Movies! Almost everybody loves them but ways of enjoying can be diffrent.

How would you like to watch movies/TV?

In all probability, those obvious choices are elite Theatre-like 3D surround sound systems or HiFi home-theatre set ups.

​Old school radio frequency(RF) operated wireless headphones lack in sound quality, battery power, noise cancellation, short operating range, bass and Other HiFi features (Bluetooth, NFC) etc.

With technical advancements, these shortcomings are things of past. You must go for the best wireless headphones for watching movies and TV and live your fantasies.

Since TV speakers unable to create an amazing audio experience we are forced to look out for upgrade options..

While at home, a best quality soundbar paired with your TV does the job perfectly.

Why wireless?

Nothing can beat the luxury of private listening with wireless freedom at the comfort of your chosen place and time.

Wireless mode allows you to enjoy late night hours without disturbing anyone...

You got me right, Best wireless headphone for watching movies capable to deliver these precious perks.

Finest listening with freedom is an ultimate path of audio entertainment so, I am here with the best wireless headphone for TV list.

Device Name







Noise Cance-llation


0.35 pounds






Creative Sound Blaster Jam


0.55 pounds






Photive BTH3


1.4 pounds






Avantree Audition Pro


0.4 pounds






Sennheiser RS120


0.43 pounds






Check Price

MEE Audio Matrix2


0.46 pounds






Sol Republic 1430-02


1.1 pounds






Power Acoustik HP902R


1.9 pounds






Sony MDR RF985RK


5.1 pounds




10Hz- 22kHz


Bluedio U


2.9 pounds




5Hz- 25kHz


Beats Solo2


1.8 pounds






Bose SoundLink II


0.43 pounds






V-Moda Crossfade


0.65 pounds






Sennheiser RS 175 RF


3.1 pounds






Mixcder® ShareMe 7

ShareMe 7 is a unique wireless solution from a Brand, gained expertise in designing and developing of multiple Audio products.

This device specifically made for specific segment of listeners those love to own an all-around performing HiFi  wireless headphone available under $50 economical range.

Now take a collective look at the entire product spectrum.

The Exclusives: Here introducing you those unique features and specialties, which makes it Best Under $50 High-Tech Wireless listening solution.

ShareMe Pairing- This is the Signature feature of Mixcder Bluetooth headphones. What it does.? You can pair two devices simultaneously and enjoy wireless listening among two ShareMe equipped headphones with your loved ones.

Just press and hold the on/off button until the red and blue indicator begins flashing alternately, both devices turned on and quickly switched to pairing mode.

Split Bluetooth Technology- It uses the Best-in-class Bluetooth 4.1 feature, that quickly connect with any of your personal gadgets.

The biggest advantage of it, you can enjoy same music/movies with your partner or family member together from a single source. Connect both headsets and listen the same audio together.

If Primary listener about to receive a call, another automatically goes off-grid. As the call session ends both audiences connected again in a moment without any hiccup.

Extra long Operation Time- You got pretty much leisure time due to the implemented technical features. Low power consumption put minimal stress on the battery and extend your operational time.

Ultra long 20 hours playtime and 300 hours standby, on complete charging gives day-long freedom to live your fantasies.

Clean Audio with Powerful Bass- It is not very usual to get big-league 40mm speaker drivers in entry-level headphone, but here they are at your service.

The overall-sound analysis is impressive with, heavy Bass, thick treble, and smooth mid range gives you crystal clear listening.

Comfortable & Portable- Precisely engineered ergonomic design and soft faux leather earmuffs replicate the human skin texture and deliver long lasting comfort.

Foldable mechanism with four-hooked screw columns ensures the durability and freedom to transport around.

With convenient folding pattern, they are easily stored and carried around on your adventures.

Impressive Wireless performance- With 10 m(33ft) wireless working range, dive in skip free entertainment and say thanks to ShareMe.

The Big deal is its Bluetooth application, decrease power use, enhance signal quality and speed up the connection altogether.

Dual Mode Entertainment- Wireless performance you already acknowledge in details, If you ran out of juice no worry, You have your backups. Switch to wired mode and keep flowing the music stream.

Handy removable cable facilitates Calling function along with Built-in Noise Canceling Microphone.

Higher Compatibility- This device is compatible is all iOS gadgets, tablet or PCs, and the calling function works with most smartphone brands.

Better Built & Designing- Plastic construction and efficient Over-Ear design deliver long-lasting user experience and satisfaction.

Music and Movie Experience: Cherish Extreme movie scene in full life with all your modern TV sets, especially those with Dolby sound output. The sound reproduction exceeds your expectations.

Music listening is also of enhanced quality with your TV sets, even better than Laptop.

Quick Tech Specs: 20Hz - 20kHz Frequency Response

  • Bi-fold Over-ear forms with lightweight 0.37 pounds.
  • Omni-directional Built-in Microphone.
  • Innovative 4.1 Bluetooth+EDR (HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP support profile)
  • 400maH Battery Power with approx. three hours complete charge-time

Also, check out the Mixcder® Drip (Sports version) of this Headset, that costs you $3 less.

All those wants to own an Hi-Tech Power performer Wireless device within entry-level Budget Mixcder® ShareMe 7 Wireless t.v. headphone is a no-nonsense Deal. With ShareMe, Split Bluetooth, Long stamina Battery, and Strong Bass powered Audio no one dare to ignore them.

The Product Package: In the Box we got,  Mixcder  ShareMe Over-ear Bluetooth headphone, Straight AUX cable, USB charging cable and Quick start Guide.


  • Premium entry-level Wireless device. Power-feature packed portfolio. Exclusive ShareMe Audio feature. Stereo sound with Powerful Bass. Highly convenient and portable design. Comfortable in Long use. Marathon Playback Time. Cutting-edge Bluetooth technology. Dual wireless/wired entertainment. Especially recommended for Movies and TV use.


  • Lack in complete Active Noise Cancellation, but at this price you can't expect much.Call quality is fall short of best.

Creative Sound Blaster Jam

Sometimes we fantasize to live the things without even actually with them, exactly something like here with this gadget.

I hope, you are receiving the right frequency; this Creative headset is superbly customized to meet its targeted goals.

