Music recording and Live performance are two of the most sophisticated tasks in creative arena.

For proper execution you need specific audio devices such as microphones in particular.

How to get a best Mic? The selection depends on your requirements.

Primarily microphone are two types- dynamic microphone, and other is condenser microphone.

Already a lot written and spoken about the Condenser vs. Dynamic debate.

As, I am here to analyze Best Condenser Microphones Under $200 so let's continue with the same.

If we seek out expert's angle, condenser mics are best recommended for recording jobs. Also widely used for live performances.

Even there is plenty of choices out in the market also, a significant quality improvement happens over time.  Above of all here you find six best condenser mics under $200 from the catalog of renowned brands.

Step ahead, and take a bird's eye view of these finest audio marvels -

Device Name

Polar Pattern









USB 2.0


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Samson Meteor




USB hub


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MXL 770





48V phantom

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AKG P420




Balanced XLR

+48V phantom

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9V battery

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Blue Yeti Pro






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How to find your Best Microphone - A Basic Guide

  • Budget to buy- The most impacting point of a selection process, when one trade for a budget under $200, even a single dollar makes a massive difference. As you scale up with product price, you got elegant, unique varietal options.
  • Purpose of use - You are performing or recording, it directs you on the path of the right kind of product. For example, condenser microphones best recommended for recording and dynamic microphones for live performances.
  • Type of connectivity - For any Mic, the receiver connecting port is very crucial. The XLR-port condenser microphones are the traditional types and can't be connected directly; they need an audio interface. The other are USB-port condenser microphones.
  • Choice of microphone accessories - For proper functioning of your microphone,  you required to maintain an extensive list of additional gears or accessories alongside.  Although there are decent buy packages of microphones out there, some of them came with bundled accessories.  Some deals provide Mike only; some are generous to offer you storage case and stand also.

Now presenting you the 'best condenser microphones under $200' collection, keep moving.. 



If you are in search of a microphone which suits best for your home studio, and have best cost-to-value proportion? This is going to be your best buddy.

CAD U37 is USB Condenser Microphone; that means you don't need to buy an audio interface or power supply.

This mic is compatible with your Mac and Windows, which means there is no software to install.  Just plug into the nearby available USB port, connect in software settings and you are ready to launch your studio.

It has a big condenser microphone element allowing you precious, efficient recordings.  It's wide-area frequency response ensures minimal background noise.

The bass roll off switch controls you room sound and 10 dB overload safety switch ensures to check any sound distortion.

CAD brings Studio quality audio for your social network, speech, singing, home studio and instrument recordings. 

Find CAD U37's complete review here.

Product package includes; Tripod stand, you can place on your table and a USB cable, available in two colors black & silver.

Iff you want a microphone for instruments and vocals recording to create videos for the internet, projects CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone is perfect for the job


  • Best choice for the vocalist, aspiring musicians & home studio uses. Excellent value USB Microphone for Computer. Incredible sound.


  • The front Blue LED light seems to be distractive.

Samson Meteor

Are you looking for the best microphone for computer audio recording? Consider it, because Samson Meteor Mic's produces remarkable output with any application out there.

It is also work wonder for Podcasting, Youtube video's and other multimedia projects.

Fantastic quality audio for voiceover proves an additional advantage.

Meteor Mic's consists of a stylish chrome-plated body with good fold-back leg designs. This microphone elegantly compliment to your desktop, available in shiny chrome finish.

No surprise, Samson claimed professional audio output for this product. It has an embedded 25 mm largest condenser diaphragms, a rare feature with most available USB microphones.

For efficient control, it has headphone volume knob and 1/8 inches stereo headphone output. 

The product package includes a USB cable & carry pouch, tripod stand integrated into Mic's body. 

Good news for iPad users, you can work it out through Apple's Lightening Camera Adapter or 30-pin Camera Connection kit.

Even if you want to narrate PowerPoint presentations or a company video, it never fails you. With excellent audio quality and ease of use, you can produce amazing results with Podcasting.

