Are you a Gamer or avid Live Streamer?

..If yes, you probably know how crucial a mics audio quality for communication and live streaming

When mic on your latest surround sound gaming headsets not live up to expectations...

It's time to upgrade for a dynamic, studio-grade gaming microphone.

Hardcore Gamers and Live streamers prefer to go with specific gaming headsets, using a detachable mic is an additional option.

This article also has proper representation of recording mics, concern topic details already covered in my previous article- Best condenser microphone for pro and audio enthusiast.

Device Name








Samson Go

8 ounces

USB (portable)


Cardioid/ Omni




Antlion ModMic 4.0

3.5 ounces

Boom (attachable)


Cardioid Unidirectional




MXL Tempo WR

1.4 pounds

USB condenser

Stand mount





Blue Yeti

4.4 pounds

USB condenser

Body stand





Audio-Technica AT2035

3.5 pounds

XLR condenser







3.3 pounds

USB condenser




USB bus


Apogee Mic 96K

0.4 pounds





USB bus


Razer Seiren Pro Elite

2.9 pounds

XLR+USB (digital)

Body stand



USB/ analog


Shure SM7B

0.26 pounds


Yoke mount





Here, you got a quick recollection of most vital factors regarding the selection -

  • Price range: The foremost important factor in any analysis. You can't expect great experience out of a ten bucks mic.
  • Discrete or All-around: During your selection of device you should decide what you want a dedicated or multi-player one.
  • Audio Quality: It is the another crucial aspects you must keep in consideration.
  • The Directionality: An essential characteristic helps you to resolute how mic picks the sound
  • Feature/Applications: Assists to enhance and intensify your overall wide-spectrum experience.
  • Noise-management system: Various acts like diaphragm vibrations, equipment hum, and other background noises create interference, how this issue handled makes sense for your choice.
  • Frequency range: This assists you to determine how efficiently the microphone will handle various frequencies.
  • Connections and setup: These features made a significant impact on your user experience.

Now some insight about this Article: It consists of best gaming microphone (cardioid, condenser, and dynamic), variable patterns along with connections, real-time performance, prices & more.

Note: We have chosen only the best mics for gaming and live streaming here ahead -

When you are looking for a versatile broadcasting and recording solution the first thing come in your mind is portability.

A highly efficient USB Microphone does the job well but finding one itself the biggest task.

High-end Gaming requires the best easy to go Mic in business and the Samson Go Mic fits perfectly in your budget frame, ideal for recording, podcasting and field recording.

Now it's time to reveal those specifics made my top budget pick, find ahead -

-Extremely portable USB Mic fully compatible with your PC and Mac no driver needed.

-The inexpensive online communicator with exceptional clarity, that's what you need in critical gaming sessions or important web interactions.

-A dynamic audio tool due to the switchable cardioid, omnidirectional and -10dB pickup patterns which are pretty sensitive with 16-bit 44.1kHz resolution.

-Fantastic functionality ideal for music recording, iChat, VoIP, Webcasting and voice recognition software applications.

-Custom, compact, sturdy metallic design provide user great flexibility, can clip to your laptop or settle modestly on a desk.

-Easy plug-n-play operation is another advantage here, excellent computer recording tool whether you are on the move or at your desk.

I hope your thoughts are pretty clear why this Samson product made a top slot in major USB Gaming Mic reviews around.

Nice folded storage convenient for your business travels, podcasting and gaming use.

The Product Package Includes USB cable, cable clip and a nifty zipper carrying case.

Unraveled audio quality out of such tiny gadget, super flexible user interface and well affordability made Samson Go USB Mic preferred choice for high-frequency traveling, meeting or online communications, Gamers or budget conscious type users.

Take a look at this video for a more comprehensive review:


Highly recommended USB Mic. Multipurpose recording/broadcasting platform. Budget friendly. Top-end functionality. One of the best gaming mic option. Plug n' Play record. Excellent value for money product. Mic active LED indicator. Extremely portable. Incredible audio clarity.


There might be some hardware issues; the side buttons. Precise handling is imperative as it is not built to handle rough connections. Heavy duty cable attachment might overturn the whole Mic setup; a user needs to avoid those.

Here, I am discussing a usual situation most Gamer often faced; When you have a decent quality headphone but you have to splurge a hefty amount for an additional gaming headset.

Wait a moment, don't be hurried here is an excellent solution to your issue; ask how?