Sound Blaster Jam is 'Wear & Forget type' so lightweight and comfortable that, sometimes you tends to lose its presence.

Why it got the highest recommendation under wireless tv headphones category? There is quite a lot reasons to justify the cause.

-Elementary yet Reasonably worthful Design: This latest product boasts super-aural headphone precisely tuned to achieve its pre-determined objectives. In the first impression, the device seems plasticky below par made but that is not the real story. Creative judiciously puts more emphasis on the product feature, user experience, and performance. Exceptionally lightweight yet sturdy built material made it a unique product.

-Connectivity & Smart Features: It works pretty fine within the mentioned 30 feet operating range. Bluetooth 4.1 & NFC application made pairing very easy. Special Bass boost feature add new Stereo depth in your listening.

-One click Magic: Control your show with just a Tap or click on Right Earcup, tap drives you superbly. This multifunctional central button controls your Connection(NFC), play, call receiving and resume functions.

-Comfort the need of the hour: Cozy fit highly smooth ear cushions provides required ease factor throughout long listening hours. Super flexible headband ensures reliable and stress-free fitting.

-The long-haul champion: It delivers high-quality listening experience over marathon sessions with ultimate comfort.

-Customized Sound signatures: With trusted Neodymium drivers, Sound Blaster Jam facilitate you crystal clear and crisp listening. You can personalize your experience with various additional features.

-Wireless freedom with productive battery life: With maximum 12 hrs playing time, you get ample opportunity to live your fantasies in hassle free way. No separate charging required, it gets juiced up while in operation.

-Exclusive Deal Breaker: As soon you link it through USB, the SBX Pro Audio Suite comes in action. This particular platform integrated to enhance your movies, music and gaming entertainment flawlessly.

Technical Specifications: It has some highly productive advance integrations -

  • 32mm Neodymium drivers.
  • High grade embedded Omni-direction Microphone.
  • Bluetooth, SBC, Faststream.
  • Advanced NFC with multi-point connection feature.
  • Inbuilt Remote control.
  • Single tap Bass-boosting.
  • USB charging.
  • Super lightweight at 0.55 pounds.

The opening of Package: Here is the Inventory, we find Sound Blaster Jam Bluetooth Headset along with a 1m USB cable, Quick start guide, and Product warranty card.

Here the writing on wall,  Creative Sound Blaster Jam is a specific category listening device. Those who wants high-quality wireless entertainment in ultra luxurious fashion, without realizing its existence, has the last laugh. Live your dreams in the most economical way.

Want to know each other in a productive way.? Read comprehensive product review out here.


  • The featherweight Listening Bird. Non-traditional design. Heavily recommended in the segment. Best sounding for its asking value. Exceptionally lightweight. Candidly convenient to the listener. Easy USB charging. Probably one of the best On-Ear package. Smooth One-touch operating / pairing. Astonishing battery reserve. Terribly good value-for-money device.


  • Entire Plastic construction. The design might be too basic for some. Non-foldable but easily fits in a coat pocket


Most of us love to be on a creative side, and we are no exception here. Check another Creative-Family member in different Avatar

(Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD USB DAC)

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Photive BTH3

One of the 'best small budget wireless headphones' with astonishing sound quality and lasting comfort.

Photive BTH3 provides 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity, built -in Mic and long 15 hours playtime enough to enjoy four movies without recharging.

This headphone has a conventional design, superbly built out with the plastic material which is a great deal at given price. Its compact form factor made suitable to carry around comfortably.

Its compact form factor suitable to carry around conveniently provided hard travel case further enhance the luxuries.

Here, BTH3 has one prominent lacking feature that is non-foldable headphone frame.

It charges quickly and provides you 12 hours long playtime. Along with inbuilt mic, this wireless headphone proves a valuable asset for your TV, smartphone, tablets and PCs.

Now comes to sound quality; excellent bass, precise treble, and bright character deliver a premium listening experience.

You got a range of on-board controls consisting intuitive music, phone call controls,  volume up and down, Power and Bluetooth share buttons.

When comes to uses and connectivity it serves the dual purpose, included 3.5 mm stereo cable gives a wired headset option.  

Besides this, AUX /USB ports serves USB power charging and hassle-free connections to devices without Bluetooth.

For added Noise isolation and touch control features, consider Photive BTH3.

Despite being a wireless device, Photive BTH3 facilitates all primary advantages of wired headset. By comprehensive analysis of all functionalities and user prospects it deserve a spot in our best wireless headphones for TV list.


  • Best budget wireless headphone for TV
  • Excellent Bluetooth connectivity. 40mm power drivers
  • Dual connectivity
  • Compact portable and user-friendly listening hardware


  • Absence of folding feature. All plastic construction require careful handling.

Avantree Audition Pro

Audio quality matters you at first place? Or often suffered due to heightened latency while enjoying your favorite TV shows, games, music, and movies?

Avantree Wireless Bluetooth headphone is all about low-latency Hi-Fi wireless  listening with fantastic music and voice clarity.

It is a next-generation heir to Avantree Audition regarded as an excellent choice when it comes to best Bluetooth headset under $50 segment.

Out of the box, this Bluetooth headphone are robust, premium crafted with quality  materials gives a nice feel of touch. 

This device is foldable-type which greatly helps to store and carry them around securely.

It comes with dual use purpose; a good wireless listening device can turn into wired by using supplied 3.5 mm cable.

​The Audition Pro version is boasts of finest features like 4.1 Bluetooth technology along  with low latency aptX hi resolution audio technology.

Having 'No lip sync delay' means there is no noticeable delay between screen audio and video.

Technically a low latency aptX support headphone carries 40ms latency unnoticeable to human ears. That's why you didn't feel any time lag between audio and video synchronization.

With built-in Bass boost and noise canceling features allows customized audio to your gaming, TV, and music with rich lows and clear treble. 

The NFC application facilitates direct connection to your NFC-enabled smartphone.

Powerful 40mm drivers with 32 ohms impedance deliver you an immersive listening  privilege. This Bluetooth headphone comes with built-in mic which makes it highly useful.