Thus, Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone proves to be an All-around solution provider for Podcasters, Singers, Multimedia creators and many others.

​Want to know more, Find  METEOR's detailed review here.


  • Best fit for the Home Studio, Podcasting, multimedia producers. Efficient Computer audio-recording. Highly Convenient & User-friendly design. Unique iPad-friendly USB Studio Microphone


  • Lack of height adjustment, Less Receptive for distances.

MXL 770

The robustly built MXL 770 is highly popular with recording artists, Singers, and Rappers across the world. 

It delivers incredible performance and versatility to vocalists and musicians within affordable price range.

 You can customize your voice even before further recordings credit goes to its upmarket built-in FET preamp, 10dB pad, and switchable bass cut. 

Also, the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) assists to minimizing the distortion.

If we talk about the core aspects,  this big-bodied microphone clearly stands tall in the segment.

With silky up-front high-end, decent low-frequency audio, it proves an ideal add-on for hard-pitched rock and rap records.

The patented MXL  mic wired with Mogami which gives the luxury of exceptional sound quality.

It consists of 20-mm Gold-sputtered distortion diaphragm(6 microns) effortlessly marries with the metal finished black capsular body. 

Product package includes shock mount and rugged carrying case. Check MXL's full product review.

Here is the one-liner, MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone perfectly fits in and rated the best microphone for recurrent pro, newbie music artists, vocalists, and singers.


  • Awesome price/performance ratio. Solid bass with dynamic range. Ideal fits for newbie & pro musicians. Singers &rappers, Highly-efficient product. Comes with Great MXL sonic characters.


  • Need Phantom power supply & USB for Desktop/computer recordings.

AKG P420

The finest XLR Condenser Microphone with our exclusive product-list.

AKG Perception Series Microphone well acclaimed for their High affordability, available under $200 range.

It consists of 01" dual diaphragm with three selectable polar-pattern setting so that you can choose the way you want to use. 

P420 is best suitable for recording vocals and variety of musical instruments like guitar, drum cello, and home studio singers. You have two black and silver color options.

Here you got proven AKG audio quality along with dual-element design, which accommodates Cardioid, Omni and figure-8 patterns.

With multiple polar patterns,  you can use it in a variety of applications like game session recordings, two-person podcasting and stereo mixings.

 The product package includes the microphone,  rude shock mount, and metal case. For other accessories, if you don't already have buy separately.

Now talk about some specifications P420 microphone equipped with a -20 dB pad switch and bass cut filter switch, that restricts unwanted low-frequency and wind noise.

​The Switchable attenuation pad nicely syncs with even higher Sound Pressure Level (SPL) applications up to 155 dB.

Read actual user reviews (here).

 Indeed I have no doubt to say AKG P420 XLR Condenser Microphone is a highly recommended super efficient budget deevice, best-fit for instrument and vocals recordings.


  • Well defined compatible microphone for vocals & instrument recordings. Multiple functionality microphones. One of the finest under $200 XLR condenser microphone. Higher price/performance ratings.


  • Non-availability of detailed user guides.

Rode VMP

The Name 'Rode' top-ranked in ultra fine-category reputed microphone brands, and they raise the bar for other VedioMic's on the ground.

Here we bring you this ultimate -Rode Video Pro Compact mic, specially designed for Camcorders, HD-SLR cameras, and Audio recorders.

Rode Microphones has a fantastic combination of superfine broadcast quality with an ergonomic, ultra compact and lightweight design.

It has the latest cutting-edge features specific to High-end video. 

That's why VMP Pro top ranked in Video Mics category.

Regarding the design, it is compact and ultralight that blow you away instantly.

These qualities make VMP Pro ideal for HDSLR Cameras, Camcorders, and audio recorders.

With the 09 volts battery power, you got extended up to 70 hours operation time, which means your outdoor projects went smoothly without a heck.

Customized reception; The broadcast quality condenser capsule with super-cardioid pickup pattern allows straight audio capture from the front, reducing side and rear reception.

