best soundbars under 200

7 Best Soundbars Under $200 [Reviews] Top Rated Budget Options

best soundbars under 200

A Sound Bar is the modern avatar to replace bulky, space filler speakers.

Technically, they are exclusively enhanced loudspeaker pens which produces the lovable stereo effect with a single case.

"Even though there is no match for Hi-Fi home theater entertainment systems. If we go logically, a Soundbar is the best accord between high-end audio and spare from the rigors of complicated home audio systems."

Televisions got slimmer, smarter and loaded with cutting-edge imaging technology with each passing days. There is the compelling requirement in the audio segment to deliver a state of art audio-visual entertainment.

Sound bars are quite common nowadays and become necessary with the rapid advancements in audio-visual technology.

Also, brings immense relief for all those gone tired with little sound outputs from their TV appliances.

Originally this category audio-appliances intended, to hit out with one or both music or movies segments. These are the next-level upgrade for your original Tv or another system speakers.

BENEFITS: Due to their smart, sleek and compact designing, gives an additional luxury of placement. They are smooth in set up, easy to position and most importantly cost you far lesser than other stereo sound systems.

DISADVANTAGES: They are relatively small in size and lacking in the greater degree of positioning flexibility.Unable to fill out bigger spaces as of separate speaker systems.

Now it's time to show you something of immense value, which assists in your quest for the Best audio system within desired parameters.

Editor's Rating:


  • Incredible 3D virtual sound processor 
  • Dynamic rich surround audio 
  • Robust pounding bass.

Editor's Rating:


  • Horizontal type sound bar with Verticle frame 
  • Very affordable audio system
  • Amazing 2.1 channel stereo sound

Editor's Rating:


  • Incredible Audio performance 
  • High-end sound processing technology 
  • Superior Bluetooth feature

A Guidemap: Things you should be aware before buying a Soundbar

  • What you need, make actual assessments: Re-evaluate your present setup requirements, prioritize and shortlist all necessary features and applications.
  • Full-fledged/Active or Regular/Passive Soundbar system: A dynamic system like an all-in -one configuration, the speakers, amplifiers and sound processors all housed together in one boundary. The Passive or regular ones are without power amplifiers/subwoofers; you need to hook up an external one via wired or Bluetooth mode.
  • The Design debate: This is the first and foremost point to consider for any buyer. The Type, size, and shape of the bar is crucial to its placement with your setup. That can be a Tabletop, sit on the front, rest beneath your TV or can be mount on the wall. In the case of front placing, make sure it doesn't block your TV sensor signals.
  • Overall Surround Sound Quality: The Cumulative sound effect including The Stereo quality, Frequency, details, clarity, depth and bass effect creates the final output. Next step is the configuration of speaker vs. subwoofer channels(I,e. 2.1/5.1) carry significant weight.
  • About the Subwoofer: How much punch and low's clarity you need in sound determines the path of system you need to find out. Also, the type of subwoofer connection wired or wireless make an impact. Further, the placement plays a crucial role to create the surround effect
  • Bluetooth feature: Nowadays most systems comes with Bluetooth feature due to the luxury of ease and comfort bundled with it. How powerful the range and compatibility with various devices and operating systems need to keep in the scheme.
  • Front panel display is a must: Whatever the command and inputs you are releasing to the system must show on bar-panel.So that any possible hindrance checked in advance and you got a hassle-free entertainment.
  • Broad spectrum connectivity: The various connection ports and inputs lined up on board is a bonus. HDMI ports and multiple inputs; like Optical input, RCA Stereo Audio, 3.5mm stereo audio and coaxial inputs for vintage devices make a right platform.
  • System setup & Operating procedure: System configuration process should be quick and less sophisticated so that without wasting more time you can quickly switch to your luxury zone.
  • The Control 'Remote dilemma': Now you get set up the entire build up and ready to move on beats. The Remote comes in play, For an optimum result, one should choose a Universal device with 'remote learning traits'. Why all this? Because with time, it will enable you to control the sound bar with your existing device remote. It also spares you from the pain of fiddling with two remotes.
  • Is the price you paying make a real deal?: The Last but not the least is, how much you are paying for and is that make a total worth of it? The price/performance ratio does matter & put up a huge impression on your final buying decision. So spend Judiciously and ensure it will get you the desired trophy.

Here we search, compare analyzed and finally picked the best product out in market domain. All these systems are independently efficient units and don't require any AV receiver or additional subwoofer.

Down ahead, Our "Selective list of Top 7 Best Soundbars under $200 Category" feel and evaluate, we are confident you will like them.

