Top 6 Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers to Enhance Your Listening Pleasure

Written by Michele Zangrandi

Wakeboarding is an entertaining recreational sport attracting folks from all walks of life. In fact, few sports out there are as enjoyable as when you are wakeboarding and relishing the sunlight and fresh air with water around you. Now, are you aware you can make your wakeboarding experience more thrilling? Yes, you can include some music to the experience!

While you can undoubtedly enjoy the sport without a flawless sound system, having the best wakeboard tower speakers can genuinely make every minute spent on the activity more astonishing! Read on to find out more about the best wakeboard tower speakers you can add to your accessory collection.

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Top 6 Wakeboard Tower Speakers

How to Choose the Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers

If you are in the market for a set of speakers that work flawlessly and offer perfect sound, it would be beneficial to consider the following factors to make sure you only buy the best wakeboard tower speakers.


First, when it comes to buying any speakers, size is one of the most prominent features you need to consider. For example, if you’re purchasing speakers for a vehicle, you’ll have to buy a speaker that perfectly fits into the space occupied by the previous speaker. Too small and it ill not fit. Too big and it will not fit.

Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers size

Now, when looking for the best wakeboard tower speakers, this is undoubtedly a feature that you don’t necessarily have to think of. The wake tower holds the speakers in place. Therefore, when it comes to size, visual is one of the considerations you need to consider. What seems perfect for you? What speaker size works right for you? What suits your boat’s aesthetic?

Generally, the bigger the speaker, the better the frequency and base it outputs. Remember, the small frequencies output high and medium frequencies. Based on your preferred music or sound, choosing your favorite speaker is undoubtedly a more comfortable choice to make!

Waterproofness vs. Water Resistance

What do the above phrases denote? Well, in most cases, most individuals use them interchangeably. However, there are a couple of variances between the two. While a water-resistant speaker has the ability to resist water, such as rain and ocean sprays, it would be best to avoid submerging it thoroughly in water. Ideally, manufacturers design them only to endure the water’s surface and not keep water out.

Water Resistant Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Waterproof devices, on the other hand, comes with high seals which do not let water in. So, if you submerge waterproof speakers fully, they will continue working. However, you need to be careful since most waterproof speakers are only waterproof to a specific depth.

Now, if you are selecting between waterproof and water-resistant wakeboard speakers, I would recommend you go for the waterproof one. There are little chances of submerging your speakers, but the more secure you’re, the better! For example, an unforeseen wave may arise and cover the speakers with water. Water-resistant speakers will let in the tide, but waterproof speakers will not.

Power Handling

In simple terms, power handling is the measure that governs the amount of power the speaker can run. Naturally, this is available in two types of quantifications, that is, Peak and RMS (Root Mean Square). RMS denotes the amount of power that the wakeboard tower speaker can continuously handle.

Powerful Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Peak, on the other hand, is the amount of power that the same speaker can endure in the short bursts. When looking for the best wakeboard tower speakers, the essential feature to consider is the RMS rating.

Marine Rating

Marine-rated speakers are acceptable for use while in water. With marine-rated speakers, it means they comprise materials that can endure the harsh conditions experienced in the marine environment. Thus, if you opt against acquiring the marine-rated speakers, the high chances are that they may break or fall apart when you come across a harsh marine environment.

Marine rated Wakeboard Tower Speakers


Different manufacturers use different materials when creating wakeboard tower speakers. As a precaution, you need to buy the speakers that only incorporates sturdy materials. With this, you will have an assurance the speaker will last for an extended period.

Preferably, I would recommend that you get the speakers, which comes with a waterproof design, so you can comfortably use them under any weather condition. Under no circumstances will water affect these speakers.


The wakeboard tower speakers are available at different prices. In this case, you should only consider purchasing the speakers which do not overstretch your budget. While the high-priced speakers incorporate top-quality materials that boost durability, it’s still possible to find affordable speakers that give you similar features.


Keep in mind that wakeboard tower speakers come with mounting brackets to guarantee ease of installation. It would generally help if you bought speakers that come with either iron or steel-reinforced mounting brackets to ensure additional support for the speakers. Additionally, other speakers come with installation guides to simplify the installation process.