These headphones are ideal for extended sessions be it movies, live broadcast, and concert shows, also useful for music and gaming. With 40 hours listening luxury you got plenty time in wireless/wired mode.

Comfort factor is always prominent for long term headphone uses. With super smooth ear pads, adjustable headband, and ultra light body Avantree wireless headphone  nicely fits in the script.

You need a Bluetooth-enabled TV to connect with it, if not invest in a separate transmitter to connect with TV. We recommend Avantree Priva II or Saturn Pro for an advanced audio experience

Superbly credited with standard hardware, ultra comfortable, premium sound, and sophisticated features Avantree Audition Pro is a best wireless headset for TV watching in budget.


  • Low latency Bluetooth audio solution.
  • Superb sound
  • Extended playtime
  • Best Under $100 wireless TV headphone. Super light and comfortable
  • Dual use device. Intelligent voice prompts
  • Easy to use


  • Nothing major, addition of an equalizer control for smartphone or music player would be great

Sennheiser RS120

The RS120 II wireless headphone is all about sleek design, freedom of navigation and balanced audio output with strong bass credentials. 

By accounts of the price and performance, it is perfect for your TV, movie watching and music adventures.

This open On-ear RF wireless headphone system is one of the most suitable and best TV headphones under $100 budget.

Listening comfort is crucial for everyone; RS120 is very light and smooth on ear even for extended sessions. Lightweight construction material and padded headband deliver a desired comfort to your listening.

Also, your wireless freedom is pretty well stretched up to 100m (300feet) distance with  interference-free reception through walls, ceilings and outdoors which is amazing.

Listening with Sennheiser's stylish wireless headphone is classic experience. All credit goes to the full audio quality balanced with excellent clarity and strong bass response. 

When we talk about the convenience and ease of use, RS120 with its wall-mountable  transmitter made an incredible sound system. This dual base acts as a charging-cum-storage tower which provides a direct connection to any device with the analog audio output.

No additional set up for recharging just put your headphone on the metal cradle, and it automatically recharged while resting. This Sennheiser system is non-compatible with Bluetooth technology.

Now unleash your extended long entertainment sessions without worrying for draining  battery power. It's included rechargeable batteries deliver roughly 20 hours operation  window which is just great.

The RS120 wireless headphone transmitter connects to anything with analog audio  outputs including TV's, PC, tablets, smartphones and audio components. Those  connecting port can have 3.5mm/6.3mm headphone socket or RCA audio output jacks.

Your RF wireless headphone system is a force multiplier means you can combine up to 100 new headphones for simultaneous listening. For this, you require purchasing HRD 120 headphone separately which allows multiple listeners to enjoy the same audio source.

Undoubtedly, Sennheiser RS120 RF headphone system is a affordable solution for quality wireless audio lovers. It is classy, comfortable, lightweight and sounds as good as corded headphones which provide ultimate cable free listening with TV, HiFi, and other sources.


  • Best sounding wireless headphone in the budget
  • Dual purpose transmitter base
  • Intuitive headphone controls
  • Exceptional audio output
  • Extended wireless freedom
  • Lightweight and comfy


  • The background hiss after your music or movie ends might annoy you
  • Headphone volume and tuning controls positioned too close together

MEE Audio Matrix 2

When we say it is possible to get a cutting edge feature loaded Bluetooth Headphone at mind-blowing prices, most of you don't believe us.

But you have to, here is AirFi Matrix 2 stereo wireless headset from MEE Audio  previously MEE Electronics ready to rule the arena.

The manufacturing company doesn't have a vast product catalog,..while all those have   precisely crafted to deliver excellent output and user satisfaction at giveaway prices.

Coming back to product analysis, MEE audio AirFi Matrix 2 heavily dominate in segment and preferably included in our best wireless headphones for TV list.

This stereo wireless device offers dual Headset and cableless headphone functionality  along with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity; that drives on huge 22 hours power reserve.

Built-in microphone with media and voice call controls facilitate a multi-pronged user platform.

Also, it has smart features like aptX and AAC audio codecs for HD-quality audio from Blue-ray discs. All these with NFC technology made a blessing in economic (<$100) budget.

Powered with 40mm drivers the output audio is wide-range, Bass heavy, rich yet balanced which is capable of satisfying even the most discerning ears.

On the design and exterior front, AirFi Matrix 2 reflect greater similarities with Photive BTH3 only some asthetic change made the difference.

With smart user functionality, it is an ideal device to use having multiple controls onboard delivers a pleasing listening experience.

Left earcup carries Built-in mic, headphones jack, volume, and power buttons, While  Right earcup has Bluetooth pairing button, media controls, and USB charging slot.

Your comfort and wearing style find top preference here, adjustable headband, articulating ear cups with exclusive ComfortTouch ear pads gives extended support. Ultralight carbon fiber styling makes a further difference.

At little above $50 price MEE Audio AirFi Matrix 2 gives a visibly pricier audio solution.Even though with Headset, up to 22 hours playback, aptX, codec and NFC support you can't get any better option at given price.


  • Dual mode listening. Advanced pro-user features
  • Smart controls. Multi-point connectivity
  • Outstanding battery power
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. Amazing audio experience
  • Comfortable and stylish headphone


  • Bass get some spongy in wireless mode
  • Better noise isolation could be a excellent enhancer

Motorola brings you the unique combination of leading-edge technology with Sol Republic's sound and Style together in Tracks Air.

In Wireless Audio segment, this was entirely virgin zone before its entry. Here you got the Absolute mix of sound & Trendy style.

The SOL Republic is consistently rising in the straight competition of big League players like Beats by Dre brand.

The Specifications- Track Air 1430-02 Audio system has these distinctive traits.

  • On-Air Closed back wireless headphone- Wheather at Home or on the move, enjoy wired or wireless audio forms.
  • Dual Built-in Microphones- You can receive calls even during your movie sessions.

About the Exclusive's- This Headphone system has some coolest scoring points about it, got to know ahead.

-Interchangeable Power Track headband; U-shaped head strap designed to provide necessary flexibility and luxury of customization. You can switch colors according to your mood, also gives different styling options.

Other than holding and support job, head strip performs the crucial task of Audio & Power transmission. The underside of Loop runs two metal line, which connects the terminals within both Earcups.

