection screen using the Velcro edge.

This is a fantastic inflatable screen, and you simply have to see how it shows movies and football games when you have your entire family (or more likely the entire block) watching with you. The durability is great, the setup simple, the blower quiet, and the video image terrific.

Sit back, relax, and maybe get a nice hot drink (or a cold one during the summer). It makes sense that the manufacturer’s brand is named Holiday Styling. It offers the best staycation for the summer, but for campers it’s a hoot. Read some of the best AV receivers under 1000 dollars reviews and you can really enhance your entertainment setup.

Things We Liked

  • Huge screen
  • Portable at 18 pounds
  • No creases
  • Easy setup

Things We Didn't Like

  • It’s still 10 minutes for the setup


Here’s the GBTIGER 120-inch Portable Projector Screen, which is another excellent projector screen that offers terrific value for money. It doesn’t really cost much, as a couple of tickets in an NYC movie theater probably cost more. It’s a treat for those who don’t have a large budget for a backyard movie screen.

That’s because this still offers a very large screen. It measures 120 inches diagonally, and that’s certainly larger than many expensive TVs. The viewing area measures 104 inches long and 58 inches high.

Yet it is lightweight (about 2.3 pounds) and compact, so you can set it up outside or even bring this on holiday camping trips. You just need to fold it, and then it fits into a compact bag that you can carry anywhere.

When you’re going to use this, you can just fold it out. You then get a screen that supports a 16:9 ratio format, and it also offers 1080p HD video. The screen is made from high quality synthetic fiber, and it allows for double-sided projection. It’s very bright and the images are sharp.

What about installation and setup? The frame has upgraded grommets so they’re more solid. With the hanging holes on the frame, you have several options as to how you can secure this in place. You can use various means to secure this in place, such as ropes, hooks, or nails for hanging.

You do have to deal with the initial creases when you first unpack this. But those wrinkles and creases aren’t really much of a problem. You can wash it first, or you can iron it out as long as you don’t get the iron too hot. Those who don’t want to chance it can just stretch the screen out both vertically and horizontally and the creases should naturally disappear over a few days.

As this is extremely portable, it’s quite useful for many types of situations outside your home. You can just set it up in your backyard, or even use it for business presentations. If you’re hiking to your campsite, the weight of about 2 pounds or so won’t really matter. Use it especially if you have handheld projectors as well.

Things We Liked

  • Extremely affordable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Huge screen
  • Clear and bright video images

Things We Didn't Like

  • You have to buy the nails or rope separately


If you don’t have the space for a large projector screen, then you may want to consider this Vamvo 80-inch Outdoor Projector Screen instead. This doesn’t just provide you with a foldable screen that may be a bit too bothersome to set up.

Instead, it comes with a foldable setup stand that makes this easy to transport. The entire package is easy enough to carry, as it only weighs about 6 pounds. This package also measures less than 18 inches long when packed together. You can just place it in the car sedan trunk and you’re set to go.

The setup of the frame and screen is rather simple. The pipes are all connected by an elastic rope. You can just connect them, as there’s no need to see which pipes match with each other. The package comes with clear directions, and all in all it’ll take about 5 minutes to assemble or disassemble the whole thing. You won’t even need tools.

The frame itself is quite firm, even if it uses rather thin pipes. With the tension of the front frame along with the back stand pole support, the whole thing is quite stable. You can even bump into it and it won’t easily fall down. If you’re setting this on grassland, you can use the peg to fix the back stand pole into place.

The frame can be adjusted too. The angle of the screen tilt can be modified by adjusting the height back multi-connector on the back stand pole, and then you can lock the handle. The frame width can also be adjusted simply by rotating the joint, so you can get enough tension to flatten the screen.

The first time you open the package, though, there may be wrinkles on the screen. That can’t be held with how the projector screen was packed for delivery. You can just iron it with low heat and it’s ready for use.

The screen allows for a 16:9 aspect ratio, while the diagonal measurement of the screen is 74.4 inches. The width of the screen is 70.87 inches, with a height of 40.55 inches.

