Are you a Audiophile or Music enthusiast? 

It doesn't matter at all because almost everyone care for good sound.

Audio equipments like bookshelf speakers plays a significant role to your listening irrespective of music and audiance.

Here, our core subject is best bookshelf speakers under $500. If you want some higher end options check out these top bookshelf speakers below $1000.

What did you mean by Best Bookshelf Speakers? Well, if you want good sound without occupying significant floor space to big speakers go for a pair of best bookshelf speakers.

 The bookshelf speakers are specially designed to reproduce full spectrum sound output in the most convenient way. Also, one of the most versatile and potential segment of audio equipments across the board.

Now the time for the special decleration, presenting you the exclusive chosen ones " 12 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $100-$ 500."

For much deeper understanding bookshelf speakers collection further divided into three sub-categories;

(A). 04 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $100

(B). 04 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $200, 300, 400.

(C). 04 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $500

Device Name





Drivers Config.

Power Supply

Sharkk Boombox




2x5 watts

dual loudspk.


Check Price

Pioneer SP-C22

Central Channel

13.4 pounds


90 watts


Outlet Power

G-Project G-BOOM

Boombox speaker

7.5 pounds


2x9 watts


6 hrs.



2.2 pounds


20 watts


10 hrs.

Sony ZS-BTG900


17.6 pounds


20 watts


26 hrs.


Bookshelf (pair)6"

19.6 pounds


25-280 watts


Outlet power

Check Price

Polk Audio RTI A1

Bookshelf (pair)

12 pounds


20-125 w/channel


Outlet power

Bose 301-V

Loudsp. (pair)

12.6 pounds


10-150 watts


Outlet power

Bower Wilkins Zepplin Air

Speaker Dock

13.7 pounds


150 watts


Outlet power

Klipsch RB-51 II

2 way Bookshelf (pair)

20.9 pounds


300 watts


Outlet power

Audioengine A5+

Active bookshelf (pair)

25 pounds


150 watts


Outlet power

Bose Wave IV

HiFi Speaker system

11.3 pounds


120 watts


AC power

(A). 04 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $100

SHARKK is one of the legendary Top-rated Bluetooth speaker brands in audio segment, consists of 10W Boombox portable wireless speaker.This sleek designed smoothly fit in anywhere you like offers higher portability due to its quite light 1.8-pound weight. It offers great premium gadgets at a lower price; that is every consumer looks.

Another cutting-edge feature is rare 18+ Hour playing time so that your Outdoor partying rollout hassle free, also facilitates you to make & receive calls.

For Me, SHARKK is one of the Best Outdoor & Travel music-partner.
Here is another ridiculously juicy deal on offer, if you decided to go for it, u Beats like audio along with JAMBOX that you only fetch on double prices. Further, if you are not satisfied with it, the company has no issue to take it back.

Its Built-in Microphone allows you to make calls with most of your top smartphone brands i.e. iPhone,iPad,iPod, MacBook, Tablet, PC or car, accessible through Siri & Android voice, AUX.

Feature insight: SHARKK BOOMBOX has Dual wireless Bluetooth speaker which blurt out powerful 10 Watt audio with 60 Hz-18Khz, Bluetooth 4.0 & NFC technology.

With dark-room sensor based display, you can operate it without any hindrance.
On Built side ranks higher due to the super sleek design and ultra light compact size.

Dimension are 1.06 inches x 2.91 inches x 0.91 inches), fits anywhere as per your wish.Easy operation with top mounted controls panel. Look for Sharkk Boombox's complete product guide.

Here is time for some Quick-facts;-



Super sleek design along with exceptional durability, Ultralight & highly portable, Dual role for call-handling, Extended long 18+ Hours Battery life, Advance technology for Incredible Audio experience, Easy to Operate.


Not any such, but sometimes one can be irritated due to its high Voice announcement interface system.

Very affordable, the SHARKK BOOMBOX Bluetooth speakers entitled for Must-buy category.