No complex puzzle just brings in the Antlion Audio ModMic 4.0 and turn your headphone into high-end Headset.

Salient Feature & Performance Standards:

This Antlion attachable boom microphone allows greater user flexibility with any headphone and ensure a full spectrum communication capacity at your disposal.

An Uni-directional mic with noise-cancelling features makes the perfect selection for multiplayer gaming, and office VoIP uses. The in-line mute switch tasks to silence the mic at any given point of time.

It is very smooth to attach to your selective headphone by using a novel magnetic clasp, allowing you to remove or attach as required.

Boom mic's lower half portion is super flexible that assists to achieve the best mic position to voice capture and comfort. Included extra clasp provide the luxury to use it on more than one headphones.

ModMic gives you extraordinary quality performance even in noisy environments due to the enhanced noise-cancelling feature of the cardioid capsule and ensures ultra-clear voice recordings.

Connections: A standard 3.5mm jack can be used to quick plug and play on a PC, you will also use it with Mac, PS4, and Xbox 1 console by using available adapters.

Coaxially-shielded Copper cable significantly reduces all outside interference and noise thus delivering precise clarity signals. Also, facilitate an easy connection to your computer or game console.

The package contains all needed accessories like; A cool carrying case, One extra 3M adhesive pad, Foam pop filter, two base clasp's, 1 top clasp with cap, five cable clips, alcohol wipe and instruction manuals.

Recommended add-on accessory - Antlion Audio Y Adapter.

Be its sound capturing quality, studio-grade clarity or dynamic user interface Antlion ModMic 4.0 boom mic excels everywhere, which is perfect to use in noisy environments. Highly preferable due to its Audiophile quality Gaming and PC communication capabilities.

Read Antlion Modmic 4.0 in-depth performance review here.


Highly flexible user platform. Amazing sound quality. Ample amount of accessories. Incredible build quality. Higher price to performance ratio. Easy plug & play mode. Ideal for Multiplayer gaming, VoIP, and many mores.


You need to acquire a separate Headset splitter to sync with most gaming systems and mobile gadgets. Mic cable might be inconvenient to manage at times.

A USB vocal microphone that made you record like a pro on your PC or MAC and transforms them into a private studio is none other than the MXL Tempo WR mic.

Your Mobile vocal recordings got easy; this device allows you to record on-the-go through USB 1.1 or 2.0 connect. Also, works with scores of computer music programs and various over the web communication systems like Skype, Google talk & more.

It's most important feature is high-fidelity headphone jack which gives you the power to monitor your recordings.

You'll get professional-level outputs, whether recording music, podcasting or doing voice-overs, the results are always great with the amount of flexibility and sound quality on offer.

TEMPO WR's versatile platform allows you to record vocals further save it or mix on the spot with Garage Band or other likewise programs.

Being a high-quality vocal microphone, it gives you more productive results with online voice communication services. Also, works great for dictation and legal depositions.

The MXL's product package come along with; A convenient tripod stand, MT-001 hard mount mic stand adapter and USB 2.0 cable.

Overall, the MXL Tempo WR is an excellent USB condenser mic option which has an all-around profile, wider flexibility, Incredible ability to record, podcast and over the Internet voice services. This personal studio delivers greater quality performance along with zero-latency headphone monitoring luxury.

Find Tempo WR's product review (here). You can find the video below:


Dynamic multi-functional Mic. Studio-grade performance. Smooth USB Plug and play operation. Solid metallic casing and high-end screen. Draws better yield on music, vocals, podcast, game & video chats. Full MAC and PC OS compatibility. Superior sound quality.


Might not be best for super deep bass tones. You need a separate USB adapter to use with iPad and iPhone's.

Think about superior quality multipattern audio recording or Live streaming out of a USB Mic, sounds an uphill task? Indeed it is, but Blue Microphones have a fantastic solution.

Yes, you heard right Blue Yeti's multi-role platform brings home-studio experience within reach. Be it gaming, vocals, music instruments, podcasting, field recording, web communications or live streaming it excels everywhere.

On account of its bulky, solid hardware and dynamic performance rightly titled as the 'Beast of Microphones', full credit goes to its sheer versatility and broad range flexibility.

Now, take a look at those strategic key points makes him a viable option, voice quality is incredible, both for individual users and small groups-

-Yeti's biggest asset is multifaceted recording modes; Stereo, Cardioid, Omnidirectional and Bidirectional specially customized for your various requirements.

