We all love music, don’t we? If you say no, I will ask you to get off of my blog right now. Seriously, who doesn’t love music!!

Over the years and eras, different types of music have been developed. And, we all possess entirely disparate tastes in it. But we all love bass music. Even if some of you don’t like listening to earth shattering bassy rocks all the time, we can’t help loving such music one time or another.

It’s an undeniable fact that bass becomes the best when we listen to music via headphones. If you don’t give enough attention to selecting the right pair of headphones, you can’t enjoy bass in the way you want. 

That’s why I have come up with this article on best bass headphones to help you out of this selection chaos. If you don't care specifically about bass, we recommend these wireless headphones that are also worthy of your consideration.

So, are you ready to get into the core? Here you go!

Best Headphones with good Bass under 100 to 300 Dollars

Before we jump into the list of headphones, I want you to have a look at the small selection guide I have crafted.

The Type of the Headphone

The very first thing you should consider is the type of headphones. There are basically three types available for you to purchase; in-ear, on-ear and over-the-ear. I am not biased towards anything here.

The pick should vary with your requirements. Let’s assess each one here.

  • In-Ear
  • on-Ear
  • over-the-ear

The in-ear headphones are the most portable among the three. As the name suggests, it go into your ear canal giving you the maximum noise isolation. If portability is your significant criterion, you must go with in-ear headphones. It is easy for you to contain the headphones in your pocket and there will be no issue for you to pick the same out even during a hectic commute.

When you go for in-ear type, you must be aware of the fact that, those which stay fit in your ears (and go deep into the auditory canal) gives you the maximum bass. Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to play the music in higher volumes to enjoy it.​

Things to Look into when you are going buy a best headphone for bass

You need to take care of a few things when it comes to buying a headphone with good bass. I did the research for you so that you shouldn’t visit any other site for the same purpose. However, to boost your sound even more you may want to check out this article detailing the best headphone amps.


Sensitivity is a tricky term that grabs different meanings according to the context. When you search for it, you will get all geeky definitions. I am going to simplify it for you.

Sensitivity is the amount of loudness per unit volume. I hope you got it. What is the loudness? Well, it is the measure of audibility of the sound. Simply put, loudness is the volume itself.

So, the term sensitivity implies the amount of volume unit voltage can produce. When we say the sensitivity of a headphone is 25 dB/ V (Decibel per Voltage), it can produce a sound of loudness 25 dB in supply of one voltage.

You shouldn’t go for headphones with very high sensitivity, especially without a DAC. Neither do you buy one with low sensitivity as well.


If you are an avid audio enthusiast, I know you don’t mind the design provided the sound profile is awesome.

In case you are into design, there are tons of choices in different designs. I can’t suggest anything here because design is a relative measure. It changes from person to person.

Whether you are a fan of weird design or conventional representation, you will have many options to choose from.

Frequency Range

You may not know this. But frequency has a direct influence in the bass. Yeah, you heard it right. If you really want the best bass headphones, you must check out the frequency response.

You might have heard the term lows, mids and highs. When you hear these in a talk related to sound, you should perceive the fact that they are speaking of frequency. These ranges start from 60Hz to even 20 kHz (Hertz; Hz is the unit of frequency).

There is also another frequency level belonging to sub-bass category ranging from about 60 Hz to 250 Hz. When a pair of headphones fails to deliver sub-bass in the right amount, it will sound too weak. Not to mention, over delivering the same leads to lack of clarity as well.

So, the question arises, what is the ideal range of frequency for a good pair of bass headphones?

If you ask me the same, I will say 6 Hz to 20 kHz. Sounds of such frequency add a sparkle to the air thereby increasing the pressure exerted by it on your eardrum. In fact, you will have the best sound with good bass.

Comfort and Durability

You must choose those headphones with the most comfort and durability. I know it is difficult for you to figure out them given that you are an online buyer.

Then, how can you check the comfort or the durability?