Hassle free handling; The integrated shock mounting system, foam windscreen, and lightweight premium cable restricts unwanted noise and gives you a crystal clear audio- recording.

Rode's three-way level control and two-step high pass filter allowing you to scale down the effect of low-frequency hum, unwanted camera-noise, and other interferences.

Now revealing you something special; Your Video Pro mic is compatible with full range of cameras and audio devices, credit goes to the 3.5 mm Stereo(dual mono) output.

I am confident that till now, you are already in love with Rode VMP Shotgun Video Pro microphone. Just go for it and enjoy the show.

How about some additional insights? Browse Rode VMP Video Pro's full review here.


  • True Shotgun Mic for HD SLR, Camcorders and Audio devices. Super capable 9-volt battery with 70+ hours operational life. Ultra lightweight and compact. Very handy & operationally efficient. Rode's super performer True Video Mic. Ultra-long 1 to 10 years extended -warranty.


  • Very sensitive towards any minor camera-knock.

Blue Yeti Pro

At the top, we have Blue Yeti Pro an ultimate professional USB and XLR recording microphone can termed as the complete audio recording solution.

I damn sure, everyone out here has a question in mind that why Yeti Pro got top slot in my best condenser microphone list.

Well, I have lots of substantial reason for this explaining you ahead.

Blue Yeti Pro is the world first USB microphone with a unique combination of 24 bit/192 kHz digital recording resolution and analog XLR output.

It has three custom condenser capsules along with multi-pattern (Cardioid, Bi-directional, Stereo, and Omnidirectional) polar settings.

Here you got another Killer feature; It is capable of capturing digital audio which is up to four times the clarity found on CDs.

The existence of cutting-edge A-D converter chip, separate analog circuit path function, permits you to use with professional studio mixers and preamps.

Mics direct controls allow you seamless access to microphone gain, pattern selection, headphone volume and mute functions. A built-in amplifier provides easy monitoring for zero-latency.

Blue Yeti Pro Mic's legendary feature is its versatility.

The next level multi-pattern application counted under the most advanced category because it offers a multiple number of tools and recording options. 

Just rotate the pattern selector knob, and you got the incredible deal of four mics into one. Choose stereo mode for a realistic experience.

Omnidirectional mode tuned for group recording, For individual instrument and two or more person's interview recording go with bidirectional-mode. If there is vocals, podcast, voiceover or first recordings switch to cardioid mode.

..super comprehensive functionality, isn't it.?

Whether you are working with Mac, PC and recording at home or in the studio there are endless possibilities with Blue Mics.

The package box contains Blue Yeti Pro mic, a threaded mic stand, USB cable and Studio XLR breakout cable. Find the experts video review here.

If you are crazy for a best professional Studio USB Mic, don't be irrational just bring in the Blue Yeti Pro Mic and feel the difference.


  • Ture versatile USB microphone. Digital recording with analog output. Best compatibility with professional studio mixer & preamps. Super efficient control & user experience. Most modern multi-functional USB Mic.


  • To start with, you need to download individual drivers from Blue's website.

For Your Convenience, here I tried to give a Probable List of Microphone Accessories which are as  follows.

The XLR Cable, Audio Interface, Alternative to Audio Interface, Pop Filter, Shock Mount, Mic Stand, Acoustic Sound Isolation Shield, Microphone covers, Case, Stand, Popper Stopper, Acoustic Sound Isolation Shield, Microphone covers, Case, Stand and Popper Stopper.

Final Thoughts

I am confident that you all find something useful out of above described six best condenser microphone list. Although, I tried to cover all relevant information regarding each important aspect. Even though there might be a possibility too of missed out on something.

 Following your productive inputs, we will able to improve further. All these listed products are considered only after a broad spectrum analysis of all possible parameters. Our audio world is full of incredible high's and low's that incorporates every jingle of our surroundings.

 "You are Capable of Amazing Things"

So"Create, Record _ Perform, got Appreciation" and Storm The World!

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