11: Pioneer SP-C22 - For Home Theatre Systems

The Brand 'Pioneer' & world-acclaimed sound engineer Andrew Jones Perfectly compliment each other.Here I have strong reasons to choose it as my first choice. Some of their ultra-premium products come as peak as $80000, surprisingly this exclusive bookshelf speaker offered here within $100.

Pioneer SP-C22  is an elegant piece of central channel speaker system; that consists of dual woofers within full cabinet casing.Awesomely make a home theatre system where it perfectly marries with on-screen visuals.

It is awesomely affordable altogether stunning audio-outputs.

It's rigid cabinet wall perfectly blends with real curved design, which reduced standing sound waves resulting in high-performing quality sound. Speaker grills dually ensure drivers safety.

The recipe - It boasts wood colouring & offers 90 watts amplified output, the whole dimension (8.1 x 18.1x7.1 inches)compact enough to fit into moderate shelf or area, weigh approx 13.4 pounds.

The 6-element sophisticated crossover ensures crispier dialogues thus profoundly enhance every intense scene.
Finally not stretching it much long, I want to promise you that Pioneer SP-C22 proves a wholesome classic bookshelf speaker to buy. Check for the full product review.


Crafted by World renowned Speaker engineer'Andrew Jones'. One of the Best Central Channel Speaker System. Real Home-Theatre Entertainment. Incredible Design with Amazing Sound Quality. Crisper dialogue along with Ultrafine Intense scenes. Economical high-performance Speaker.


Not any such, but sometimes one can be irritated due to its high Voice announcement interface system.

This is another Top rated award winning product awarded "speaker of the year" by I-lounge.

G-BOOM an Ultrafine Bluetooth speaker comes with portable, rugged built design, pumps rich sounds thus undoubtedly Blasting enough for your surroundings to hear

This Boombox types portable speaker carries tremendous value along with the high recommendation.At $100 asking value it goes in top-league product

Feature-Insight: - G-BOOM features 2.2 speaker configuration consists of 02 full-range drivers & 02 tweeters, rear positioned dual firing boss-ports ensures maximum digital audio with excellent bass. 03 inbuilt optimized preset EQ gives resonance free environment

The major killer feature is Wireless streaming that provides single-button Bluetooth pairing across a range of your Gadgets like the smartphone, tablet, PC and other mobile devices.

On Built parameters, the robust housing configuration comes with protective rubber base and integrated utility carrying handle proves very convenient to transport anywhere on the requirement.

G-PROJECT G-BOOM best wirless bookshelf speakers

It is powered by Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries make sure to flow your music for 06 Hours long.Also, there is USB-charing port to juice it up all time.

The dimension figures of G-BOOM stands at 11.8 x 4.9 x 10.2 inches, means pretty handy and light enough to carry around at 6.5 pounds.

Front below centre power-indicators gives straight face time. Its Onboard controls permit absolute control over music-playing in wireless mode, along with the button positioned right on the speaker itself.

For our Audiophile souls, it has all those traits and features makes an Incredibly efficient deal.

So the final verdict goes to G-Project G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker.

Want to know better off G-BOOM? Check out this video!


All those traits summarized in earlier lines i.e. Killer built design, loud bass, wireless streaming, high rechargeable batteries, greater portability and light weight.


It is unable to fit in your average-sized cabinet or racks.

VAVA the Bestseller Brand in Bookshelf category entirely justify its near perfect 4.8/5 Star rating at Amazon, got surprised..pull up your sleeves, walk few step ahead you find your answers.

These Bookshelf Speakers are the genuine Audiophile-class products, why I am saying this because it has all that makes a revolutionary audio product.

VAVA Voom beautifully merged the Modern with old classic genera, comprising Insane dynamic design, portable with powerful sound effect.

VAVA provide a double bonanza to its users, by giving access to older technology compatibility with CD, DVD & MP3 Players, also used with modern NFC Technology.

This product is capable of delivering an excellent overall studio -class entertainment.

Now its time to feel the Voom..VAVA crafted to bring the studio-style music entertainment into your house, powered by cutting edge technology that comes with dependable dual 5W drivers, 02 passive Radiator and energetic 10W SubWoofers.