Compatibility and Connection

The best thing about the current wakeboard tower speakers is that they are compatible with multiple electronic gadgets. What this means is that you can easily connect them by pairing with a close Bluetooth device. With this, you can comfortably listen to your music from any location.

Compatibility Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Other wakeboard tower speakers come with SD card ports, USB ports and clock display. Also, you need to know where you want to use the wakeboard tower speakers since you can use them in cars, boats, motorcycles, etc.

Top 6 Wakeboard Tower Speakers


Kicker Dual Enclosure for 6.5-inch Speakers

The kicker dual enclosures are unique and beautiful speakers that you can have in your boat. In addition, they boast a high-quality sound system to entertain everyone on board. Also, the speakers can withstand both salty and freshwater. Thus, these speakers are waterproof.

In addition, the speakers are lightweight and easy to install. You should consider purchasing them from the authorized dealers to let you get a genuine warranty. I have found the speakers worth the investment, and you will truly love their rich features.


Currently, Kicker is moving towards designing the most common ‘gloss-black’ Marine and Powersports enclosure cans. The manufacturer has made it their responsibility to offer it as part and parcel of providing stylish speakers.


Kicker designed the speakers to please you. Thus, the enclosures comprise a nine-degree axis rotation in all directions to make it easy to aim the speakers in the best desirable location to offer optimal sound quality.

Integrates Useful Accessories

The speaker comes with mounting hardware, polyfill, and three sizes of mounting adapters for the commonly available pipe diameters such as 2-1/4, 2-3/8, 2-1/2. Additionally, to allow you to fit several other pipe sizes, Kicker offers and separately sells the KMTAP Tower Enclosure Adapter.

Attach it to Anything

The clamp inserts and billet-aluminum fit into seven standard sizes. As a result, in addition to matching several wake towers, it also fits on any roll-bar diameter.

Lastly, the tough ABS material guarantees that the speakers last for a prolonged period.

5.0 of 5.0 Stars

BOSS Audio MRWT69 Marine Wake Tower Speaker System

Well, this is another incredible, well-rated wakeboard tower speaker in the market. Due to its unique features, I can attest that this is one of the finest, budget-friendly tower speakers offered by Boss Audio.

In fact, this unique wakeboard tower speaker comes with a 6-inch X 9-inch four-way speaker, which can endure up to 275 watts RMS. When you combine this with a high sensitivity rating of about 95 dB, you will undoubtedly get speakers that make a significant difference during the day and night.

Like other top-rated wakeboard tower speakers, the MRWT69 comes with a poly injection woofer cone reinforced by a sturdy rubber surround for dependable performance. Since it’s a four-way speaker, the speaker comes with two one-inch mylar dome tweeters and a 2.5-inches mylar cone midrange woofer.

When it comes to sound quality, this set undoubtedly offers more than what you pay for. In addition to the speaker offering incredible sounds, Boss Audio balances the highs flawlessly and makes the mids responsive and clean.


Completely Marinized

While this tower speaker is holly marinized, it’s essential to note that it’s not waterproof. Instead, the product is water-resistant with powerful ultraviolet protection. The designer fits the main components like the surround and spider with some exclusive coating to secure them against corrosion from the salty and humid conditions. Additionally, the outside shell incorporates a UV coating to secure it against harmful sun rays.

A Cone Poly Injection

The speakers contain polyurethane, a popular polymer. Merely put, it’s a resilient, durable, and flexible material used in the place of cotton, paint, metal, wood, or rubber in countless applications across practically all industries.

Indeed, the material is protective like varnish, squishy like the upholstery foam, hard like fiberglass, sticky like glue, and bouncy like a rubber. The best thing about this material is that it guarantees optimal flexibility, which produces fantastic sounding speakers.

A Butyl Rubber Surrounding

Butyl rubber is a highly valued synthetic substance. It’s popular due to its impermeability to air, chemical inertness, and the capability to resist or sustain exposure to harsh weather environments. Here, the designer uses the butyl rubber on the surrounds linking the cone to the basket.

