When making music, it's important that you have the proper gear and instruments to help you realize your vision. Out of all of the products available on the market, few are as good as a Roland Electronic Drum Set. For this reason, we have created a guide all about electronic drum sets so you can find the perfect one for your needs!

Guide to Roland Electronic Drum Sets

How to Choose the Best Roland Electronic Drum Set

Choosing the best electronic drum set for you will likely depend on your personal preferences. For example, having access to a variety of different pads and pedals can be important if you play music that requires a lot of nuance. If you are looking to play heavy metal music with your electronic drum kit, you should focus on getting a kit that comes with a double bass pedal or at least allows you to purchase that as an add-on.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind when looking into certain products is which Digital Audio Workspaces (DAWs) they are compatible with. If you are someone who wants to record the sounds of your electronic drum set, you will likely have to invest in a DAW. Don't worry, though—most kits can easily be hooked up with free DAWs such as Audacity.

At the end of the day, though, the price of the set will likely dictate whether or not you're able to purchase it. In order to make sure that you have the most options, we recommend having a large budget, if possible.

What Are the Advantages of Roland Electronic Drum Sets?

Roland Electronic Drum Set

The main advantage of having an electronic drum set is that you can use it at any time of the day without having to make much noise. This is much different than acoustic drum sets that are inherently loud, making them not very accessible for those who don't have access to soundproofing equipment.

Another benefit of having an electronic drum set is that you can use it to program almost any sound that you want to hear. Though it is popular to use an electronic drum set to play drum-like sounds, that isn't necessary!

Attributes That Differentiate These Products

Whether or not a product comes with a setup kit should be a big indication of how high-quality it is. If you are looking for an electronic drum set that is intuitive to use, it will come with detailed instructions and materials to set it up.

Some electronic drum sets won't come with sticks or a drum throne, so you should also be on the lookout for sets that omit these crucial items. Sets without these items are typically geared towards those who already own an electronic drum set and therefore don't need these otherwise essential items.

You should also be on the lookout for the amount of pads and pedals your kit comes with. For example, some sets will only come with a snare, hi-hat, kick drum and a cymbal. These are usually the more affordable kits, providing a significantly stripped-down setup that can be limiting. If you want to make sure that you are getting the most for your dollar, we recommend that you look into a kit that has at least two symbols.

However, what might be the most important distinguishing attribute between these products is the price. Though you will be able to find a variety of products with different prices, you should be aware that the expensive items will truly be better than the others. Though it is sometimes possible to find a good deal, you should be prepared to invest more money if you want a truly professional product.

Attributes That Differentiate These Products

Which Roland Electronic Drum Set Should You Choose? Buying Guide 2020

As you might expect, the most efficient way to use an electronic drum set is in the way it is intended to be used. However, one of the beautiful things about an electronic drum set is that it is essentially a MIDI controller. This means that you can hit any of the pads and sounds will happen based on how it is programmed.

The benefit of having a MIDI controller is that you don't have to program specific sounds if you don't want to. For example, you can get your drum set to play acoustic guitar sounds if you want by simply programming it to do so. In a similar manner, you don't even have to play it like a drum set—if you want to dismantle your product and hit the pads with things other than drum sticks, you are welcome to do so.

Another thing you can do with a MIDI controller is use it to play a videogame! Many people have used electronic drum sets throughout the years to play games such as Rock Band.

How Does a Roland Electronic Drum Set Compare to an Acoustic Drum Set?

One of the biggest criticisms that you hear people saying about electronic drum sets is that they aren't real instruments. When bringing up this criticism, many people reference the notion of the "sounds being fake" and the "pads just being buttons," but both of those are moot points.

In fact, the criteria that people criticize electronic drum sets for having are remarkably common in the music world! For example, pianos are technically made with artificial sounds. Pushing down a piano key is very similar to hitting an electronic drum pad and doesn't create a sound on its own, but rather because the key triggers a hammer that strikes strings. However, despite the processes being very similar, you don't see many people saying that pianists aren't real musicians!

The reason why we are bringing this up in our guide is that playing an electronic drum set has no bearing on the quality of your musicianship. Instead, the only difference between electronic and acoustic drum sets that you should care about is how they sound.

For example, electronic drum sets often source from some type of sound library, allowing you to essentially play any type of sound you want by just programming how the instrument works. On the other hand, an acoustic kit provides a sound that interacts with its environment and might be more appealing to those who prefer acoustic sounds.

Precautions to Take Before Using a Roland Electronic Drum Set

Roland Electronic Drum Set  Buying Guide 2020

Before using your electronic drum set, it is essential that you read the entire manual that is included with your product. This is because that there are often specific instructions on setup that you must follow if you want to make sure that you are using the product properly. If you don't read the manual, you risk the product not working properly, malfunctioning, or even harming you!

Another precaution you must take when using an electronic drum set is that you need to know how much electricity your kit needs. For example, if you purchase a product from another country that has different requirements for voltage, you could end up not giving your product enough power or even starting a fire. If you are someone who uses surge protectors and other types of unauthorized extension cords, you must also ensure that your product is compatible.

Product Reviews


Those looking to find a balance between electronic drum sets that feel both acoustic and artificial should seriously consider this product. Though there are drums that have mesh heads, we like that they kept the traditional rubber and cloth pad for the kick drum and other cymbals. A nice touch to this product that we didn't see with others was the inclusion of a second hi-hat pedal, allowing you to have more nuance with the sounds that you apply to that cymbal. We found that particularly useful for programming extraneous sounds that didn't fit anywhere else on the kit, but it also works well for distinguishing if the hi-hat is halfway open or completely open.