Note: For your better convenience, We arranged this Selective Product catalog in rising order. That means as you move ahead, the overall quality of devices gets better.

Editor's Rating:


The Digital Bluetooth soundbar system is, indeed an Independent complete home theater Entertainment package.

It has SRS 3D Technology that uplifts your Audio for much greater soundstage. Calling PSBV200BT, just a Soundbar, is restricting its potential.

You can use this product in multiple ways; Powerful speaker for Tv & Computer, Stream music via Bluetooth from Flash drive/Memory card OR enjoy music with in-built FM tuner.

The Pyle V200 Sound system is an incredible combination of, Speakers, FM Radio, Bluetooth wireless streaming and external media devices play streams.

All these accessories sheltered in a piano glossy wooden frame, which bears all-black color tone along with matching plastic front panels.

The Front panel positioned like as; Starting from a Pair of Tweeters followed by Midrange drivers on both ends. Center portion consists of Digital display console, card slots, and external ports.

Back portion housing; power cable inputs, 2 RCA inputs, and the Aux inputs that is also double up as an FM Antenna.

Quick Specs: Here take a look at the features/specifications of Pyle product -

  • Total five Speakers: 2x3" full-range speakers, Midwoofer 1x5.25" and 2x1" Tweeters.
  • 300 watts max. power output & 150 watts RMS with 5.1 channels.
  • 2 RCA and 1 Aux(3.5mm) Audio inputs jacks.
  • Frequency response; 20Hz - 20kHz. S/N ratio is greater than 70dB.
  • Impedance: Speaker -04 ohm and Subwoofer - 08 ohms.
  • Bluetooth connectivity only, version- 3.1+ EDR with 100 ft wireless range.
  • Type 2.0 USB Bluetooth, SD/MMC port for external drive connectivity.
  • FM Radio with 30-stations memory feature.
  • MP3 and WMA music format compatibility
  • Useful Remote control operation.

Users are pretty impressed with it's richer, precisely clean and theater class audio impressions. Thumping high bass is on higher side in comparison to small body size. 

Check out this video for more information:

Sound analysis is complete with, crisp highs, smooth midranges, and cinematic grade lows.

Connectivity is another top rated side of Pyle's soundbar. This product is compatible with all of your Bluetooth enabled media devices. Now you can directly stream content from your favored gadgets.

Set up is quite hassle free, get instant access with lightning wireless connect. Best the thing is that now you will listen to your music without turning on tv.

Pyle 200BT sound system is best performance enhancer with hip-hop and electronic music genre also performed brilliantly on acoustic and light rock music segments.

For a real efficient all-rounder wireless music system, that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket. Indeed, Pyle ​​PSBV200BT sound bar unit is a highly recommended audio product.

Things We Liked

  • Incredible 3D virtual sound processor.
  • Dynamic rich surround audio.
  • Robust pounding bass.
  • Highly useful Multi feature system.
  • Sleek, convenient designing with high gloss finish.
  • Efficient connectivity and Impressive Bluetooth operation.
  • Broad range compatibility.
  • Easy set up and Information display features.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Lack of wall-mounting feature.
  • Slightly weak midrange.
  • Bluetooth access method might feel inconvenient sometimes.
  • The absence of HDMI port and Power button on remote.

Editor's Rating:


The Horizontal Bluetooth Sound Bar strikes, the splendid combination with your portable devices. Highly capable of fulfilling your specific audiophile music requirements with flying colors.

iLive suitable to use with, most of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, tablet, android and blackberry devices, other Bluetooth enabled gadgets.

You can optimize any small living space/room with its 2.0 channel stereo audio. If all this luxury falls within very affordable price segment,.what is your reaction.? Just a quick echo..That's it I am in.

ITB183B sound system meant to uplift your digital music experiences.

Its most distinguishable feature is body-frame designing, which is horizontal. With infused smart drawing tricks it is also used as a sound verticle bar, Real out of the box thinking, isn't it.?

This audio device flaunts polished designing with smooth curvatures.And the whole stuff encased within a shiny piano black exterior, which also enhance your interior ambiance.

Due to its small figure dimensions, you can place it anywhere; table top, mount onto the wall or as a vertical sidebar.

Tech Specs: Up to 33 feet wireless connectivity.

  • Inputs- Optical digital audio input, RCA stereo inputs, and 3.5mm audio inputs.
  • Remote control device for efficient functioning and monitoring.
  • Sidebar control-panel; It consists of power and volume adjustment buttons and various others.

