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Best Surround Sound Headphones For Gaming

Be it high-octane gaming, listening to music or watching movies, all you care for the immersive audio delivered to your ears. I strongly recommend to choose a best surround sound headphone for

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9 of The Best Microphones for Gaming and Live Streaming

Are you a Gamer or avid Live Streamer?..If yes, you probably know how crucial a mics audio quality for communication and live streamingWhen mic on your latest surround sound gaming headsets not

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12 Best Bookshelf Speakers under $100-$500 : Exclusive Picks

Are you a Audiophile or Music enthusiast? It doesn't matter at all because almost everyone care for good sound.Audio equipments like bookshelf speakers plays a significant role to your

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06 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids and Babies

On the course of Human evolution, we developed five advanced senses and sensory organs.Out of them, Hearing is one of the crucial factors in communication.In ideal lab conditions, The frequency range

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