Well, that’s what reviews are for. You can read them extensively to check out product quality. In this article, I am going to give you a list of best headphones with good bass.

Bass Boost

Most people consider bass boost as a software thing. Yeah, there are apps or inbuilt settings on devices to increase the bass.

Still, there are a number of headphones that provide hardware bass boost. So when you are about to buy headphones, you should check whether it supports bass boosting or not.


I hope you know what driver is. It is that speaker designed solely to create bass ripples in the air. In a speaker, drivers are placed separately.

But in a pair of headphones, limited amount of space prevents the manufactures to separately place it.

There are different types of drivers we can see in headphones; balanced armature, electrostatic, planar magnetic, dynamic driver, etc.

To be honest, I don’t care much about what driver my headphone has because the performance depends on how the manufacture tunes it. Even the basic driver can deliver the best bass sound given that the manufacturer’s tuning is the best.

But you should go for a driver with big size as it is capable of injecting thumping bass into our ears.


The final criterion you should consider is the budget. If you check the headphones first, you will not be able to reach a certain budget. There are tons of headphones available on the market. The higher the price, the better the features will be.

So, you will get confused in the middle of lower price and more features. Hence I recommend you set a budget for the bass headphones; say $300.

Then, you can rule out all the headphones with low bass and those which go over your budget as well. Let me tell you, this is the efficient way to bag the best product.

I hope the air is clear now. Next, you will get a list of best headphones with good bass. I have included 10+ items here. Under the heading, you can read the significant features as well. Choose any one of them based on your budget and requirements.

I know you have been waiting for this. So, I am not going to make anymore delays. Here goes!

Best  Bass Headphones Priced Under $100 to $300

Are you an audio enthusiast? If you are, you won’t say the company is new to you. Even though AKG isn’t a renowned one, they have managed to get a ‘good boy’ badge on their belt.

The company has two variants of K 240; semi-open and stereo studio. What I am going to talk about is the former one. Among the two, K 240 Semi-Open got the best rating and lower price as well. Nearly a thousand reviews fetched the device a 4.3 stars rating.

You don’t get multiple color variants or versions of feature-difference here. The one available is in black and has a gold finishing around the drivers.

The frequency response (15 Hz to 25,000 Hz) is optimum that you will not find any issues even with sub-bass sound category.

Given that it has 55 Ohm impedance, it would be good if you use a DAC along with this pair of headphones. Don’t worry! It’s good to go even if you don’t have a Digital to Analogue Converter.

The company has incorporated XXL transducers to the product for better sound hearing. The diaphragm has thinner edges for good bass and thicker center for clear highs and mids. The bigger size of the transducers help us receive life-like and three dimensional sound.

AKG 240 uses a unique technology called gimbal-type suspension that automatically adjusts the size of ear cups in order to fit your ear. Not to mention, the size of ears differ as people change. In order to felicitate the comfort, you will be getting a self-adjusting headband too. The durable headband even allows single-ear use.

The best thing about AKG 240 is the detachable cable. You may not find it of significant uses now. But when it comes to portability, a headphone with detachable cable helps a lot. You will not be having any issues in moving your chair away from the audio source or standing away from it given that the cable has 3 meters of length.


  • Classic cans for studio and home jobs.Dynamic and ultra clear sound stage. Sturdy, well defined in-depth bass.Efficient design with excellent fittings. Extremely comfortable. Spacious, adapt even to bigger ears. Extended length cable. Incredible value budget product.


  • Absence of cable aligned controls. Much smooth to muster the finest details.

Next up in this list of best headphones with good bass is Monster DNA Pro. I know you may not be familiar with the company. As I told you earlier in this article, online customer reviews come handy when we have no source to get real feedbacks about a product.

The product has got good reviews in the market place. So, you won’t find any obstacle to go for this pair of over-the-ear headphones.

The best thing about Monster DNA is the diversity in the available colors. You can get it in thirteen different colors. Yeah, that’s right.