VAVA VOOM best audiophile bookshelf speakers

03 Distinct EQ Playback mode makes large rooms to match your mood and place preferences. Bigger louder audio, Deep Bass & surround sound spin along uni formally.If looking for level sound, just switch to Standard mode.

You keep running the party for long with its 10 hours continuous Playback time without a recharge.VAVA weigh only 3.7 pounds. Watch out for the entire product review.

All I want to say, VAVA Voom well justifies its Bestseller Bookshelf speaker title.


Efficient timeless modern design, Ultra compact & lightweight, dynamic, powerful audio output, extended Battery power, Multi adoption and accessibility, wireless streaming, Exceptional lifetime warranty and 03 months money return guarantee


Nothing here to point out any flaws.

(B). 04 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $200, 300, 400.

Here is another Boombox jewel from House of Legendry Sony.

Sony ZS-BTG900 is a 2-in-1 Audio system having an inbuilt Digital AM/FM Stereo Tuner that also release your choice of music through Bluetooth audio streaming facility...thus making it a valuable piece of machine.

Another best aspect is its Portability, very convenient of carry across your surroundings, backyard, lawn, outdoor, no need to bring anything else, just put on & enjoy the show.

Let's see some essential characteristics and functionalities.

Product Segment: Portable Bluetooth Wireless BoomBox speaker system.

Technical Insight: Sony ZS-BTG900 offers NFC Bluetooth wireless technology.

-In-built Digital AM/FM stereo tuner with 30 channel preset memory

-Long lasting max 26 hours of unstoppable battery capacity, altogether having an AC option too.

Built-specs: As you look upon it feels, very upmarket design so that you always feel proud to show it around, system dimensions are 8.4x 23.6x 14 inches with 17.6-pound built weight.

functionality: Along with AM/FM you can also enjoy your favourite CDs. Can stream your music with Bluetooth Audio streaming.

Through NFC pair up two devices & stream your music, that is one-touch listening. These all specialties make it a Best pick for compact multifunctional audio-gadget lovers. Read Full ZS-BTG900 product review here.

Positives: Double delight AM/FM stereo tuner with BoomBox Speaker system, Highly efficient Bluetooth wireless streaming and NFC technology, Mega 26 Hours of Battery Life with AC power function, spacious audio output, Better portability.


Double delight AM/FM stereo tuner with BoomBox Speaker system, Highly efficient Bluetooth wireless streaming and NFC technology, Mega 26 Hours of Battery Life with AC power function, spacious audio output, Better portability.


You can't put it over your TV-set, pretty large for that.

07: JBL ES30BK - Best Bookshelf Speaker (For Home Audio Systems)

JBL as the name echoes...yes you heard it right..I am talking about 60+years Rich heritage of sound experts renown for their legendary premium audio gears.

JBL ES30BK best bookshelf speakers under 200

This product Ideal for your Home theatres, deliver you studio-class audio with famous JBL-bass, literally gives you same feel like in any rock concert arena or stadium & movie theatre environment.

...I have plenty of parameters to justify my claim...have a look.

Product-specification: JBL ES30BK is a 3-way bookshelf speaker best fit in home theatres.

If we talk about Built-up- It is crafted by Straight Line single path (SSP) design technology that gives you life size spacing with ultra clarity with audio. In ES30BK, JBL uses cellulose-fiber cones reinforced with Polymer coatings resulting in less internal resonances. That means better precise sound over wider listening spaces. Height stands at 1.27

Speaker-details: Capable of delivering 25-280 watts of power through its receivers or amplifiers over 50 Hz-40 KHz Frequency Range is rich with higher highs & awesome Imaging.

Audio-sensitivity rates at 88 dB that is well past standard.

JBL ES30BK best bluetooth bookshelf speakers

Technical-Specifications: This product runs on JBL proprietary EOS waveguides Technology for life-sized listening effect.

-The Bi-wiring capabilities enable you better flexibility over amplifier selection, which is a path for sonic enhancement.

Computer-optimized bass reflects ports has another handy added benefit...deep bass without irritating turbulence.

Another feature of Magnetic Shield Protection permits you safe placement around other appliances like Tv or Display. Go for the thorough product review here.

