It's no secret that music is one of the driving forces of our world. Whether you're in a religious service, at a graduation or even just listening to birds in a forest, you are surrounded by music at almost every point in your life. For this reason, many people prefer to listen to music as frequently as possible, with many people even using it to study or work more efficiently.

Because music has been proven to have a wide variety of benefits for those who listen to it, it makes sense to incorporate a listening schedule into your everyday life. When looking for ways to listen to music on a more regular basis, it is important to invest in the right pair of headphones.

By having a high-quality pair of headphones, you can make sure that you are not missing any parts of the music that you listen to. In addition to this, many high-quality pairs of headphones are very durable, ensuring that they will last longer than other products.

However, how do you find the right headphones for underwater activities? What about just finding headphones that are waterproof? Which product features should you keep in mind? And how do you even use water-resistant headphones?

To help you fully understand waterproof headphones, we've created a Buyer's Guide that will go in-depth on a number of questions! We'll be showing you what to look for when shopping for a pair, how to use safely use your product and taking closer looks at some of the market's most well-known products.

Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Water-Resistant Headphones

Best Waterproof Headphones

When looking for headphones to use underwater, it is important to understand that there are a number of factors that you should keep in mind. Not all products are built for the same purpose, so you should be aware of what you specifically need your headphones for.

For example, the product you purchased will be greatly influenced by the device you listen to music on. If you listen to music with an iPod or MP3 player that is waterproof, then you are able to use practically any pair of headphones that are designed for underwater use. A lot of the budget products on the market use a 1/8th-inch cable to connect to the desired phone or audio device, functioning more like traditional headphones. However, if you only have a smartphone that does not have waterproof capabilities, then you are limited to products that use Bluetooth compatibility.

An alternative way to use any pair of headphones that are designed for underwater use is purchasing a waterproof case for your phone or MP3 player. There are many cases in the market that can make your phone entirely waterproof, but this can be a risky endeavour if you are not experienced. The risk of doing this is also very high, as a simple case malfunction could completely destroy your phone.

Another important factor to consider is that not all headphones that are waterproof are designed for swimming. Though a majority of the best waterproof products out there are ideal for swimmers, not all of them are. Understanding the difference between these products is the best way to ensure that you stay safe at all times. A good way to tell if the product you're purchasing is good for swimming is whether or not it is Bluetooth compatible. In general, products that are appropriate for swimming are not Bluetooth compatible due to technological limits.

When looking for water-resistant headphones, it is also important to factor in what is most comfortable for your ears. The ideal headphones should be comfortable enough that they do not hurt your ears while still being strong enough that they do not fall out while you are swimming. This balance is harder to determine than other products on our list, so we recommend you try out various types of waterproof headphones before you settle on what is most comfortable.

What Are the Advantages of Water-Resistant Headphones?

The main advantage of water-resistant headphones is that you can use them both in inclement weather (i.e. rain) and underwater. The latter might seem like an inconsequential benefit for those who don't swim that much, but avid swimmers will understand how essential this benefit is. Instead of having to blast music over loudspeakers while training for a competition, you can have the music playing in your ears at all times!

Things to Look for That Differentiate These Products

The biggest way you can differentiate between water-resistant headphones is their design. We've already spoken about products that use cords and which ones have Bluetooth compatibility, but there are also products that will fully cover your ears to make sure that no water gets in.

Suction is most commonly used to make sure that none of the sounds is lost in the water, but there are some products that do this more effectively than others. For example, a majority of budget products simply have suction earbuds similar to the ones you would see for normal headphones. However, there are also products that completely cover your ear, allowing the sound itself to be completely uninhibited by outside forces.

There are also products available on the market that will come with remotes. This makes it easy to quickly change songs at the end of a lap without having to control your device either through a difficult case or with complicated buttons. If you are somebody who wants to stay entirely focused while exercising, getting a pair of water-resistant headphones with a button can be a great way to keep your focus strong.

What's the Best Way to Use Water-Resistant Headphones?

The best way to use this type of product is by listening to music with them. Unlike other products on the market, there are no "life hacks" involving these types of water-resistant headphones, making their usage self-explanatory.