If you pay $10 extra, you will get frustration-free packaging, which makes sure that the product reaches your home safely. But that doesn’t mean the standard packaging is awful. As a person who already bought many products from Amazon, you know their packaging quality, don’t you? When it comes to the premium packaging, they will add more cushions to secure the product.

You know over-the-ear headphones are the best in listening comfort. Monster has gone on to being one of the best headphones in terms of comfort level as the ear cushions allow us to indulge in long music listening sessions.

The product is made in such a way to withstand constant usage and commute. You can even fold the headphones to make it more portable. Hence, carrying around Monster DNA will not be a nightmare for you.

Inside the package, you get the headphones itself, two tangle-free cables, ControlTalk cable for Apple, carrying pouch, and a cleaning cloth. In fact, you get whatever you need to maintain the headphones.

Of course, Monster DNA provides good bass. Still, the manufacturers concentrated more on the balance in the sound profile rather than the goofy bass that prevents us from hearing the vocal in a song.

The noise isolating technology here is efficient not only in hindering the outside noise from entering your ears but in not disturbing others in your ambience with the sound (no sound comes out of your ears).

In case you like sharing music, you are going to love Monster DNA as it has two input jacks. You take audio directly from the source and your friend gets it from your Monster DNA headphones.


  • Fabulous innovative design.Quality warm audio. Firmly focused bass with energetic Treble.Compact foldable and lightweight. Special in-line mic and control for Apple devices.Removable cable with an additional one. Plenty colour options with customized skins.


  • Full Plastic construction. Might be less convenient on bigger heads.

No one needs an introduction to Audio-Technica. Oh, you don’t know of them? Well, Audio-Technica aka AT is one of the most popular headphone manufacturing companies.

If you have about $150 budget and you want the best sounding over-the-ear headphones, you must not wait for anything. Just go ahead and buy ATH-M50x. I am sure that you won’t regret the decision.

You will be spellbound to see the star rating. The product has got 4.6 rating with 3000 plus reviews. Can you believe it? That’s why I am sharing this here.

As of now, you can only get this in one color; black. Even being an over-the-ear type of headphones, one shouldn’t face carrying around issues during commutes. You can fold the headset to make it fit your small backpack.

The best thing about this product is the detachable cables. You will get two types of cables (one solenoid-like and the other, regular) inside the package. Without the cables, the product looks like a wireless headphone.

The 45 mm driver is enough for you to experience deep bass. (I hope you remember big driver felicitate good bass). Inside the drivers, AT has included rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminium coils to get a clean and balanced sound profile.

The headphones can manage any type of sound no matter how thumpy the bass is. You will never hear it week or sluggish. Neither does it sound grainy during higher bass too.

The company has integrated a special type of design called Circumaural for this product. It helps the headphones isolate your ears from the external sounds. Means you can rule your imaginary world of music.

The earcups are swiveling up to 90 degrees. M50x provides the best-in-class comfort as the swiveling nature meets the cozy headband.

If you are a tech person who has keen interest in new gadgets, you may know MKBHD. He is a renowned YouTuber with more than 3 million subscribers. When you checkout his channel, you can see a pretty positive review of this set of headphones there.


  • Classic studio monitor headphones. Excellent Built quality. Well-detailed balanced sound with precise deep bass. Admirable cushiony Earcup. Removable cable feature with 3(one short, one long and one coiled) cables.Best-in-class value product.


  • Absence of In-line phone and remote controls on cables. The big over-ear design makes them less-smartphone friendly.

Next up in this list of best bass headphones is Plantronics BackBeat PRO. Do you hate those tangling wires of headphones that even create issues with commuting? When we choose to go for detachable cables, chances are we may lose it.

So, how can you let go of this issue? Is there any remedy?

Hell, yeah. The best thing to do is purchasing a wireless headphone. You won’t have to deal with tangling wires. Neither do you lose it somewhere as the wires aren’t a necessary part.