Finally, I can place JBL ES30BK in higher recommendation category for Bookshelf speakers under $500.


JBL Quality advantage, Extremely powerful precise audio with Deep JBL bass, Ideal fit for Home theatre or Big studio experience, an Elegantly designed product with higher reliability, Efficient operation & Premium safety standards.


it is heavier in its segment approx 19.6 pounds per speaker, Absence of the bracket attachment point. Bass-reflect port rear faced, it means you require bigger shelf to accommodate.

These are the Classic Real wood bookshelf speakers from Polk Audio, very popular among Audio enthusiast commanding near perfect consumer rating on Amazon.

In the current marketplace, you can't get such better real wood speaker in this asking price tag.

POLK AUDIO RTI A1 best bookshelf speakers under 300

Polk Audio RTI A1 Bookshelf Speakers pair designed and made through MDF construction turning it into a resonance-less Coliseum, they are available in two and cherry.

The RTI A1 series product has an elegantly designed cabinet along with the addition of dynamically balanced cone drivers & 01-inch polymer/silk composite dome tweeters. Floating grills give it an accurate tonal balance.

..also fortified with 5.25 inches dynamic balance mineral /polymer cone driver.

The speaker dimensions are 12 inches height, 11.5 inches depth and 7.4 inches wide, weighs approx 12 pounds each.

The addition of Polk's patented Powerport technology helps to minimize the disturbing port noise. The Polk's Acoustic Resonance control technology ensures that audio output is seamless & floating.

If you wish to feel some unique sound effect, I recommend trying this Polk's product.In fact, their bright crispy-rich sound create magic with all types of music specifically classical, jazz, rock and bluegrass.

Also Top Featured @ Forbes-Tech "5 Great Bookshelf Bookshelf Speakers"


Classic Polk's Real wood speakers, Highly productive crispy booming audio effect, Versatile speakers well played with rock, jazz, classical or any other music, Comes with five years Parts & Labour Warranty by Manufacturer.


These speakers are on bit heavier side, The absence of connection jacks means it will help usable with Optical audio only.

The brand name 'Bose' enough to explain everything about it always creates pure magic, further I am going to show you some very minute details over all aspects.

Bose promises gold standard Studio sound reproduction for music as well as Home Theater Systems.Further explaining some segregate product features.

BOSE 301-V STEREO LOUDSPEAKERS best bookshelf speaker under 400

Product class- It is a stereo loudspeaker pair speakers.

Design & Built aspects- Having Bass reflect design, comes in cherry color. Speaker dimensions are 24.1 x 13.2 x 18.1 inches & display height is 06 inches, compact well to fit horizontally in your cabinet/shelf.Combined weight is about 20 pounds. The grills are removable.

Tech specs- Standalone 301-V series Stereo speakers also perform well with Central channel speaker systems.
It has an 8" woofer, Stereo Targeting tweeters & a rear-firing tweeter, spatial dispersion lens operated by Direct/Reflecting Speaker Technology.

Such versatile combo gives you space filling live sound environment that's same concert or cinema, has passive sound amplification.

Sound Performance Output- Bose 301-V capable of delighting with most music forms & DVD even in your High ceiling spaces of 18-foots, also gives clear spoken audio
Power-range Insane 10-150 Watt with receivers.

Efficiency: Highly reliable due to its Automatic circuitry protection system, provides complete driver protection.

At little over $300 asking price seems bit pricey, but this Bose product is worth for it.

For further productive information, simply visit Bose 301-V user opinions here.


Bose standard sound-magic, Efficient, sleek Horizontal Compact design, High dynamic sound output, Highly impressive & reliable to operate, Value for the price.


Heavy and large as seen by bookshelf speaker standards.


This Wireless AirPlay Speaker Dock System is a next-step in modern music arena and it is capable of streaming wireless music from your iPhones, iPod, Mac or PC.

Bower & Wilkins is an integrated speaker Dock solution, transforming your favorite music into much richer active form.