-Autonomous Earpiece; One of the most promising feature is its Independent Earcup units, which flaunts transparent display. You can remove them while not in use, also adds extra ease in portability and storage.

Their all-plastic construction makes them elegant, stylish and robust in nature. Right earpiece houses the Non-removable Li-ion batteries and major electronics share.

These earpieces aka 'A2 Sound Engines' sit quietly on the top of your ear without engulfing them completely.

-Futuristic Design; Trademark Design attribute brings you free gliding wireless system, which gradually becomes your favorite pal.

Premium Metal finish, glossy texture transforms it into a Custom Audio Accessory that every listener dreamt ever.

The clean Aesthetic appearance comes with nicely done color fusion; all this creates an Exclusive zone in Listening gadget segment.

Tracks Air series available in various eye-appealing color combinations, this particular stream comes in two options, Ice White, and Electric Blue.

-Innovative A2 Sound Engines wireless technology; These Sound engines meant to deliver Powerful audio with far-reaching Bass effect.

Overall sound impressions are smooth and pleasant, which is great for a vast category of music.

-Seamless Connectivity; It has 3.5mm input connection jack for external cable; there is also a USB port provided for charging cable. With this, you can connect two of your devices altogether.

-Best Battery life in Segment; On a full charge, you got up to 15 hrs playtime, which is enough for a day-long outdoor session.

Charging performed through USB mode. Also, a voice prompt keep you updating about the juice status.

-Impressive Overall Sound Reproduction; You will experience amazingly delicate vocals and clear, smooth highs.

-Powerful Wireless Operating Range; You can operate this device from up to 150 feet distance. Quick Pair Bluetooth features and NFC capability.

-Worthful Investment; The Removable extra cable with In-line Microphone and Remote c0ntrol is your pass for Wired entertainment.

What's in the Box; Product package includes Two Sound Engines, Connector headband, USB Charging cable, 3.5mm Audio cable and Nice Storage Bag.

Sol Republic Tracks Air gadgets are for a particular type of listeners, those wishlist comprises choices like Beats Wireless but wants something much affordable. Modular, stylish, premium headphone lovers instantly have a crush on them.

For detailed insight and expert analysis, go through complete product review here.


  • Quite distinctive wireless Entertainment
  • Highly appealing product design
  • Detachable cable for wired mode and calling function
  • Best Battery life in class
  • Extended wireless operating range
  • Bluetooth and NFC features.Clear smooth Audio with Plenty Bass. Durable, Comfortable and perfect for regular heavy users.


  • Might not be so well fitted for smaller heads.

The Exclusive Home Audio Solution from Power Acoustik designed to Intensify your TV viewing experience manifolds.

You don't need to buy another device for your partner; HP902RFT dual-channel wireless package comes with Pair of Headphones and Transmitter.

Technical Specifications- Take a quick tour of product details

  • Over-Ear Circumaural type Listening system.
  • 30Hz-20000kHz frequency response.
  • 40mm Driver with Neodymium magnet.
  • Impressive 100 feet broadcast range.

What makes it Best available(In segment) Wireless RF Home Theatre Headphone system.? Find out ahead

-Two-Channel 900 MHz wireless headphone pair with wireless Transmitter: Due to its dual channel feature, you can connect up to two different gadget at a time for multiple listening. Due to this, different listeners able to engage personally with their choice of entertainment simultaneously.

-Convenient design with Swiveling over-ear leather pads: The adjustable swing around Earpads fits perfectly on ears, also helps to reduce the ambient noise. You can adjust your head fitting through accommodating straps.

Leather Earpad cushion provides superior comfort for extended listening. Earcup folds flat, for easy transportation.

-Selectable Programme source inputs: The Channel selector switch gives you control of channel to operate. It facilitates the unique capability of switching between different audio sources without any hindrance.

-Extended personalized user applications: This audio system meant to use for Home and Vehicle listening purposes, provided features able to achieve it nicely.

It also has some productive user function like, Auto Mute function and Auto Power off functions.

-Efficient Control & Setups: Each Headphone device features channel selector switch and Auxillary audio inputs, which is directly connectable to devices with a headphone output. Here you also got applications for, volume control and ALC auto level controls.

-Broad Spectrum Compatibility: Other than TV, you can also add up iPod and a no. of different personal devices and audio sources. If you want to use with MP-3 Player, connect it through 3.5mm jack and enjoy.

-Best Value for Money product: This Audio System delivers you maximum possible value and satisfaction for your investment. Currently, it is the best available highly productive option in its segment.

Power Acoustic HP902RFT is an individually designed audio system for your Home and Vehicle listening requirements. At Home, enjoy personal or group entertainment on TV & other systems. While in Vehicle, cherish hassle free listening with riders.

For more descriptive product analysis, insights, performance inputs, using methods and required accessories to connect with various TV & other devices - Find complete Product review and assistance here.

Unboxing of Package: The Power Acoustik Package include; A pair of HP902RFT Headphone, RF Transmitter, zippered hard Storage case(two) and Instruction leaflet.

Rest of required accessories like; AAA batteries, dual RCA extension connector, and 12 V Power Adaptor easily purchased from Amazon.


  • Incredible Budget deal. Ideally suitable for Movies, Music & TV uses. Multiple connectivities. Higher compatibility. Long range operational capability. Dual channel. Great value for money product. Good sounding device. Convenient Control features. The best solution for a particular purpose. One year Parts & Labour warranty.


  • Absence of Noise canceling feature. No built-in Bluetooth. Plastic construction.

An exclusive wireless stereo headphone system for TVs and other home entertainment setups. Sony MDR RF985RK  is the best thing happens to your goes best with your personal movie audio with cordless freedom. 

Use these wireless 900Mhz RF headphones with best quality D/A converter such as DB Tech for TVs. 

It converts digital audio signals from any television, media player, gaming console or sound systems. Also, enables you to listen through any analog device such as headphone, amplifier, and speakers.

Tech Specifications: It consists of following technical and other operational specs.