Bluetooth range is good enough at 33 feet to stream your portable device music. If you directly want output from a smartphone, 3.5mm audio jack came handy.

Not everybody is an Audiophile, rest of us certainly delighted to listen the music quality offered at such affordable prices.

These sound bar systems came without a subwoofer. If you are addicted to it, need to purchase separately with additional costs, then through cable link the sound system to the subwoofer.

If you are not a die-hard Audiophile, and hunting for super sleek system with excellent sound at economical prices.? You are in the right spot, iLive ITB183B horizontal 2.1 channel Bluetooth sound bar is adequate fits in your scheme. Don't wait for stocks run out, grab it.

For much-related information, read comprehensive product reviews here.

Things We Liked

  • Horizontal type sound bar with Verticle frame.
  • Very affordable audio system.
  • Amazing 2.1 channel stereo sound.
  • Exclusively designed for portable gadget uses.
  • Compact, slim body construction.
  • Efficient Bluetooth feature.
  • Ideal for small spaces.
  • Perfect music entertainment pal.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Lousy customer support system is only drawback, quality, and performance up to the mark.

Editor's Rating:


It is a 2.1 channel Sound Bar system with wireless subwoofer for your home entertainment setup and personal smart devices.

Are you looking for excellent audio quality at minimal budget.? No reason to get worried.VIZIO USA's no.1 soundbar company brings your solution with SB3821-C6 38" system.

Its most prominent feature is Best in Class Premium Audio. With Cinema, Broadcast standard features like; Dolby decoding, DTS TrueSurround, Studio Sound and TrueVolume create enough effect to your joy.

Nimble Specs: Here some product insights for you.

  • 38-inches 2.1 channel configuration.
  • 100dB powered space-filling audio with deep smacking Bass.
  • Built-in Bluetooth allows flawless streaming from your portable gadgets.
  • 5"wireless subwoofer facilitates up to 60 feet line of vision from the sound bar.
  • Frequencies; soundbar-50Hz to 19000Hz, subwoofer-50Hz.

The latest sophisticated design makes you chip in with your multiple placement options. You will able to fit them within any size and territory to suit your tv best.

It provides you three placing choices; at Built-in cabinet, Table-top and Wall-Mounting.

VIZIO emphasize your TV set with its minimal physical style so that it blends in anywhere in your home. Nice to go with your 42"+ class tv sets.

Connections: You have the exterior device facility-3.5mm, USB, Stereo RCA, Digital Coaxial and optical inputs. For efficient connectivity, it has Stereo RCA-to-3.5mm, digital optical and coaxial cables.

This Bluetooth device comes along with Remote, so you can control bass/treble, switch track and operate music at will. It is also very easy to connect and use.

Primary speaker system contains two 2.75" full range drivers.Along with subwoofer, it delivers you virtual surround sound and powerful bass effect.

Audio performance is, at least, three times better to its competitor in the segment.You got up to 100dB precise sound with minimal harmonic distortion.This specialty allows you to enjoy high-definition movies and other show watching experience.

Wireless connectivity feature helps to make your home chaos-free and live the show without any stress.

For fantastic standard audio at very modest prices, VIZIO SB3821-C6 Sound Bar System is an excellent upgrade option to yours.

Want to know more about Vizio sound bar product.? check out all around product review.

Things We Liked

  • Incredible Audio performance.
  • High-end sound processing technology.
  • Superior Bluetooth feature.
  • Extended connectivity.
  • Smooth set up and easy to use.
  • Powerful, immersive Bass.
  • Very moderate price.
  • Efficient Remote control.
  • Admirable price/performance ratio.

Things We Didn't Like

  • At Mounted position it might be inconvenient to reach for button controls.

Editor's Rating:


The sound base is the latest improvised audio accessory, which brings peace of mind for your TV entertainment issues. It conveniently settles under your TV without any possibility of blocking IR receiver or part of the image.

The Sony ht-xt1 sound base is a stylish solution with better audio and lots of new generation features. Bold artistic designing makes it a best compatible with your choicest modern TV sets.

Sony classic sound stands to touch down on small half-inch feet. Due to this, it facilitates breathing space for the dual 100mm down firing subwoofers underneath it.

Elevated sturdy chassis frame delivers solid Bass response.Units top part is of tempered glass, which can support TVs up to 55-inch televisions of less than 66lbs(30 kgs) weight. It also has touch-sensitive controls for standby input and Bluetooth besides an NFC touchpoint.

While some systems have side mounted subwoofers, which is a not an aid for surround sound effect. Here on the front, you find two metal mesh protected full-range drivers. The front panel also has a digital display for visual feedbacks on selected inputs and volume.