It has inbuilt Apple's Air Play wireless streaming technology so that it can be used anywhere anytime. The lightning connector provides facility to connect with all modern generation gadgets.

best bookshelf speakers under 500

Product Specifications: Zeppelin Air package includes the Zeppelin Air, Remote Control, Power cable and user guide materials. Product dimensions are 6.8 x 25.2 x 8.2 inches.

The Brand "Bower & Wilkins" has approx five decades of expertise crafting the audio loudspeaker systems that's many reputed studios counts on.

Zeppelin Air produces highly advanced audio that is clear even the feather brush to the heaviest bass-line.

Advanced acoustic technology paired with unique sound-dispersing design create an affect alike you feel in the middle of a musical concert.

..With Airplay set-up app, it can be easily connected to your wi-fi wirelessly. Check here for B&W Zeppelin Air entire review

Amplifier details-25w/tweeter, 2x25w for mid range and 1x50w for the sub woofer.

If you love to play music through your iPhones, MAC or desktop this product Zeppelin Air is a must buy. Be sure to also check out the video below.


Best Dock speaker system, Master crafted advance Audio, Downsides, Easy set-up, Wireless music play.


Absence of battery, outlet uses only.

If you are looking for an Audiophile quality Fifth generation Bookshelf speakers that weigh light on the pocket, see, this Klipsch RB-51 II series made for you.

..very seductive, because it offers superior audio, dynamic quality & visual appeal altogether.

KLIPSCH RB-51 II best speakers under 500

Klipsch, a Legend in Sound uses proprietary Tractrix Horn technology, which produces precise, clear and effortless fit for next-level music & movie entertainment.

Built-details: RB-51 II moulded from beautiful black ash woodgrain vinyl veneer, thus makes it a cool complement for any decor, includes sophisticated cabinet & rounded feet for fluid movement.

Highly efficient design assists to generate substantial output using less energy means less power consumption.

Dimensions are 11.4" Height x 6.5" Width x 10.75" Depth, Easy wall mounting with Keyhole bracket, weighs approx 21 pounds.

best audiophile bookshelf speakers

Feature Specifications: It has 5.25" high-output Cerametallic woofer & Enhanced 1" titanium Linear Suspension horn-loaded tweeter for louder play without amazed by re-engineered drivers, new crossover system that strike your attention & fuelled up emotions.

Klipsch uses technology from its flagship Palladium Series, thus, generate a natural sound, gives you studio-inside feel.

..I think those narrated product-qualities good enough to make it an excellent Bookshelf speakers-deal, that delivers high performance at a much affordable price. Nice pick for medium-sized spaces. Read  Klipsch RB-51 II user reviews here.


Stylish product with higher output, Dynamic audio, Good overall value, Right size.


Little pricey for general consumers.

Audioengine precisely designed for small dedicated audio-listening effect & nicely paired with Desktop, PC, and Mac.

This speaker comes with stunning 01 inches solid bamboo cabinets, which gives them smooth yet modern look.

...It is also important to mention that they use only renewable & sustainable bamboo wood. Cabinet sealed with hand-rubbed water-based polyurethane marks a customized touch.

Product dimensions are 7.8 x 7 x 10.8 inches & combined weight ranks at 25 pound.

Audioengine A5+ boast another neat feature, you can operate them through remote control...

Specifications: These speakers consist of 05 inches woofers custom made of kevlar, 01 inches silk dome tweeters, built-in power amplifiers with neodymium magnets and 50 watts per channel RMS...

Connections placed in the back of Speaker made easy to connect your gadgets like iPod or iPhone & at the same time can power your player with USB power output, also has minijack input for convenience.

With RCA inputs on rear, there is an option to add another audio center. Both amplification channels placed on the left side speaker so that you can connect left and right speakers conveniently by gold-plated speaker terminals.

Real serious music enthusiast strongly recommended for Audioengine A5+ Premium Powered Speakers.

For more Authoritative information about Audioengine A5+ Speakers, consider going through (full product review) here.


Carbonized real bamboo wood speaker, Availability of Stereo & 3.5 mm support, Rock solid bass, Ideal-fit for small spaces.


Absence of iPod-dock.