Voice Coil – a High-Temperature Aluminium

Besides being one of the most abundant elements on the planet, aluminum is famous for its ability to resist corrosion and low density. Also, it’s nonmagnetic and doesn’t ignite easily. Think about this; aluminum performs exemplary under stress in both high compression and high-tension conditions. Due to its soft nature, aluminum is one of the best materials to use when designing voice coils.

Tweeter and Midrange – Mylar

For an inventive usage, the best wakeboard tower speakers would be the high-tech Mylar tweeter, as it boasts the capability for a substantial channel handling and sound variance modifications. Mylar is highly durable because it comprises a plastic poly material that does not tear or rip easily under the irregular frequency changes.

Wake Tower Ready

Boss Audio designs the speakers for wake tower use, and you can easily install it by hanging it from above. The speakers are secure against potential damage from surf and wind.

Ultimately, the MRWT69 is clear, loud, and offers sufficient bass. Nevertheless, you should not expect a booming bass that you typically get from a subwoofer.

4.3 of 5.0 Stars

Rockville WB65 Metal Marine Wakeboard Swivel Tower Speakers

The WB65 two-way marine wakeboard tower speakers from Rockville are the latest additions to the ever-growing Rockville marine speakers’ line-up. In fact, both speakers are durable and sleek. You’ll get a pair of 6.5 inches waterproof speakers in a metal enclosure. Also, every speaker comes with a 6.5-inch long-excursion woofer as well as a one-inch titanium dome tweeter.

Every speaker endures 150 watts RMS as well as 300 watts peak. Besides anything else, the designers devote most of their time to sound and quality. Rockville designs the speakers with durability and good looks in mind. For instance, the grill prides itself on having an ABS material construction.

The sound emitted by the speakers is excellent thanks to the one-inch titanium dome tweeters. Additionally, the speaker has clear, crisp, and remarkably loud highs. In addition to sounding great, the long-excursion woofer is reliable. When it comes to designing the speakers, the manufacturer uses top-quality material.


Rubber Surrounds

Rockville uses rubber surrounds to eradicate any unwanted distortion. Besides, rubber is undoubtedly a remarkably waterproof material.

Amazing Accessories

The included long-excursion woofer offers incredible low-end bass and mids, which essentially make the speakers sound fantastic! The fact that the mounting brackets contain aluminum construction means that they will last for an extended period.

The brackets are durable, lightweight, and can endure the harshest weather conditions. In order to protect them against harmful sun rays, the brackets embrace a special UV Coating.

360° Rotating Mechanism

Well, this feature makes it easy to position the speaker in any direction for optimal listening pleasure. Also, it gives you the flexibility to rotate the tower speaker to the rear or front of your ride.

Marine Rated

When it comes to manufacturing these speakers, Rockville only uses marine-grade materials and components to make the product genuinely waterproof. Indeed, freshwater, moisture, or even saltwater will not cause damage to the speakers.

4.2 of 5.0 Stars

KICKER 45KM84L 8″ Marine Boat Wakeboard Speaker

The Kicker 45KM84L seems fantastic and will draw your attention from the word go. Regarding the speaker’s quality, the 45KM84L prides itself on having one of the best materials you can imagine of. Kicker uses marine-grade material to assure the construction of waterproof tower speakers. The speakers are IP44 rated.

Additionally, the speakers come with programmable LED lights. Again, you do not necessarily have to be an expert when mounting these speakers on the wakeboard tower. The entire installation process only takes a couple of minutes. In order to assure durability and make it last for long, Kicker uses a waterproof material to cover the inner and outer parts. Due to its ease of use and lightweight, I would recommend you to use these speakers.



The speakers are waterproof to let you use them in harsh climatic conditions. The material is also sturdy to make it easy to use the product for many years to come. Kicker designs the speakers to have a long-lasting life in the water environment!

UV Protection

The ultraviolet treatment on the injection-molded cones, baskets, Santoprene surrounds, gills, and baskets all help in maintaining top-level performance. The speakers will sustain virtually all-weather conditions. The speaker is rustproof and contains 316L stainless-steel.

Aluminium Make

The wakeboard tower speakers are available in pairs and embrace a rugged universal aluminum clamp to make it easy to install the speaker to any wakeboard tower that measures 2-inch to 2.5-inches in diameter.