I know what you are thinking now. ‘There are tons of well-known brands. Still, why he picked up something called Plantronics’. Is that the way your thoughts go?

For your information, I select products solely on the basis of relevance and customer reviews. If you check the product page on Amazon, you will find out the fact that BackBeat Pro has got over 1250 customer reviews with 4.2 star rating. Isn’t it amazing?

The set of headphones you are reading about here has got the best-in-class range of about 100 meters. Means you won’t have to place the source device very close to it.

You will experience rich bass, natural mids and crisp low sounds using these headphones. The noise cancellation technology helps you get immersed in the music. You can also use it to focus on anything important. The OpenMic gives you an option to control the ambient noise that enters your ear.

You get the product inside a beautiful pouch. The company claims that you can get the battery backup of about a day with 21 days of standby time. There’s an LED indicator to notify you about the amount of battery juice left.

Inside the package, you get charging cable, pouch, 3.5 mm inline cable along with the headphones.


  • Magnificent wireless headphone. Unique Noise cancelling capability. Robust, comfortable design. Loads of decent features. Best-in-segment battery performance. Superior bass richer audio quality. Powerful 40mm Drivers.High-grade NFC application. Relatively low competitive pricing. Upmarket spoken alerts and notification.


  • Comparatively heavy at 360 grams. With a wired connection, the on-board control is missing.Earcup's Power and ANC switches prone to get you confused.

Shure SRH840

The sixth and one of the top-notch bass headphones in this list is Shure SRH840. Similar to most of the brands mentioned in this post, Shure may be new to you. If you are an audiophile, chances are you heard about this brand at least once.

The best thing about SRH840 is the level of portability it offers. Even being an over-the-ear headphone, you can collapse the headband to make room for it in your small backpack. And, the earpads can also be removed, which in term increase the durability as it is possible to replace them.

It has got a 40 mm driver. I know it is not the biggest among the lot. Still, they have the capability to deliver balanced sound profile with clear mids and rich bass.

When it comes to headphones, you must ensure the fact that the product has either noise isolation or noise cancellation. If you go for one without any of these, you will suffer from ambient noises. The circumaural design on this headphone keeps the noise from the surroundings away.

The cable is detachable. Obviously, it increases the portability. What if you are a person, who doesn’t like attaching and detaching cables over and over again? Well, you face tangling issues quite often then. Shure has included coiled cable here in order to prevent it from unwanted tangling. The length is about 3 meters.

You get a carrying bag inside the package. In order to prevent the external impacts, you can use the carrying bag whenever you commute. And, you can see a gold-plated adapter as well.

The DJ style Shure SRH840 is a classy pair of headphones both in terms of design, sound profile and durability. The frequency range is ideal; 5 Hz - 25 kHz.

Overall, the product provides the best value for your money.


  • Standard Studio Monitoring Headphones. Superior noise isolation. Massive, extra comfortable earcups. Excellent Build quality. Amazingly clear, detailed sound. Warm bass rich sonic entertainment.Supplementary replacement earcups. Great sounding with all music genres. Immense value product. Extended product life.


  • Little heavier in the segment. Might be uncomfortable for extra large ear-sizes.

I know you are a bass lover. That’s why I have included this headphone here. NAD has done a pretty good job in coming up with a product that offers high but detailed bass.

You can purchase this product in three different color variants; white, black and red. Each color variant differs in no segment. So, you shouldn’t have to worry about the features. Moreover, the price is the same as well.

If you are looking for a headset with good bass and inline mic, this should be your pick. Not only does it offer microphone, but it also has playback controlling buttons.

The RoomFeel technology developed by NAD creates a feeling that we are in the recording room, hearing the live audio as we listen to any song through Viso HP50.

The dynamic drivers with 100 dB sensitivity can withstand even high notes without stuttering. Hence, you will get the best-in-class audio experience. Talking about frequency range, it is 20-20 kHz. Means, there will be no issues in playing any type of audible sound.

The passive impedance of 30 Ohm helps the headphones withstand even high powers. The higher the resistance, the better the withstanding is.