Precautions Needed When Using Water-Resistant Headphones

Before you begin using your headphones, it is essential that you read the manual that comes with your product. This is a general precaution that you should be taking with anything that you purchase, but it is especially important with headphones due to the fact that you are using a piece of electronic equipment while underwater. If you are not careful or ignore the safety precautions, you could seriously injure yourself or others. Different products will also have different precautions, so it is important to read the manual for each pair of water-resistant headphones you purchase.

If you are in the market for headphones to use while swimming, it is essential that you find a product that is specifically marketed for swimmers. Though a majority of products in our guide are made for swimming, this does not mean that all of the products are suitable for underwater activities.

Product Reviews

To help you navigate the vast market of water-resistant headphones, we've scoured the internet and created this list of the best products currently available.


If you want a product that is both consistent and flexible, then you should get this pair of headphones. We absolutely love how sturdy the support is, easily wrapping around one's head and staying on until you need to take them off. These headphones aren't likely to fall off your head while swimming and the design itself doesn't interfere with any other types of head gear (such as goggles) that you might use while swimming.

The flexibility of this product comes from the fact that the pair of headphones comes with 11 earbud tips in four different styles. The different styles are meant to help you tailor your specific listening experience to the activity that you are doing! In particular, we love how this allows you to adjust your listening environment with a very specific nuance. instead of having to worry about headphones beginning to hurt your ears from excessive use, you can swap out the earbud tips to make it easier on your ears!

There are drawbacks to this product, though. For example, the pair of headphones comes with a cord, requiring the user to have a waterproof smartphone or MP3 player. On top of this, the product is pretty expensive for a pair of headphones, something that greatly affects whether or not it is worth the price. However, this pair of headphones is very durable, making it a good choice for someone who wants a pair of headphones that will truly last them for a long time. In the event that you have issues with your headphones, there is also a year-long warranty included!


  • Comes with 11 earbud tips in four different styles
  • They have a comfortable fit and don't fall off easily
  • Doesn't interfere with head gear
  • Comes with a year-long warranty


  • Price might be prohibitive for some
  • Only comes with a cord

Out of all of the brands making headphones, Swimbuds is probably the most consistent. Their products are always quite durable, making it easy to rely on them for long periods of time. This product is no different than their usual line-up, providing a reliable experience while also providing a significant amount of comfort. The included cord might be limiting if you don't have an underwater smartphone or MP3 player, but it is actually quite high-quality when compared to other products on the market.

The cord is flexible without being fragile, an important distinction to take note of in the audio industry. In the event that the cord is too short, these headphones also come with an extension cord to make sure that you are not inhibited by cords. There are also four different types of earbud tips included so you can fully customize your experience. However, it's worth noting that the Ergos style of earbud tips are not as durable as the other ones included and can break if you are not careful enough.

With a Hydrobeat TM sound system, you can listen to a variety of genres without having to worry about a drop in sound quality. This is because the frequency range is quite balanced, something that is difficult to find in many brands of headphones. However, be prepared to pay a premium price for this product.


  • High-quality Hydrobeat TM sound system
  • Comes with four different types of earbud tips
  • Extension cord included
  • The attached cord is flexible and durable


  • Price might be prohibitive for some
  • Ergos style of earbuds not very durable

If you are someone who does not have a waterproof smartphone or audio player to begin with, this is the product for you. Not only does this set of headphones come with different types of earbud tips, but it also comes with an entirely waterproof audio player. The audio player itself is very easy to control, making the process of switching songs while underwater incredibly seamless. The player also attaches easily to goggles and is very lightweight! If you are someone who needs something specifically for competition training, you will be impressed with how this device is able to stay locked in place even at fast speeds.

Though the cord that it comes with is not as long as other types of headphones on this list, we appreciated the extension cord that is included. It's worth noting, though, that none of the earbud tips included feel particularly comfortable when compared with other products on the market. There are also no options to have earbuds be completely secured to the ear, leaving room for the sound to leak out.