Great Sound Quality

The sound quality offered by these speakers is extraordinary! The high-efficiency design allows you to get extra audio from the same speakers. Basically, this means that you will get cleaner, louder sound with minimal distortion thanks to the professionally designed enclosures.

5.0 of 5.0 Stars

KICKER Black Dual Wake Tower System White 6.5-inch Marine Speakers

First, this speaker from Kicker is another competitively priced item that holds better than its competitors. For the novices, every package does not only come with two speakers. Instead, it contains four speakers. Well, this is because every speaker includes two speakers where you can listen to music from, giving you a total of four individual speakers.

The speaker comes with replacements to make it easier for you to replace and fix it whenever any speaker runs into a problem. You just replace it and make it as good as new. In order to secure the speakers against elements, the manufacturer equips them with sealed enclosures. Additionally, the enclosures enhance the music quality to a great extent.

Regrettably, the speakers are not waterproof. Therefore, we would not recommend you to submerge them thoroughly in water. In its place, the speakers are resistant to spray and splash. It would thus necessitate you to be extra cautious while in water.


Amazing Sound

The speakers offer remarkable highs and midrange sounds coupled with the modest of speaker installations, which offers full-range audio specially made for a marine environment.

UV Treatments

The UV treatments on the Santoprene surrounds, coaxials’ injection-molded cones, grills, and baskets make it possible to use the speakers in marine environments. The speakers can virtually withstand any weather conditions thanks to the incorporated splash-and-spray-resisting sealed motors, cones as well as locking terminal covers.

Sturdy Material

Kicker designs the speakers from 316L stainless steel and rustproof material. Also, the speakers contain stainless-steel mounting screws to make sure that they’re rustproof for many years.

Nine-degree axis rotation

Kicker designs the enclosures with a nine-degree axis, which can rotate in any direction. With this, you can position the speakers in the most preferred location to offer optimal sound quality.


The speakers come with polyfill, aluminum tower-pipe clamps (2-5/8-inch), mounting hardware, and three sizes of mounting adapters to cater to the commonly available pipe diameters (2-1/4, 2-3/8, 2-1/2).

4.4 of 5.0 Stars

Rockville White Aluminium Wakeboard Tower Speaker Pod Enclosures (MAC80W)

Again, we have another pair of speakers from Rockville to complete our detailed list. The MAC80W is available in pairs and embraces the universal aluminum clamp for fast and easy installation to any wakeboard tower pole, which has a diameter of roughly 2-inches to 2.5. The clamp inserts perfectly sit inside the metal clamps.

Also, Rockville makes it possible for the speaker terminals to enclose inside the waterproof speaker canister safely. Remember, if you want an insert to house a 1.75-inch diameter tube, you can contact the manufacturer to have it sent out to you for free!


Contains Sturdy Aluminium Material

First, these unique pods comprise a sturdy aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum. Secondly, they come with a white powder-coat finish, which provides unequaled resistance to fading, scratching, and chipping.

Fully Marinized

The speakers embrace marine-based materials to make them endure water elements. In addition, the cans are 100% waterproof.

Inventive Design

The pods boast cutting-edge technology. For instance, the designer wires them internally. SImply, it means that the terminals are inside the pods while the wires pass through pre-drilled holes on the clamp and pos. With this, the pods do not have any predisposed terminals or wires!

Phenomenal Sound Quality

The pods offer incredible sound quality. The high construction efficiency devoted to these speakers means that you will get astonishing sound output from the speakers. So, you will get cleaner, louder sound with minimal disruptions.

4.4 of 5.0 Stars


If you love listening to good music, having the best wakeboard tower speakers is inevitable. Basically, the speakers offer you excellent and audible sound that cannot harm your ears. With the countless wakeboard speakers in the industry, selecting a top-quality speaker may turn out to be an uphill task. You will certainly need to consider multiple features such as durability, sound quality, connectivity, and price.

At this stage, you’re certainly sure that BOSS Audio MRWT69 Marine Wake Tower Speaker System ranks as the best wakeboard tower speakers in the market thanks to its durability, incredible features, great warranty, and affordability.