Things We Liked

  • Stable frame
  • Easy setup and disassembly
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compact and easy to store

Things We Didn't Like

  • It’s not exactly a large screen


The Vamvo Outdoor Indoor 120-inch Projector Screen is what many consider as a screen with the right size. While Vamvo’s 74-inch screen may be good enough for some, others may find it a tad too small. A screen with a diagonal measurement of 120 inches is certainly much better, especially for large groups of viewers. With its 16:9 aspect ratio, it’s great for movies and for modern TV shows and sports events.

What this screen also does is offer a wider viewing angle. Now the viewing angle is 160 degrees, which means not you’re not limited to sitting directly in front of the screen in order to see the movie action clearly. You can be longing off to the side and you can still get a full view of what’s going on. With the wide viewing angle, you’re able to have more people watching the movie or the football game without people complaining.

This package comes in a handy carry box that’s certainly easy to carry. This box only weighs 9 pounds. It’s certainly not bulky either, as it measures 22 by 14 by 4 inches. It even has a convenient handle.  

Because it’s meant for outdoor use, it has to be especially stable against the wind. This one certainly is, as it is also secured by ropes on both sides of the screen.

In addition, the stands of the screen are designed like a tripod for extra stability. This design also has the bonus benefit of being easy to set up and take down. The setup for the screen actually takes only 5 minutes or so.

As for the screen fabric itself, it’s made of heavy duty material that’s quite durable. It doesn’t wrinkle easily, and if it does you can just iron it out with low heat. The fabric feels almost like a canvas, and you can clean it with the washer and dryer.

The quality is quite high, and it’s actually good enough to be a 4k projector screen. So if you do have a 4k projector, this Vamvo can support the resolution. That’s great when you have a 120-inch screen, as opposed to just 74.4 inches in diagonal.

Bring this with you to a party, and it’s going to be a hit. In fact, have some friends over and having this around with a great projector and sound system will make any gathering feel like a terrific party. Get some wine and beer (and soda for the kids) along with popcorn and peanuts, and it’ll be a fun evening.

Things We Liked

  • It has a 120-inch screen
  • It supports 4k resolution
  • It’s very stable with its tripod legs
  • It has a very wide viewing angle

Things We Didn't Like

  • You need to practice a lot setting it up to finish the task in 5 minutes


The bad news about the EasyGo Products 17-ft inflatable movie screen is that the “17-ft” in the name doesn’t actually refer to the diagonal measurement of the actual movie screen. It’s instead the length of the diagonal from one foot of the screen frame to the opposite corner of the frame.

The movie screen itself isn’t as large, but it isn't small either. It measures 96 inches wide and 58 inches tall. Using the Pythagorean Theorem, that’s a diagonal measurement of a little over 112 inches. That’s 9 feet 4 inches, and you won’t find many TV sets that match those dimensions.

In fact, the whole thing is huge. It is 13 feet wide and 12 feet tall, and its stability is provided by the 4.6-ft long feet at the base. This works in outdoor settings even with a light breeze.

Its size also doesn’t mean it’ll take too long to set up. This can be fully inflated in just 2 minutes, and that setup is much faster than many other models. Tear down is also simple and quick, as you’d expect from any inflatable product.

Once you let the air out, this fits into a bag so it’s easy to carry around. The whole package weighs just 21 pounds. You can also remove the canvas for easy cleaning and for storage.

Grab this if you want a terrific outdoor movie experience. This sits high up enough so lots of people can watch sitting in multiple rows. Quite a few parents love this for children’s gatherings, since the screen is also large enough that kids running around the base of the screen won’t block the view. For adult, the view is great and the size of the screen truly enhances your enjoyment.