What makes this product unique when compared to more traditional types of electronic drum sets is that it does not require a DAW to work. Instead, you can easily adjust the tone and programming of the set with the included interface. The interface also allows you to easily connect headphones or any other type of device that connects via an 1/8" port. This electronic drum set is an easy and accessible option for those who want the feel of an acoustic kit while also retaining the flexibility of an electronic one. However, if you're looking for a truly durable product, it's worth noting that the frame on this isn't as strong as others.


  • Moderate price
  • Second hi-hat pedal
  • Good mix between acoustic and electric feels


  • Frame not as durable as other models

If you're someone who is not looking to replicate the feel of an acoustic drum set, this product is for you. As you can see from the photo, the design of this set is much different than others, instead having a flexible frame that is more reminiscent of something to come out of a science fiction film. In this way, the TD-4KP succeeds at making players feel like they are interacting with an instrument from the future.

However, if you are looking to get the same type of comfort and rebound that you would from other products, this is not for you. Though the pads feel comfortable, they do not provide much rebound and therefore make it difficult to play incredibly repetitive patterns. That being said, this is still a great set for anyone looking to have a basic MIDI controller that they can treat like a drum set! This product also becomes quite flexible when you put it into a DAW, making it ideal for those who might already make music and have their preferred methods of doing so. The price is also quite affordable, making it one of the most accessible options on this list.


  • Affordable Price
  • Unique design
  • Futuristic, comfortable feel


  • Not much rebound on drums
  • Difficult to play repetitive patterns with

If you want to purchase the best electronic drum set currently available on the market, look no further than the Roland TD-50K. Not only is it the most durable product out there, but it is also very, very comfortable. The way the set is designed is highly reminiscent of an acoustic drum set, giving both experienced players and beginners a level playing field to work with. Another important thing to consider about this set is that it comes with four separate drums, four cymbals and a kick drum. To put it lightly, this wide variety of different pads gives you a lot to work with!.

In the event that you're a complete beginner with this type of product, you can also utilize the training features to slowly teach yourself how to play. With a diverse market of users from different backgrounds, we appreciated how transparent and helpful the training features were throughout our time using this product.

The mesh pads that come with the TD-50K feel remarkably durable and tough when compared to other products on the market. You get a good "bounce" when hitting them with your drum sticks, something that makes the experience feel real. Aside from the price maybe being prohibitive for some, we can't find faults with this product.


  • Made of durable materials
  • Comes with training features
  • Comfortable to use
  • Reminiscent of acoustic drums


  • Price might be prohibitive for some

This electronic drum set is a stark contrast in price from the previously mentioned TD-50K, but it actually offers a very similar experience. You see, the TD-27KV is also modeled after an acoustic kit and even has nice touches such as the snare and hi-hat stands to go along with it. However, the absolute highlight of this product is the iconic Roland mesh drumheads. They provide a remarkable amount of bounce and contrast very well with the cymbals, giving the player a variety of different reactions to control. We also appreciate how consistent the kick drum feels, allowing you to perfectly calculate certain rhythms and not have to worry about the pedal malfunctioning.

The only downside to this product is that the interface isn't as nuanced as the aforementioned TD-50K. That being said, we don't view this as a huge issue, as you can easily adjust any sounds with your DAW of choice.


  • Affordable price
  • Realistic frame
  • Very comfortable control


  • Interface isn't very nuanced

As the most affordable product on this list, the Roland V Entry is a perfect electronic drum set for complete beginners who want some way to begin their foray into the drum world. With 15 different drum presets to choose from, you can certainly find the sounds that get you grooving! In the event that you want to customize your kit even more to include a double kick drum, you can purchase that as an add-on. However, something that we do not enjoy about this drum set is that you will have to pay extra to get the drum monitor, an aspect of other kits that is included with the package. Having no drum monitor also makes it more difficult to set up the product with your preferred DAW!


  • Very affordable price
  • 15 different drum presets
  • Great for beginners


  • No drum monitor or double kick drum included

This product is a great option for those who are looking for a set that has the spacing and layout of an acoustic set, but doesn't have the same feel to it. Unlike the aforementioned TD-50K, this product does not try to emulate the experience of playing an acoustic drum set. We appreciate how the form is intuitive enough that any drummer can get the hang of it quickly, but it definitely feels like a different instrument. The interface of this product is also very detailed and gives you the same nuance as the TD-50K for under half of the price!


  • Great price
  • Intuitive design
  • Detailed interface


  • Doesn't feel like an acoustic set


Out of all of the products we looked at for this guide, none impressed us as much as the Roland TD-50K Electronic Drum Kit. Not only does it come with an impressive amount of pads, but they also feel very realistic. We especially enjoyed the kick drum and were surprised at how realistic it felt. This electronic drum set takes the physical nature of playing a drum set and allows you to truly personalize it on an intimate level. The TD-50K is an expensive product, sure, but it is truly worth the money if you want the best electronic drum set you can possibly find.

At the end of the day, the electronic drum set that you purchase should be the one that provides you with the most comfortable playing experience. If you are unsure about where to begin in your search, we recommend that you begin with looking at any of the products we put on the aforementioned list!

Purchasing an electronic drum set is one of the big steps that you can take to becoming a musician, allowing yourself to create with a new level of nuance. We hope this guide has been helpful so that the next time you are in the market for an electronic drum set, you know just where to begin!

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