  • Wider 1o-22000 Hz frequency response with 100 dB sensitivity.
  • Rf wireless connectivity up to extended 150 feet(50m).
  • Signal transmission- 3 selectable channel broadcast Rf signal over 900 Mhz Radio frequency, FM stereo
  • Powerful 40mm Drivers with Ferrite magnets and PET diaphragm(1.6 inches).
  • Interface: Optical Toslink, Analog RCA R/L, and AUX 3.5mm jack.
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery: up to 25 hrs continuous feed on full charging.
  • Product Segment: Over the ear, closed back type
  • Tuning Mode: Switch driven Manual type located on both headphone and base.

What makes it distinct choice.?

-One point audio solution for movie, music, and gaming compatible with most modern TV's and sound setups. 

-Highly comfortable and Lightweight; With 0.66 pounds mass this device extends your long time listening capacity. Sensibly crafted design, superfine construction material, soft earpad and self-adjusting headband delivers you stress-free entertainment.

Open-air design permits you to listen ambient sound even without complete isolation. Headphone mounted power and volume controls with LED status indicator facilitates complete operating control.

-Wireless freedom and Convenience; Impressive 150 feet operating range allows you the luxury of natural audio at your chosen place and time.

-Highly adequate 25 hours Battery reserve on full charging is good enough for day long marathon use.

-Dynamic Audio Quality; This Sony home wireless system delivers precisely clear natural sound, deep Bass, minimal distortion, wider reach along with latest noise cancellation. 

-Convenience and Setup; Headphone draw power/recharge through its Transmitter base station, which is quite compact to carry around. This digital quality surround sound system capable to deliver excellent results even in the busiest environment.

There are minimal chances of interference by TV remote or other wireless equipment, say how? Simply find the transmitter base, locate the switch and set channels for clear reception, so simple aren't it.?

-Pricing: You can't get any better high caliber product at $100 budget segment.

For Hi-Fi Stereo wireless listening, try Sony Premium Hi-Fi Stereo Headphone suitable to use with TV, Computer and other Hi-Fi audio set up. This product merely cost you $5 extra.

The Product package consists of; MDR RF985 RK Headphone with Transmitter, DB Tech digital-to-analog converter for TV and Toslink optical cable.

If you are in pursuit of a best wireless headphone for watching movies, TV, and home studio uses embrace Sony MDR RF985RK Wireless stereo system which is perfectly suits to your requirements. 

For more detailed insight, consider visiting product analysis here.


  • Personalized best home audio solution. Superbly comfortable for longer sessions. Marathon 25 hrs. power backup. Android phone-control. An ideal device for movie, music and gaming. Premium quality audio output. Cutting-edge pro user features. True wireless freedom. Extended operating range. High worth budget product.


  • Poorly drafted instruction material. Hardcore bass lovers might not like it much. Excess plastic construction may deter some.

Despite a relative newbie in business, able to gain listeners trust and create a niche for himself. Bluedio quickly established a Pioneering brand value that leads in wireless personal gadget segment.

U (UFO) Premium one of its kind unique Audio device, which is clearly redefines the standard of reference-grade personal wireless audio.

Being a mid-range product, it has a much greater offering such as high-tech design, integrated latest technology, pro-user features, remarkable sound quality, and comfort.

Specifications: At a Glance

  • Premium Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth headphone.
  • PPS8 technology with 8 Driver configuration (50mm x 2, 20mm x 6 ).
  • Impedance & SPL: 32 Ohm and 120 dB respectively.
  • 5Hz - 25000 Hz Frequency response range.
  • Supported profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, and HFP.
  • 30 ft (No obstruction) Operating wireless range.
  • Massive up to 25 hrs Bluetooth Playback time.
  • 3D DSP Processer.

What's Extraordinary in it.?

Exclusive PPS8 Audio Technology- Bluedio's signature PPS 8 technology developed to transform your listening up to new heights.

What it does? It has a rare eight-driver platform, which makes sound crisp, finely detailed and well balanced throughout low, mid and higher notes.

High-End Aviation grade Al-Ti Alloy Construction- Precisely crafted with super lightweight, durable metal alloy widely used in Aviation industry. Which transforms it into a highly durable, robust and durable audio device.

Classic Designing with smooth operatives- Undoubtedly U (UGO) is the finest wireless headphone from Bludio's portfolio.

Smart designing and superior quality build material create a highly durable, drop resistant and everlasting audio product.

Hi-Fi Audio with 3D Surround effect- High-resolution Bluetooth decoder helps to achieve incredible top speed up to 24-bit processing level.

Further, it enables you to listen plenty of details and high-adrenaline thrill of the live concert. Now you can enjoy your movies with 3D Theatre like experience.

In-built 3D DSP processor made you enter in the world of virtual 360-degree surround sound. You only require to switch in 3D mode, and surf into the vast ocean of high-end audio entertainment.

Latest Bluetooth 4.1 low power Application- Revolutionary low power consumption Bluetooth technology conserve energy, sufficient to play for extended 25 hours.

Included USB cable fully replenish its rechargeable Li-ion battery in three hours time. When batteries dried out, no worry simply switch to wired mode and keep the show running.

Ultimate Comfort: This ergonomically crafted gear delivers you the higher level of comfort. Super flexible headband, well cushioned adaptive Ear cups are easy to put on also, smoothly fits over your ears.

Available in five attractive colors, Black, Red, White, combination of Black/Red and Silver/Black.

Powerful Bass with crisp, wide spread finely detailed sound is the hallmark of Bluedio U (UFO) Premium Wireless Bluetooth headphones. Magnificent Build quality, High-tech features at a relatively moderate price made it a intuitive choice for quality wirefree listening .

The Package Content: Inside the Box, we found following- Bluedio (U) UFO Wireless Headphone, Audio cable, USB charging cable, Solid Carrying case with carabiner clip and handy Instruction Manual.

For more information read In-depth Product Analysis right here.


  • Best available wireless Bluetooth gadget. Exceptional build quality & design. Perfect for Home Theatre and Movies. Best in class Audio Performance. Exclusive 3D surround sound feature. Hi-Fi audio with strong Bass. Super adequate Battery reserve. Patented cutting-edge technology. Power saver Latest Bluetooth application. Highly comfortable. Best value product in the segment.