Things We Liked

  • Large screen
  • Quick and easy setup and takedown
  • High enough for multiple rows of seats
  • Portable

Things We Didn't Like

  • May be hard to put it back into the small bag


The Mdbebbron 120-inch Projection Screen is one of those “good” projector screens that don’t strike anyone as anything special. But when you buy it and use it, you find yourself enjoying its many features and the advantages it offers, so you’re extremely appreciative. This is why the vast majority of customer reviews for this screen give it a perfect rating.

Part of it is the price. It’s probably more expensive for a couple of people to spend an evening watching in a cinema than to spring for this Mdbebbron screen, Yet somehow for such a low price you get a 120-inch screen. That’s a huge screen that’s great for outdoor viewing, especially if you have friends and family visiting.

You can in fact bring this to other places other than your backyard. You can just fold the screen and you cans tore it in a backpack. That means you can go hiking to a campsite with this. Or you can come to a business presentation meeting with this and a projector as your audio-visual aids.

The image quality is amazing too. You have a 1.1 gain, and it absorbs light for natural and vivid color projection. It’s 2.5 times thicker, so you don’t see objects and people behind the screen. There are also no creases after some light stretching when you fold it out. You have a 160-degree viewing angle and it supports 1080p full HD.

These come with grommets along the sides so it’s easy enough to hang up. The purchase includes hooks and double-sided tape to set it up. But you can also use your own rope or nails if you want.

The tension structure along the sides of the screen ensures that the screen surface is flat. There won’t be any creases, wrinkles, or any other sort of screen issue. That’s a surprising feature, since you do have to fold this to a small size when you carry it. It helps that the screen material is high-grade polyester that prevents wrinkles.

However, expect that there will be issues regarding creases at first when you receive the screen on delivery. That’s due to how it was packaged. You can iron it with low heat to get rid of the creases, or you can place heavy books on the screen surface to flatten it out gradually.

When you use this outdoors frequently, eventually it can get dirty. Don’t worry about stains, as you can just wash it either by hand or by machine.

Things We Liked

  • Large screen
  • No creases
  • Very portable
  • Simple and quick setup

Things We Didn't Like

  • Wrinkles when you first get it


The Excelvan 120 Inch 16:9 Portable Projector Screen is another excellent option, as it shares many outstanding features that you’ll find in the other screens on this list. The name of the model already tells you how large the screen is, with a width of 104.6 inches and a length of 58.7 inches.

The video images are nice and bright, since the gain of the screen is at a 1.1-1.2 level. The viewing angle is also at 160 degrees which allows more people to watch and enjoy your movies and TV football games. The screen itself won’t have any annoying wrinkles that can distract from what’s happening on screen.

The screen doesn’t wrinkle or crease due to the special PVC composite resin material used. That’s why there’s no crease even when you fold the screen for storage or transport. It only weighs 5 pounds or so, which makes it easy to bring to camping sites. The purchase even comes with a bag for this purpose.

It’s easy to doubt the “wrinkle-free” assertion when you first get this, since you will have creases when you first open the package. But these creases will disappear once you hang the screen up to a wall for a few days. You can hurry the process along simply by using your hands to pull the wrinkles. The inherent tensile property of the screen does the rest.

Hanging this isn’t a problem either. Along the sides, you have hang holes for which you can use nails, hooks, or even ropes. You can also just use double-sided tape for temporary setups. If you’re using this indoors, there’s no problem.

The main problem with this is the same problem with all portable screens like this one: making or buying a frame for outdoor use. Simply put, if you’re using this outdoors the use of ropes won’t be an easy solution. Ropes are too difficult to adjust so you can make sure the screen is horizontally and vertically level. That’s why you need a frame for this to work, and that’s a separate purchase.

Once you have that frame, then it’s perfect for backyard nights. With the right projector, you may even end up watching with this screen every night. It’s that good, and during the summer it is fun to have friends around to share meals and drinks. Have this screen while watching football or the next Game of Thrones episode, and you may be reluctant to return watch TV shows indoors with your puny LED TV.

Things We Liked

  • Affordable price
  • Huge display
  • High quality images
  • Easy to carry

Things We Didn't Like

  • A frame is an additional expense

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