If you are looking for a multi-dimensional music system this is the right place to make your choice, legendary audio maker 'Bose' brings Wave Music System IV exclusively for Audiophile music lovers.

high end bookshelf speakers

Bose Wave IV wears many hats atop single gadget a CD/MP3 CD player along with advanced AM/FM tuner which makes it a genuine all-rounder music system.

Please wait a moment, I almost missed out its sleek credit card-style Remote with 12 presets which is very convenient to operate.

It runs on award-winning Bose waveguide speaker technology that creates crystal-clear, high-quality sound.

Product specifications: The mint-fresh latest updated design comprises 7 x 12.8 x 19 inches dimensions, due to less than 4.5" inches height and small footprints it can fit anywhere smoothly.

Product package includes Wave music system IV, power cord, remote control, demonstration product CD. The system is available in Platinum silver color.

BOSE WAVE top bookshelf speakers

This classic tabletop composite music system crafted in the contemporary design include features like; convenient radio station preset, clock, dual Alarm, Auxiliary input along with a headphone jack & touch-top controls (on/off/alarm snooze) and Bright text-display for your music details.

Wave Music System IV  has Ultra rich, space-occupying sound ensure to fill entire room evenly, of course, it streams wirelessly with Wi-Fi network & Bluetooth feature.

..Indeed A prized possession for crazy music souls.

For Experts Opinion, check out this video:


class life-size entertainment system, Elegant design with a touch of simplicity, Versatile control & operational ease, Multifunctionality, Highly portable.


No iTunes, Lack of Music Library.

How to Find Best Bookshelf Speakers- A Guide

Before making any choice we must consider these important core points; the best possible way to do this, set essential criteria's, evaluate, compare and pick the best suits you. Let's browse ahead.

A..Built design:

Audio product design matters most here because it profoundly impacts upon sound-effect i.e. Bass, frequency, treble, the configured size and design, craft materials, and positioning of speakers.

The size and shape of your speakers made a large influence on production and delivery of sound up to the ears.The woofers, drivers, smoothers are enhancers helps to create desired sound effects.

That's why big size speakers have large woofers and drivers to create more prominent loud bass. Sound output and the number of channels are proportional to additional numbers of woofer and speakers.

Other essential points is the space where you intends to use them.The overall dimension of any particular place decides the type of speaker to choose or recommend out of a market.

B. Performance Output:

Produced sound output and efficiency is the ultimate trivia-point for any products credibility. The amount and quality of sound, generated effect goes towards the class of speaker in use at any particular location.

So when you pick any product, make sure to evaluate the efficiency, because higher efficiency rating makes less power consumption followed by greater sound. Other crucial points are resonance and strain those cable to spoil any top sound-effect. Product range greater than 90 decibels is far better to use.

Bass gives depth and penetration and  Treble manage slow pitches, by accounts of all there should be a seamless flow in between lower treble to mid slot up to higher bass reaches.

C. The Drivers:

In my words, drivers are same as CPU, the major key to any audio operation. Technically speaking 'they are the sound transducer within a speaker shell which reproduces bass, middle tones and higher ends. It means higher frequency drivers responsible to higher ranges; Crossover plays the role of frequency signal router to the right driver.

Other prime factors are driver size, built material, air moving capability all critical for the dynamic sound generation process.

D. Value for Price:

From buyer point of view, it is the most influential factor for any purchase decision. We compare some selected product along with their asking price, weigh them on our scale and made the best choice.

E. Support System:

After any purchase the manufacturer's technical and customer service support system is sole deciding factor towards the fate of concern product.
Generally, bookshelf speakers don't require much complex support infrastructures, having one like 'Icing on a cake'.

The Concluding:

I am feeling good vibes in the air, hope all of you visited through this presentation & already found something useful.

Even though I tried to accommodate every significant aspect, despite that there might be something gone missed.

Further here, on your part, any dynamic response or suggestion highly appreciated & welcomed.

"Continuous learning & development are the keys to Success " there is always room for improvement.

As I said, our world getting transformed rapidly, it is must to stay tuned & updated. This Webspace also requires continuous up gradation & our team seriously committed for that.

Meet you all with a new article, till then

Stay Blessed & Happy Listening!

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