Though the transducer has a basic dynamic driver design, you will not feel the sound quality as too ordinary. The company has done a good job in keeping the balance between clarity and richness in bass. The good details in the sound kick away the fuzziness in sound.

Even during long hours of listening sessions, you will not feel tired or irritated as the product is built to provide a comfy experience.

If you want to use this with your phone, you can even attend or cur voice calls with the inline remote. Are you an iPhone user? Cheer up then! VISO HP50 can absorb your sound to make SIRI functional.

Do you want natural sound from your headphones just like you hear from a recording studio? Then, you must buy this headphone.


  • Trademarked Roomfeel Technology. Very effective noise isolation. Multirole versatile player. Impressive, accurate and clean audio. Well designed and extremely comfortable.Amazingly sensitive. No need of headphone amplifier.Excellent tonal balance.Bagful of accessories.


  • Not that bright, funky design. The glossy finish of ear cups more prone to pick up your fingerprints. Yu may realize that deal gone expensive, but the sound quality fully worth of price.

DT 990 comes in two different versions in terms of impedance; 250 Ohm and 600 Ohm. As you read in the heading above, what I am talking about here is the later.

We can’t use our regular headphones with powerful devices like home audio applications and amps. It is because the ordinary headsets don’t have enough impedance to withstand the power getting injected to it. As a result, the drivers become damaged.

When it comes to headphones with higher impedance (read resistance), it can kick away the unwanted power by resisting it from entering into the core parts. DT 990 Premium is such a headset with a whopping 600 Ohm resistance.

The product has a unique German technology called bass reflex. Not to mention, it enhances the level of bass one can experience from the sound coming out of the headphone drivers. The open design prevents sweating. In addition to the open design, it has got only 11 oz weight. So, you will never feel irritation even after listening to music via DT 990 for long hours.

In case you are a fan of detachable cables, you have to be disappointed. You can’t detach the cable from the headphones. Hence, it may be an issue for portability. As long as the headphones provide solid sound profile, I don’t mind sacrificing the subordinate elements (like portability a little bit).

The over-the-ear headphone is not so bulky in size. And, the noise cancelling feature brings you into a world of immersed music. 

If you buy the product from an authorized dealer, you will get 2 years manufacturer guarantee. You will get the purchase link on Amazon below. As you see, the sellers are Beyerdynamic itself.

There are no multiple color variants available. You get only one option; white.


  • Fine-grained Dynamic Audiophile device. Innovative 'Bass-reflex 'system. Powerful Bass effect with deeper sub-Bass. Huge open sound. Best for original recordings.Highly comfortable and accommodating.Velour Earpads. Robust build quality. Elegantly made fully open-back headphone. Outstanding price/performance ratio.


  • Lack of tonal balance and regular neutrality. Lesser punch at lower frequency level.

Are you looking for almost indestructible headphone? Then, you must pick V-MODA Crossfade M-100 right now. The product has passed a few military level tests and claims to withstand 1 million plus bends.

I don’t think the manufacturers are bluffing because it has got a 4.5 star rating with more than 1600 reviews.

When you look at the headphones, the first thing you notice is the unique design. They have followed a sleek design profile that allows the ear cups to move freely. Not only does it increase the comfort, but tops in the level of portability as well.

I have told you many times here that the size of the driver has a significant impact in the bass. The higher the size, the better the bass will be. Crossfade M-100 has got a pair of 50 mm drivers. Most of the products here have 40-45 mm drivers. So, obviously, this one has the capability to deliver good bass.

Are you a DJ? Then, their claim of ‘being on the ear of 40% DJs around the world’ will strike your mind for sure.

The dual diaphragm drivers keep separate bass. And, the users experience live 3D experience as well.

The foam cushions placed on the headband and the earcups makes it easy for us to indulge in longer hours of listening sessions. You will never get bored or irritated with M-100.