-Your recording task made easier due to the ingenious positional design inspired by classic recording gadgets, which stylish, retro and artistic appeal could complement any computer system.

-Besides these, You have controls for pattern selection, instant mute, microphone gain and headphone volume. Monitor actual-time recordings through provided 3.5mm headphone jack without any latency backtracks.

-Mic setup is also pretty simple; plug it into your computer USB port, fine tune with your operating system and you're ready to record.

-For Home recording purpose no one willing to spend or afford $1000 value mics, with under $150 value tag it's an ultimate choice.

The highly acclaimed audio quality and dedicated multiple patterns make Blue Yeti excellent solution for Gaming, interviews, live streaming, amateur musicians and garage bands at very affordable investment.

Recommended Accessories: Blue Mics Pop filter & Sennheiser HD 201 II headphone or you can go for the bundle package at Amazon.

Go through Blue Yeti's review analysis and sound tests right in this video:


Best microphone (USB) in the segment. THX-certified sound signatures. Flexible design with multiple patterns. Highest value price mic. Hassle free plug-n-play setup. High adaptability. A delight for all-around gadget lovers. Best sonically flexible USB microphone.


Overbuilt stand limit maneuvers and mic mounting look bit awkward. If you are in pursuit of some handy and portable, Yeti probably not suit well. The unsteady plastic knobs make you bit wary about durability.

Brand Audio-Technica renowned as the manufacturer of trusted budget and mid-range microphones. Audio Technica's AT2035 is next generation product of already popular AT2020 for studio segment.

This product specifically designed for broad-range studio applications (home/project /professional), podcasting, instruments and live streaming with the extraordinary amount of details.

Here are some prominent differences from AT2020; It has a fixed cardioid pattern that meant to accommodate high SPLs with lower background noise.

You need to know about is the advantage of Cardioid polar pattern; It reduces sound pick-ups from sides and rear portion resulting from enhanced isolation of your desired sound source.

Another upgraded feature is switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter and a 10 dB pad switch; this helps to manage high sound pressure level with ease.

AT2035 has a unique side-address format; what that means? It allows you to speak to the front side of microphone rather than usual Top of it.

Mic built-profile is quite rugged and durable; all metal sharp matte black exterior gives it a superior premium appearance.

Audio-Technica has another model AT2050 that can differentiate through a Polar pattern selection switch feature; rest design is similar to the AT2035 mic.

It also features a Large Diaphragm in the segment that delivers smooth natural sound irrespective of your use.

The product packaging includes a high-strength plastic made Shock Mount, Pleather carrying pouch and Microfibre cleaning cloth. Amazon adds on's are the Pop filter and XLR cable under his Bundle package. Further, you have to buy a Mic stand additionally for a complete setup.

For all those, in pursuit of heavy duty diversified studio-grade Microphone with high-performance specifications, Audio-Technica AT2035 is an excellent choice. Due to its consistent exceptional performance and amazing details you never regret it.

Go through AT2035 complete review by clicking here.


Best condenser microphone for multiple studio applications and Live streaming. High-quality performance. Natural, clear and crisp sound signatures. Budget friendly premium product. Best recommended for vocals and other general uses.


Provided Pop-filter is not much impressive.

USB Microphones are the easiest device to operate and, most of you probably prefer a multi-purpose mic with specific skill sets.

The NT-USB is a high versatile side-address studio microphone specially customized for multiple tasks like recording, live on-stage performance, podcasting, and voiceovers.

Another significant advantage ofRode gadget is extreme compatibility spread across your MAC/Windows computers, Apple iPad(usingRode Time!), Garage band and any other recording app with external microphone adoptability.

To make it work with your Apple iPod use add-ons like, suitable USB connection adapter such as the Apple camera connection kit.

You don't need to buy additional accessories with Rode NT as the product package pre-included with Tripod desk stand, Pop Shield, and Ring mount. A Nice storage pouch and 6m USB cable also part of the kit.

It is autonomously power fed by host computer USB port, so no separate power requirement. A discrete blue LED inside mics body provides you confirmation about the power status.

All supplied accessories are adequately customized and facilitate greater operational flexibility across a range of tasks and situations in the process.

Rode NT's precise control and connection feature.The Intuitive Controls comprises of the following-A 3.5mm stereo headphone jack allows real-time monitoring of your microphone input, with zero latency output.

Also, provided dials for adjustment of monitoring level and mix in between the computer audio and mics input.