  • There might be a compatibility issue with some devices, need to check respective manuals.

The Classy Wireless avatar from Dr. Dre's Lab introduces you an entirely different audio gear, which is a perfect mix of style and performance.

Beats is the outstanding choice for hi-performing stylish gadget lovers; they already earned a mark of credibility for the same. With the integration of wireless technology Solo 2 Headphones gain new heights.

This is the mainstream urban audio gadget with all essential traits like speed, thrill, charm, and performance all-together in a package.

Specifications: 30 feet working wireless range

  • Internal rechargeable battery with 12 hrs playtime and fuel indicator, USB charging mode.
  • 3.5mm cable for hands-free calling also, your gateway to the wired world.
  • Smart LED battery power indicator.
  • Highly Portable and Lightweight (lighter than Beat Studio wireless).
  • Elegant, durable, compact, foldable design with smart earpieces.

Here is a quick recollection of those out of box features -

Design & Built: Cutting-edge designing technology precisely integrated with advance electronics sculpts such a fabulous listening device.

Despite the heavy plastic construction, they are sturdy and durable enough to withstand the rigor of regular use.

Design is elegantly smooth and appealing with smartly conceptualized color combinations. This Bluetooth version is heavier than its wired counterpart, probably due to the inclusion of rechargeable battery.

Wireless Privilege: This headphone established new meanings of wireless freedom. 

Use Remote talk cable to receive calls with built in Microphone, and customize your listening with onboard controls without touching your device.

Smartly tweaked Acoustics: Solo 2 sound gives mature listening feel and dedicated for transparent reproduction, which keep intact its originality.

Bass is powerful with extra punch, but not overpowered or hyped, also create a beautiful harmony with mid-range and treble.

Customized comfort: On-ear fitting is well gripped and easily adjust to various head sizes. Flexible curved headband framed with an inner cushion and swiveling plush Ear cups gives you custom-fit wearing luxury.

It has no visible joints or screws, all electronics cleverly integrated inside its sleek body.

Ear pads made to deliver supreme comfort and provide a fatigue-free listening throughout the extended sessions.

Made for Extreme and Personal luxuries: Perfectly fit accessory for your traveling, on-the-go, living room or office desk.  And when you ran out of power, simply switch to the world of wired entertainment.

One of the most encountered questions about its Pricing. Right now prices are pretty accommodating in comparison to its unique offering package.

It is important to analyze well before coming to conclusion, read the Article 'Are Beats headphone worth the Money'.

Uncovering the Box: Inside the smart packaging we got, Beats Solo2 Wireless on-ear headphone, Storage case, USB 2.0 charging cable(USB-A to USB Micro-B), Remote talk cable, Quick start guide and Warranty card.

Fastlane urban lifestyle, seducing designer charm along with top trustworthy brand legacy denotes Beats Solo 2 Wireless Audio gadgets. If style, luxury, brand value and performance matter most to you, this premium wireless solution suit you best.

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  • Elegant high street value design. Comfortable, grippy fitting. Well, balanced full bodied clear sound. Powerful Bass. Efficient on-ear controls. Impressive wireless performance. Super Compact, lightweight and flexible. Convenient foldable storage. Custom modeled Earpiece. Smart LED power indicator. Day long(12 hrs) playtime.


  • Little pricey, the sense of style and adrenaline rush comes to rescue. Too snug fitting might be a concern for someone, after initial use it become more accommodating.

If comfort, portability, incredible sound and latest features are your top preferences and love to enjoy movies,  this smart wireless gadget seems perfect to you.

Legendary 'Bose' doesn't need an introduction, their audio technologies gives new dimension to listening. Soundlink II is the best wireless headphones with top-class sound, wireless trait, comfort, durability and user convenience.

Although this device doesn't have all Bose's proprietary features and applications, provided ones are enough to become a leader.

The Difference: Bose integrates various exclusive features in its Soundlink II listening device. Have a look at follow-up details ahead -

-Incredible all-around wireless experience with Active EQ and Triport technology. It delivers Deep immersive sound at any volume also, titled the 'best sounding wireless Headphone' around.

-While in the call, the HD sound stays clear and natural on both points even in the extremely noisy environment.

-Easy switching between two paired Bluetooth devices. That means, In between your Movie sessions a call comes in your iPhone, the headphone pause the film and answer the call. As the call ends, video resumes.

-Ultra light, highly comfortable and super portable, probably the lightest and most coziest device available in its segment.

_Upto 15 hours operational time with its rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. Quick 15 minutes charge provides additional 02 hrs playtime.

Bose Soundlink II designed on the platform of legendary Quite Comfort product line. QC series headphones are highly regarded for their Active Noise Cancellation technology.

The design concept strictly in-line of classic Bose concept, Not much embellishment, matte surfaces with centrally engraved logo on each ear cup.

It is available in two color variants; White with a tan combination, and Black with blue highlights.

Impact resistant 'glass filled nylon and corrosion free stainless steel material crafting, resulted in solid, durable product.

Earpad coated with plush leather and super comfortable memory foam, headband also cushioned from inside. These ultralight earcups passively block a considerable amount of external noises.

Your device fitting is made perfect by a well adjustable headband. The flat down folding earcups enhance its already favorable portability.

Touch controls located in convenient position; Right earcup consists of volume control and Central Multifunction button for playback, navigation and calls administration. Power control switch located on earcup's outer face.

Dual Microphone placement inside both earcups delivers you precise call clarity.

Connectivity & Functionality: Easily paired with your Bluetooth enabled Smartphone, tablet, iOS devices and Tv's(with transmitter). You can pair them with two devices together.

Its Pro-user applications like Voice prompt gives instant info about battery life and pairing status when turns on.

Sound character: 

Sound output is crystal clear and finely balanced with generous Bass while, primary focus remain on  quality and listening feel.

If you are looking for other near similar-grade options within the same portfolio, must consider Bose Soundlink On-ear Wireless Headphone.

 DO you agree with the statement 'Performance and Functions are far more important than Look or appearance'? If yes, Bose Soundlink II Wireless headpone going to be your finest choice.

Note: For TV entertainment, you need to buy an separate Bluetooth Transmitter device .