Even though the product is made of solid materials, you will be happy to read the unique folding mechanism it uses, called CliqFold Hinge.

The company has made it go through a military level MIL-STD-810G Test Standards. Apparently it came out with the approval. The steel frame of the headphones makes it one of the long lasting over-the-ear headphones of all times.


  • True fashionable Audiophile gadget.Highest comfort level and durability. Revolutionary designing. Rugged solid construction. Seamless customization.Exceptional pro-user applications. Punchy transparent Bass. A real delight for Electronic music.Dynamic, lively audio. Multiple inputs.


  • Feel uncomfortable to wear around neck. A bit expensive but worth the price. Slightly heavier in the segment.

Though I am talking about the wired version here, you can go for the wireless variant of the same headset as well. But you have to spend some extra bucks to get your hands on it.

Similar to what we see in M-100 (the product given above), Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones has an adjustable ear cups. It increases the comfort level of the product. So, the shape of your ears will not be an issue anymore, but if you are on the smaller side then these best earbuds for small ears may be better options.

The cushions on the headband and the earcups further increase the level of comfort.

Inside the package, you get two cables along with the headphones. The one with an inline microphone is specially made for iPhone whereas the generic one works with any smartphone or device without any issues.

In order to deliver the most accurate sounds, Bowers & Wilkins used neodymium magnets and Mylar diaphragms (highly optimized).

Even though it is not the lightest set of headphones here, you will not feel any vexation even after hours and hours of listening sessions.

The circumaural design of the product keeps the noise from the surroundings away. For the same reason, you will solely get immersed in the sound you hear.

Of course, the headphone is foldable. The foldable nature along with the adjustable ear cups enhances the portability that you can make it fit even in your smallest backpack.

You will get 2 years of manufacturer warranty with this product.

Once you check out the sales page, you will see another class of the same pair of headphones named rectified. They are some sort of refurbished products.

Panasonic RP-HTF600-S Quick-Fit Over-the-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones

With 4.2 star rating on Amazon, Panasonic Quick-Fit is one of the most rated bass headphones in the market today. You can buy this in two different color options; black and silver. There is not a single difference in features. So, don’t worry if one goes out of stock unless you are fan of either of the colors.

But as you look down on the Amazon sales page, you will figure out that the headphone also has another category. In case you are running out of money that you want to save at least $10, you can go for the lower variant with double cords and smaller driver size. However, I recommend you go with the large driver variant. The bigger the driver, the better the bass will be.

You don’t want me to talk about the quality of DJ headphones. Apparently, it gives preference to the bass. Hence, you will have no issues with enjoying good bass if you go with this one.

As the name suggests, the headphones will stay fit over your ears. And, the easy headband adjustment justifies the name of the product as well. The light and comfy ear cups create no problems even for hours of listening. The 9.8 feet longer cord compliments the comfort. The cushions on both headband and the ear cups will never create any inconvenience or pain whatsoever.

The headphones come shipped with neodymium magnets inside the drivers. When it couples with the larger driver, you will get thumpy bass with balanced trouble.

Inside the package, you will get a gold plug adapter to make it universally functional.

With 10Hz – 27 kHz frequency range, it can handle lows, mids and highs quite well without any stammering.

If you are a DJ, the reversible housing feature helps you in single-side monitoring. Moreover, the noise isolation of the product is spot-on that you can be the ruler of your own bassy world.


  • Great sounding budget Monitor headphone. High deep, impactful bass. Warm, crisp, detailed audio. Professional length cord. Dj style single-sided monitoring. Comfortable, rugged built.


  • Plastic construction. Non-removable cable.

Final Thoughts

So, which is the best headphone with good bass?

Unfortunately, I can’t answer this question. The best differs from person to person. You have to make a list of your requirements (wireless, inline mic, playback control, etc.).

Then, compare the features of headphones given here with your spec sheet. There you will have it. The best bass headphone for YOU!

I hope everything is clear now. Don’t forget to share this article with your social media friends.

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