From the Design aspects, it scores pretty higher with sleek, robust metallic construction, nicely crafted standard mounting allows 180 degrees angling radius that helps to cover the desired field.

The high-grade plastic tripod designed to use on tabletops, a curved pop shield positioned right in front of the mic capsule grille and solidly attached in between the mic base, and mounting ring.

You can also connect the Mic stand adaptor to other traditional stands which are an extra advantage for its users.

Due to its affordable price, robust crafting and dynamic sound quality Rode NT-USB condenser microphone proves an high-worth solution for broad-range user applications. With almost no shortcomings, smooth user interface, appropriate connection and controls feature it happens to be the ultimate computer mic around.

Recommended additional accessory: Rode PSA1 Swivel mounts Boom arm

Find Rode NT's product review ahead by checking out this video:


Highly versatile studio microphone. Amazing sound quality. Smart onboard mix controls. Excellent USB connectivity. Integrated customized accessories. Broad range compatibility. Fully customized accessory pack.


Included Tripod is too small in size.

Introducing a studio-grade cardioid condenser microphone for MAC, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, which allows you to capture incredible quality high-resolution audio across applications.

Apogee well-known for their award-winning audio technologies to power some of the world's reputed studios and recordings. The Apogee MiC 96k specially designed to perform podcasting, voiceovers, vocals, recording interview, audio for DSLR video, instruments and lot more.

Here you have two models to choose from; The first device I am reviewing here(Mac/iOS) and the latest one is for BOTH Mac and Windows.

MiC 96K has a unique combination of three excellent products; the microphone, microphone preamp, and an A/D converter in one compact gadget that fits in your pocket.

This mic features a cardioid polar pattern a great tool to make high-quality audio recordings out of vocals and acoustic instruments.

Your biggest advantage is digital studio quality recordings that accompany you everywhere be it spoken word, vocals, piano, acoustic guitars, drums or almost anything!

Mics pure digital audio technology delivers your vocals or acoustic instrument's natural tone to your computer and mobile devices without any compromise. Indeed, this is the primary sonic difference between your Apogee and other likewise USB microphones around you.

You got a unique wide dynamic range feature for vocal recording that facilitates to capture diversified music styles and genres, right from soft ballads to hard rock in a clear and detailed manner.

Also, you can directly set your level with an onboard gain switch that ultimately helps to make fine-tuned distortion-free tracks. Due to this, low-voltage mic signals could also bring up to a desired recording line level.

Another smart feature is Multicolor LED with four different light patterns to indicate the input level and real time device status altogether.

Regarding connections, you have Pure Digital USB port that delivers pristine audio quality. No need to go through setups, just plug in and it is ready for business,.awesome!

A compact USB Mic for iOS, MAC platforms with incredibly diversified performance proves a great asset for class-seekers. Apogee MiC 96k is little pricey compared to others in the segment but the output worth it completely.

Go through MiC 96K's detailed performance review by clicking here.


Precisely-built compact device. Superior audio quality. High-grade studio performance. No external power requirement, charge itself while in operation. Signature Apogee quality. Plug and record configuration.Best sounding USB Mic.


Bit expensive, but the quality worth it. The absence of built-in mute switch. No headphone output for real-time monitoring. Heavy body gadget.

For all those looking for Professional grade microphone the Razer Seiren Pro is an irresistible choice. An extremely versatile, multipattern mic with dual XLR and USB digital user interface works perfectly for your home or studio setup.

Indeed prices on bit higher side, but as you went through the intense livewire performance and splendid hardware, you will never regret your choice.

This Razer Mic came with a pre-assembled stand which makes it an outstanding choice for Gaming, HD recording and Live streaming with utmost clarity.

The all-around gaming microphone with integrated dual USB and XLR connectivity, which facilitate you four adjustable cardioid, stereo, Omni and bi-directional recording patterns.

Razer crafted it with the High-end user in mind; End-to-end anodized metal construction along with sleek exterior superbly works for gamers, Live streamers, You Tubers, musicians, and professional artists.

Here you got another choice; The Standard Model suits best to dedicated gamers with the affordable budget in mind, also costs $70 less on your bank.

Now, I am revealing you some additional unique advantages of this device:

  • High-definition recording up to 196 kHz/24-bit resolution.
  • Smart controls for recording pattern shifting, Headphone Volume and Mic gain.
  • A built-in headphone amplifier with zero latency output.
  • Unique Play or play recording capability through single USB OR XLR connection.