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  • Best in class sounding wireless headphone. Great wearing comfort. Better Battery life. Highly portable and lightweight. Add-on passive wired listening option. Multi-point connecting feature. Seamless switching in between two paired devices. Good for long extended listening. Equally excels in music and movies .


  • Absence of Active Noise Cancellation feature. Little pricier, but overall Bose package well compensate it. Not for Loud and Power Bass listeners. Lack of inline remote control.

Most of us used to like movies; How will you feel about enjoying with a Premium Audiophile Headphone.?

Product build, design scale and audio quality are two prime concern for any listener.

Here same goes with V-Moda- following the mark of well- acclaimed 'M-100'over-ear wired Model, Crossfade Wireless also proves his worth.

Crossfade M-100 already featured in our previous Best Headphone for Good Bass article. 

Now enjoy wireless freedom with same multiple-title holder signature sound. With long trusted audio engineering it is very obvious to expect something exceptional like this.

On account of everything right from; Designing, build quality, durability, feature, specification and Performance, it stands in the same league of M-100. When we add the Thumping Bass, Crossfade wireless cruising ahead of its mature, famed wired sibling.

Crossfade delivers you the double bonanza of both the wireless freedom and Bluetooth technology. In case your device ran out of power, enjoy pure analog listening through  wired mode.

Regarding Design and build quality; it checked many right boxes. Steel flex headband covered with breathable mesh material eliminate your hair dampening worries, which is common with many gadgets. Vegan leather provides the high-class head luxury.

The hexagonal Ear cups linked up through metal side arms. Besides durability, its 90 degrees swivel ability provide room for various ear and head sizes. 3D printed metal plate is the place of your very personal customization adventures.

Memory foam earpads deliver passive noise isolation and ultra comfort. Micro USB charging port located on the left side and rest off like microphone, power switch and multimedia controls on the right. Also a 3.5mm audio input for moving up to wired mode.

-Comfort: The addition of memory foam earpads they are damn luxurious, you can wear them day long with almost negligible complaints.

-Performance: V-Moda wireless cans are the actual member of Bass-forward club in the market. Sound enriched with lots of smooth, warmth and crystal clear details.

Bass delivers a vibrant thumpy punch in its powerful audio stream. That ensures, you never miss any minute sight and sound details of your favorite media. Alongside listening, you can also receive calls.

Auto analog switch, immediately cut off the battery and all electronics to transform your wireless device into zero latency marvel.

Reasons, which makes it a great privilege- Luxurious six-star rating customer services

  • One-year premier manufacturer warranty.
  • Incredible 50% Immortal lifetime replacement plan.
  • Uni-body wireless independence and Analog audio trait.
  • Military-grade certified durability.
  • Renowned trusted bound with superior comfort.
  • 3D printed metal and fiber material embodiment add-ons.

What's in the Kitty; You got these inventories- Crossfade Wireless Device. Sturdy exoskeleton carrying case. Reinforced single-button speakeasy Mic chord. Stylish V-micro USB cable. Carabiner clip for transport convenience.V-moda sticker. Famed six-star rating after sale service.

Many Wireless headphones crippled with issues like Bluetooth connectivity and battery backup, which is well taken care of here. 

A Wireless listening solution with sleek, stylish design, craggy endurance, an efficient Bluetooth function with all-powerful Bass makes 'V-Moda Crossfade' an Ultimate selection.

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  • Smarter Bass-boosted cans. Expert favorite multiple award-winner device. Master crafted material build. Optional custom shield kits. Signature Crossfade M-100 sound. Superior all-around wireless performance. Premium movie/TV  experience. Turbo 100 minutes  battery charging.  Complete  listening package.


  • It may feel expensive, but offered package fully justified the price. The absence of clique fold mechanism. Power packed bass might be excess for some.

Our No. 1 choice is an excellent gadget for your home entertainment system. This digital listening device grants freedom from wires and superbly uplift your entertainment bar across various zones.

RS 175 delivers splendid audio across the range of personal entertainments like;  movies, music, and TV shows. You got an unique wireless listening luxury, that too without annoying others in your surroundings.

Why No.1 ?.Here I am disclosing those exclusive traits -

-Multi-receiver transmission feature: You can add up to two pair headphones (Sennheiser HDR 175 F) simultaneously and share the same program along with your pals without any time lapse.

-Multipurpose Transmitter: It is capable of supporting both digital and analog audio outputs, which also doubles up as a charging cum docking station to headphone.

-Cutting-edge wireless technology: It can transmit digital wireless audio over 330 foot(100m) range within line of sight, even through walls and flooring of your place.

-Impressive power reserve: Rechargeable batteries gives you extended 18 hours playing time on fully charging so that you can cherish extended listening sessions without worry.

-Bass Boost and Surround Sound listening modes: You can select modes of bass listening and enjoy virtual surround sound effect at ease. Amazing customization isn't it?

Tech Specs: Type - Closed-back circumaural wireless headphone system.

  • Operative Spectrum - 2.4 to 2.8 GHz band.
  • External audio inputs - Optical/Digital(toslink) and Analog RCA inputs.
  • Frequency response - 17 to 22000 Hz.
  • Two yrs warranty on purchase from an authorized dealer.

Now take a quick tour of product geography and Operational performance.

Rs 175 Headphone's all black closed-back design is stylish and prevents any sound leakage, to keep it completely private affair.

Thick cushioned over-ear earpads are entirely comfortable, enable you to indulge in long hours listening. Headband's padding made into two sections to accommodate the recharging point.

The Right earcup hosts control panels for- Volume with Bass mode and Surround sound setting switches. The power button and LED indicator positioned on the side of the earcup.

Charging base station-cum-Transmitter: As you put headphone atop of cradle, battery charging initiates automatically. It houses buttons for Bass and SR mode along with LED status indicator on front panel.

On the back side, it has optical and analog inputs, with a front-panel switch for your selection.

Sound output is bright, full, richer and lively with precise, clear details. Further, you got powerful Bass and virtual surround sound features for the ultimate movie and music bonanza. 