The signature feature is its wand-style Remote, which has average volume and mute control. With it, slide-out panel extends additional control features for menu system and subwoofer level.

Here they guaranteed to uplift your viewing experience with powerful 2.1 channel unified surround sound systems.

Now time for some Quick Specs -

  • Unique three HDMI output and ARC output.
  • Built in NFC with Bluetooth application.
  • 170-watt power output with built-in subwoofers.
  • Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master audio decoding.
  • S-Force Pro Front Surround, Clear audio+
  • Optical digital inputs and a 3.5mm minijack for your smartphone and other portable media player gadgets.

Regarding performance, you got amazing space filling sound with enhanced acoustic interaction with your surroundings.Impactful Bass gives a real musical feel and adrenalin-rushing action frames.

To know HTXT-1 in a better way, go through the video review below:

On operational part too, it shines greater on movies and even better with music. Ranks better in comparison of Onkyo-LS T10, which makes an excellent pairing with movies only.

If you desired to use with your smartphone or tablet, the Sony's latest SongPal Bluetooth App comes in handy.This iOS and Android compatible app permit you to take over the audio control settings of the system.

The Music playback brightly shines with its robust mid-ranges. A good endorsement for rock and pop tracks with enough Bass for your hip-hop fantasies.

With the smarter sleek appearance, loads of features, great sound, and enhanced user comfort Sony HT-XT1 is a serious upgrade over your inbuilt gadget speakers.

Things We Liked

  • Elegant Tv-Base sound system.
  • Classic, sleek design with superb built quality.
  • Power feature packed portfolio.
  • Exceptional 3 HDMI inputs & 1 output.
  • Lively detailed sound.
  • Highly productive for music and movies.
  • Best suited with 32-55 inches TV sets.
  • Efficient NFC connectivity.
  • Bonus iOS and Android App for smartphone and tablets.
  • Superior price/performance ratio.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Inclusion of analog audio inputs would be a bonus.
  • Regarding Bass, it feels a bit short of punch.
  • Over-bright treble.

Editor's Rating:


The High-definition complete home theater like sound delivered by ASB-800 digital soundbar. It is an excellent choice for the high-quality soundbar with a low budget.

Home theater as the word expresses requires having a theater like a feel with the comfort and convenience of home. Whether you are a music lover, movie crazy or frequent gamer, its immersive life-size loud audio brings a sense of addiction.

The design is unique and compact in comparison to conventional box-type sound equipment.This smooth rounded curved bar available in matte black finish.

You have two placement options, kept as a separate standing unit or mount on the wall.

Its 40" frame consists of a built-in subwoofer and an internal satellite speaker. Powerful 250-watt audio output capable of coming out clear in both the crisp talk and hard hitting scenes. Easy single cable set-up procedure with two analog inputs, make your system pretty convenient. With subwoofer-out-jack, you have an extra luxury to add more strength to another external powered device.

Bluetooth application allows multiple connectivity options other than direct Tv preface. You have the facility to stream HD audio from smartphones, tablets, media players, and other Bluetooth enabled gadgets.

To know better about this product, consider checking out this video:

With Remote control, you can calmly adjust, shuffle or control the features and other aspects. LED readout display provides a smooth hand. It also supports three built-in sound effect modes, so that you will play as per your preferences. This Apex sound system offers enriched powerful low-frequency sound with full range ultra precision clarity.

Preset signal output interface ensures you can get dynamically enhanced audio of your choice. Inside the Packaging-box; You got Apex ASB-800, remote control with the batteries, audio cables, screws and operation manual. If you are looking for excellent sound quality with lots of features with innovative design, Apex Digital ASB-800 sound system is your best within budget upgrade. And you don't want to loose on it.Grab it quickly.

Things We Liked

  • Excellent HD-Sound quality.
  • Affordable budget product.
  • Built-in subwoofers with internal satellite speakers.
  • Smooth one-cable setup procedure.
  • The Super streaming to all of your Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Inbuilt triple sound effect modes.
  • Efficient remote control feature.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Absence of output plug.

Editor's Rating:


The Soundbar with Enhanced Bass Technology is well intended to deliver a next-level audio experience with your music, movies, tv programs and video games.

BÖHM  60W BT home theater comes with some unique pro-user features. It has all desired qualifications to uplift your entertainment to original grand shows, theater level.

The system is pretty slim and compact with aesthetically designed modular body. It provides you multiple placement choices; put it on stand or wall mount with included support accessories.