Your record audio clarity level is way superior to you found in CDs. No matter, you are a pro or audiophile it gives you same amazing experience altogether a warm, rich and crystal clear sound to your listeners.

You can use any headphone with provided 3.5mm jack that allows precise real-time monitoring of your recordings. Control knob gives you access to mic gain and headphone volume for an optimal experience, all these features available with USB connection mode only. Phantom power needed to drive it.

The High-pass filter feature ensures all background noises, low-end rumbles and hums are filtered out without any complexity of post-recording edits. It also assists to moderate the proximity effect of your close recordings.

By the account of all sophisticated features and performances, RazerSeiren Pro Elite is a highly recommended multipurpose microphone. Due to the incredible versatility and superior performance, it is an ideal option for Gaming, recording and Live streaming under $250 segment.

Product-package consists of;Seiren Pro Elite Mic with stand, USB cable, Five-pin to Dual three-pin XLR splitter, 3.5mm extension cable, Product material along with One-year warranty.

Looking for Seiren Pro's performance review? Just click ahead.


Cutting-edge professional studio grade device. Cutting-edge multiple applications inside one device. Well built accessories package. Finely-crafted industrial design. Ideal for home and studio desktop uses. Elite gaming microphone.


Might be expensive to some, but the complete package superbly worth it. An included swivel arm would be a great addition.

Your ultimate Music and Voice-over luxury superbly work with wide-range professional audio applications. It is the next generation version of Shure's vocal mic product line with improvised mounting bracket for greater stability.

The Shure SM7b dynamic cardioid microphone offers superior studio sound quality across your live recording, Vocals, podcasting, speech, broadcasting and complete home studio advantages

This Exclusive Mic has great user trails; Greatest pop legend Michael Jackson reportedly record his vocals for Thriller Album in 1982, actually the original SM7 used by MJ. Also, widely used in radio stations, singers and voice-over actors around the world.

What makes SM7B so amazing? Check out for yourself..

Shure specially designed it for vocals, being a dynamic mic you find smooth, flat and wider frequency response that create magic for speech and music. A good mic for Hip Hop genre.

  • The Bass roll off and mid-range emphasis(presence boost) control's with a graphic display of response setting.
  • Internal 'air suspension' shock isolation virtually eliminates all mechanical transmission.
  • Also, has an improved rejection mechanism of electromagnetic hum produced by neon lights, monitors, and other electrical devices, optimized for shielding against broadband interference emitted by computer monitors.
  • It's classic cardioid polar pattern steady with frequency and symmetrical about the axis which facilitates minimal coloration and excessive rejection of off-axis sound.
  • Recently included A7WS removable windscreen customized to reduce plosive and breathing sound thus gives a warmer tone for close-talk vocals.
  • Mounting/dismounting tasks made easy by the Yoke mounting mechanism with captive stand nuts, that gives you precise control over microphone position.

It has a unique ability to handle incredibly loud sounds your studio likely to produce. As per Shure, it can take up 180 dB SPL that can be comparable to the noise level of a space-shuttle launch at close range.

As the human listening, threshold is 140dB which means it can go where your ear can't..excellent traits,.is't it?

Is any dynamic microphone sound so amazing? Indeed, Shure SM7B is a superior piece of electronics, Due to zero background sound pickup, it is a perfect device for home studio recording without any acoustic space requirements.

The product package consists of; SM7B microphone along with locking yolk mount, foam windscreen, and close-talk windscreen.

Get Shure SM7B's in-depth analysis and various actual user reviews right here.


The best microphone for Vocals, broadcasting, and voice-overs. Versatile applications. Compact cumbersome and durable gadget. Assured cartridge protection. Super quiet Sound capture system. Minimum EQ requirement. Ideal for Live room recording. Flat natural sounding.


Not a usual hand-held mic. The lower-range might be tad muddy. Noise floor may not be completely quiet.

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Zalman Zm-Mic1. V-MODA BoomPro. Blue Microphones Snowflake

Sony ECM-CS10. Blue Microphones Snowball. Samson G-Track.

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Scanning through the Gaming and Live-Streaming Microphones marketplace, I must admit it is Indeed an uphill task to get your desired exclusive product. But altogether, I am fully confident about the outcome of your visit here.

It is my ultimate goal to present you everything required for your target task over here. Right from the minuscule criteria, product features/specifications, user interface, real-time performances, feasibility and competitive best prices in the market.

Hope you got through, absorb, analyze and finally implement all this into your final choice.

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