Something especially unique about the audio player that is included with this product is that it can play lossless audio. Because audio is typically compressed when converted to the MP3 format, you typically lose a bit of quality. With the audio player included with this pair of headphones, you can listen to music without any compression, subsequently increasing the quality of your listening experience.


  • Comes with audio player
  • Audio player outputs lossless audio
  • Product is lightweight
  • Easy to use underwater at fast speeds


  • Price might be prohibitive for some

Using headphones underwater is not just a matter of finding the right product. In order to ensure that you are protecting yourself on all levels while swimming, it is also important to make sure that you take proper precautions to keep your hair and skin safe. This product is a perfect purchase for those just starting to swim as it contains everything you need to truly get started.

To begin, we'll just say that the earbuds themselves are quite durable. While the second type of earbud tips included feel quite flimsy, the replacement earbud tips in the tree formation are perfect. For a product that has a high price point, though, we would have appreciated a better set of cords to go with it. However, the reason why you would want to purchase this product is so you can make full use of the included MP3 player and swim creams.

The MP3 player itself is quite limited in the sense that it only plays MP3s, but we think that the sound is pretty high-quality when underwater. This pair of headphones is great for listening to classical music and other types of music that require a lot of high-end frequencies. The player also comes with sturdy buttons that make switching songs in the middle of a strong seamless. Unlike other audio players included with products, it's pretty easy to feel for the button you need without even looking at the device.

The price might be too expensive for some, but what makes this product truly worth it is that it comes with the creams you need to keep yourself safe at all times while swimming. With hair defence gel and crème to secure headphones you will not only make sure that the headphones never lose their grip but that your hair stays healthy!


  • Comes with extra protection creams
  • Convenient MP3 player included
  • Perfect for true beginners


  • Price might be prohibitive for some
  • Cords are not as durable as other products

For a competitive swimmer, finding water-resistant headphones that can truly accommodate for both your stroke of speciality and your speed can be quite difficult. Though there are many products out there that can still hold a good grip even at high speeds, it's less common that you'll come across something that is specifically designed for aggressive underwater turns. This pair of headphones aims to do exactly that, having unique earbud tip designs that are perfect for those moving fast in multiple directions. In particular, the "tree" earbud tip design is especially helpful with aggressive strokes such as the butterfly, allowing swimmers to not have to worry about how they are swimming. The other type of earbud tip included is not very sturdy, but we don't mind its inclusion. Instead of being paranoid about whether or not your headphones will fall out or not, you can focus solely on swimming.

This product also comes with a lubricant cream to allow you to easily apply the headphones without the grip being too loose or too strong. A nice feature that we love about this product is the fact that the cord also comes with a stop so you can adjust the point at which the headphones split off. In the event that you need a longer cord, this product also comes with an extension cord to give you all of the space you need. The price of this pair of underwater headphones is quite reasonable, being much cheaper than other models that are marketed towards professional swimmers.


  • Affordable price
  • Comes with lubricant cream
  • Perfect for professional swimmers


  • Second earbud tip type not very sturdy

Those looking to find underwater headphones that also work well in other situations will appreciate the versatility of these headphones. They are high-quality enough to be very useful in swimming situations but also provide a good enough sound quality when out of the water. This is an important thing to recognize as many water-resistant headphones focus more on getting a balanced stereo sound when in the water. As a result, certain frequencies are boosted (i.e. the low-end frequencies) in order to make sure the water does not drown out the sound. This can work well when the headphones are used underwater, but can be problematic when they are used in situations outside of water.

In contrast, these headphones are able to balance frequencies well no matter the context, making them a great option to use while working out at the gym or riding a bike. These water-resistant headphones also shine best when you use them in situations that involve your head quickly switching between being submerged underwater and being outside of the water. This is why anybody looking to surf or water ski with headphones should definitely purchase this product. With an affordable price, you can't really say no to this product! The earbuds themselves are also very good, with a tight enough suction that will keep them safely secure in your ear. In the event that you have any questions or issues with your product, they also come with a year-long warranty! The only real fault we found with this product is the fact that the tree earbud tips that are included are not as durable as other models on the market and frayed quite easily.