This premium equipment comes with three audio preferences - movie, music and night modes. Powerful 60w speakers release deep enough, detailed quality sound to optimize your video, gaming and other shows experience.

A simply excellent partner for your breathtaking home cinema experience.

Here BOHM uses spatial time delay technique, for the reproduction of space filling virtual surround sound. Thus, it also reduces your dependency on multiple speakers. With its realistic audio feet, you will able to do a lot with your desires. You can throw a party bash, transform your personal space into the theater and quickly wrap it up with just a push of a button.

You have connectivity in different modes; like Bluetooth 4.0, Optical audio connection (Included optical cable) and dual auxiliary ports. Now you can wirelessly and directly connect with an array of devices like smartphone, and other Bluetooth enabled gadgets. This system also doubled up as your noise/sleep machine, simply stream the white noise and forget everything.

Setting it up is very easy, just plug in into the tv and enjoy dynamic immersive audio with boosted bass effect. For controlling You have a lightweight spontaneous remote control to take over. Also, it is compatible with numerous devices i.e. TV, PC, Smartphone, MP3 and other portable audio players.

Inside the Box: We found BÖHM 60w soundbar, 3.5mm Audio cable, Optical Audio cable, Remote control, Wall mounting bracket along with Stands and screws and user manuals.

Top of league audio technology combined with supreme expertise bundled together in a slim, classy compact piece of hardware. If you have an eye for these, BÖHM 60W BT Soundbar system is your exclusive option on deck. For more related material, consider visiting detailed product review here.

Things We Liked

  • Incredible virtual surround Audio.
  • Solid Bass Impact.
  • Unique triple sound modes.
  • Multiple connectivity options.
  • Widely compatible system.
  • Impressive 20Hz-20kHz frequency response.
  • Convenient dual placement facility.
  • Premium home cinema sound system.
  • Smooth user platform.
  • Quality upgrades from tv speaker segment.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Absence of Audio out port.
  • On-screen volume indicator would be a better move.

Editor's Rating:


For all those desires to create a swanky private home theater with the tight budget, MEGACRA has one of the best audio solutions.

This smart Bluetooth device brings color for your personal enjoyment. Every outbound wave follows your commands through a finger press. Just listen the sound and feel the magic.

The 34 inches soundbar has some significant features, like Super Bass technology that delivers rich, full and deeper impact over output audio.

It is entirely able to generate powerful Bass without any extra subwoofer. Whether you are in tv shows, movies or listening to music, the experience is of genuine next-level.

Superb classy body made up of smooth ABS material; the front panel enveloped in high-grade grid cloth. You can place it on Tv-cabinet or do wall mount as per your convenience.

Specifications in a glance: 40 Hz - 20 kHz frequency spectrum.

  • Dominant speaker unit- Two 25W full-range drivers and Two 15W Tweeters.
  • Up to 40 feet Bluetooth working area.
  • 19v, 3.4 A Voltage (power adaptor).
  • Inputs: RCA stereo audio, Bluetooth, 3.5mm stereo audio.
  • 95 dB of space filler ultra clear sound with minor distortion.

best soundbar under 200 dollars

With highly efficient Bluetooth 4.0, you can pair up your smartphone/iPod/tablet or other Bluetooth devices.

Available connection inputs are; USB, Stereo RCA, and 3.5mm output along with Bluetooth feature. Here you got greater degree compatibility, your sound system ready to go with any device.

Name them, most of smartphone, tablet, PC/MAC, media player, TV, network player, DVD/CD player, MP3, MP4 knowS him well. Controlling device 'Remote' is pretty well constructed and simple designed.

Regarding Manufacturer benefits; you got cool 30-days money back guarantee without any explanation. We don't think you got any opportunity for this.

Product package consists of; MEGACRA sound bar, Audio cable(Stereo RCA to 3.5mm), Remote control with batteries, US standard power adaptor, Wall mounting brackets, English language wall mounting template, User's Manual and Service card.

Are you carrying a fiery appetite, for Trendy cum super performing audio solution to your home theater.? If yes,.Go for MEGACRA UP_S11 sound bar system it makes an ideal compliment for your personal entertainment arena.

For further details, consider visiting summarized product review here.

Things We Liked

  • Exclusive HDTV sound bar.
  • Stylish personal home theater.
  • Hightech Bluetooth Operation.
  • 3D surround sound with impactful Bass.
  • Multiple audio modes with automatic source identification.
  • DPS digital audio processing. 
  • Super stylish compact design.
  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
  • Well-extended external gadget compatibility.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Absence of optical connectivity.
  • Without a separate subwoofer, but beautifully compensated.


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