Let's check inside the Box: It contains HDR 175 headphone, TR 175 transmitter, 5'Optical cable, 7'Audio cable with 3.5mm plugs, NT9-3AW AC adapter with DC output cord. Also, has four Adaptor sets, two AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries, quick details guide and Instruction manuals.

If you love to listen good home entertainment headphone then RS 165 RF Wireless system is your best choice.

The close reference-level premium sound package, zero latency Wi-Fi listening at well extended distance proves a high value listening system. Thus, Sennheiser RS 175 RF Headphone system is perfectly fit for your superior home-studio listening requirements.

To know RS175 RF in details, consider reading Specific product evaluation here.


  • Super comfortable and well fitting. Dynamic wireless sound. Extended transmission even beyond walls. Easy connection to your TV, computer and other audio source with provided cables.Optical and analog audio input. Bass boost and two virtual surround sound modes. Rechargeable AAA batteries. High-grade performer for  movies and music.


  • Base station/charging docks gives below par impression. Slightly higher priced in comparison to other Bluetooth choices in segment. Non-portable type device.

Fundamentals To Consider- Before Buying Best Wireless Headphones For TV

-Type Of Connectivity: Signal transmission from source to your ears through hearing devices is crucial for hassle-free listening. The primary communication modes are RF(Radio) and Bluetooth or Digital transmission.

-Closed or Open-backed?: Open-back headphones bleed sound in and out while closed-back contain most noise inside. Due to this, you got more natural and improved sound from open-back headsets. Although leaking sound is not a drawback at all, in some situation it matters, but not uniformly.

-Support Platform(Audio Output):

You require to check your TV and other gadgets for the kind of Audio outputs they support. Analog outputs support headphone jacks, and Digital type consists of Optical, HDMI and Coaxial outputs.

Ground Rules To Find Best Wireless Headphones for TV & movies /Home-Theatre

Selection of  Best wireless tv headphones is not a child play; it takes a lot of efforts and time. Here take a look at some crucial points-

  • Type of Device - Which is suited best for your specific use impacts the selection of gadgets. Headphones can be In-ear, On-ear, Over-ear and Behind the head types.
  • Build Quality & Design - The Aesthetics, crafted material, designing, durability, portability and style parameters need to evaluate.
  • Wireless Operating Range - For wireless headphone, it is crucial to check out the wireless range. A best wireless headphone has approx 300-400 feets working wireless perimeter.
  • Battery Stamina - Further, to avoid any midway shutdown possibilities batteries must be of good standard and rechargeable type.

High-quality headphones deliver 25 or more hours playtime on a complete charge. Another category gives 20 to 25 hours backup, wireless headphones with at least 8 hrs and above power reserve considered suitable.

  • Mode of Charging- Specific TV or home theater headphone has Docking/ Transmitter-Base station charging while other features USB cable and charge while in operation type. Choose as per your convenience and requirements.
  • Sound Quality - Like speakers, Headphones also capable of highlighting the various spectrum of the source audio. Choices also varied gradually, the best practice is to try or Listen to sound review attentively. Also, cross-checks the replacement policies if unsuitable to you.
  • Bass & Surround Sound - Bass make your Sound, and Extreme Special Effect scenes more lively and enjoyable. Surround Sound creates a virtual medium in your surrounding to feel real or becomes part of onscreen activities. The 3D Stereo escalate your entertainment to next level.
  • Brand Value - Majority of players in the wireless listening appliances field are trusted big brand names, it doesn't mean rest are out of business. 
  • Comfort Level - It is one of the most important aspect anyone watch for while analyzing multiple options. Earpad and headband are two primary area of contact in listening, the comfort index, flexibility, turning angle, folding pattern, fitting, and long hour feel decides the class.for while analyzing multiple options. Earpad and headband are two primary area of contact in listening, the comfort index, flexibility, turning angle, folding pattern, fitting, and long hour feel decides the class.
  • Active Noise Cancellation - Ambient noise critically spoil your musical extravaganza, so it must cut to the minimum. Active Noise cancellation is the most effective way to blocking unwanted sounds, Passive noise cancellation is lesser productive. Bose pioneered the ANC Technology.
  • Bluetooth / NFC & Other Features - For Me, Bluetooth is the farthest impacting tech application of modern time. NFC allows a peer to peer communication in portable devices. 
  • Compatibility Factor - Nowadays, everyone uses Smartphones, Pods, Tablets, PC, Laptop, Media players, speakers or other audio sources in the operation. Is your headphone compatible to those? choose accordingly.
  • Optimum Performance Zone - Every Device has its strong areas, Optimum zones they designed to perform at maximum efficiency. How precisely they boost vocals, extreme scenes, clarity, adapt to special effects does matter. Ability to reproduce natural source sounds and quality enhancement of different music genre decide the rating.
  • Ease of Use / Setup - Your using experience, convenience to operate and placement and Smart control features boost overall listener choice index. How easily you can connect headphone with your sound source is very first step of the whole exercise.
  • Asking Price - The Price you are going to pay for your selection is worth it? Or Does it delivers the necessary productivity and satisfaction? Carefully compare, analyze and go for the product providing maximum value of your investment.
  • Product Warranty & Customer Services - Look for product warranty, Is that included in the package or You need to pay for additional cover? Should be checked beforehand. After Sale/Purchase, customer support and maintenance services decide the trust and reputation of manufacturing company. Go for customer use-feedbacks and service experiences; it helps to achieve grand finale of Entertainment.

How to hook up your wireless headphone with TV?

​The wireless bluetooth transmitter/receiver allows to connect your Bluetooth headphone with TV while, RF-based headphone has their own base transmitter to do the job.

You can also use other bluetooth accessories for the same. Go through these methods and procedures with this tutorial.

Recommended best accessories are - Tao Tronics, Keedox, Keedox Mini and Trond 2-in-1 bluetooth transmitter/receiver.

Final Thoughts

It is a hard exercise to compile and create something useful stuff, that guide peoples in their path to make a right decision.

In the meantime, that work succeeds to achieve atleast a miniscule share of the target, all sweat drops get rewarded completly.

I am very optimistic about the outcome and in the firm belief of your worthful visit with us. Without taking too much of your precious time, just want to express my sincere gratitudes to you.

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