  • Affordable price
  • Balanced sound in and out of water
  • Year-long warranty included


  • Tree earbud tips not very durable

This product is surely the best pair of water-resistant headphones currently available. They are inaccessible for those who require headphones that utilize a cord, but they are perfect for anybody looking to find the ideal Bluetooth compatible water-resistant headphones. For starters, the Bluetooth technology is remarkably strong, allowing you to connect from over 30 feet away. There is also twice as quick of transmission speed as you typically get from Bluetooth products, allowing you to not worry about you having any lapse in your music because of a shoddy connection.

However, something important to note about these headphones is that they are not meant for swimming. For many people reading this guide, this is a deal-breaker, but those looking for solely water-resistant headphones will love this product.

By far the best aspect of this product is the grip of the headphones themselves. With excellent suction and design, it is very unlikely that the inside of the earbuds will ever be touched by water. The sound quality on these headphones is also the best available in the market, allowing you to listen to a wide variety of music without issue. If you're someone who is specifically looking to listen to hip-hop music and other types of bass-heavy music, you'll appreciate how clear the low-end is.


  • Best sound quality available
  • Incredibly strong Bluetooth connection
  • Wonderful design
  • Best overall product
  • Affordable price


  • Not made for underwater activities (i.e. swimming)

We're including these headphones on this list for the sole purpose that they are a great budget product. It's very unlikely that you'll find a budget product that is remotely durable, so this pair of headphones is a very nice surprise in an otherwise desolate market. They definitely deliver a crisp bass sound when compared with competitors, but shouldn't be considered for those looking for headphones that deliver stellar audio quality. They're decent, but that is about as good as you're going to get.

That being said, these are durable and definitely get the job done. We highly recommend them if you're someone sceptical about using headphones while swimming and wanting to try something out! Their grip is also quite comfortable, with an over-the-ear design that keeps the earbuds secure.


  • Incredibly affordable price
  • Very durable
  • Good over-the-ear design


  • Sound quality is not very good

As the cheapest product on this list, these headphones are a wonderful choice for someone who wants the cheapest Bluetooth compatible product out there. Because it is Bluetooth compatible, though, you won't be able to use it for swimming, but this is only a minor setback. The headphones themselves have an impressive battery life of eight hours and have a high fidelity sound that makes them more than worth the price.

In the event that you want to match the color of the headphones to your personal preference, there are also multiple colors for you to choose from! We recommend these headphones for anyone who is looking for a perfect workout setup. The cord connecting the headphones is incredibly durable and the over-the-ear design feels snug!


  • High fidelity sound
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Wonderful over-the-ear design


  • Not suitable for underwater activities (i.e. swimming)


Out of all of the products currently available, none are as high-quality as the CHISANA C1L – Bluetooth Headphones. If you are looking for a pair of headphones that are both efficient and durable, you can't do better than this product. The Bluetooth features included are incredibly fast and strong, offering twice the normal transmission speed over a longer range than normal. The design of these headphones also makes them especially useful, with a comfortable fit that does not let any sound get drowned out. These headphones are also pretty affordable when compared to other products on this list, making them a great choice for someone who wants to use quality water-resistant headphones without having to spend a lot of money.

However, if you want to go swimming with your headphones, we recommend that you look into the Waterproof Headphones for Swimming – Surge S+. This pair of headphones is not only affordable, but also provides you with a solid grip and a great balance of sound! Not only are they great for swimming, but they also work with a number of other types of underwater activities. If you want to get the most out of these headphones, we recommend that you do something like surfing—you won't hear a difference in sound quality as your head goes in and out of the water!

At the end of the day, the pair of water-resistant headphones that is right for you will depend on your personal preference. Though we can extensively list the benefits or detriments of certain products, a product will not be efficient for you if you do not need what it provides. For this reason, we encourage you to carefully consider which features you desire in your ideal pair of headphones. If you have trouble deciding, you really can't go wrong with any of the products we wrote about earlier in this guide.

We hope this guide has been helpful so that the next time you're in the market for water-resistant headphones, you know exactly where to begin!

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