Be it high-octane gaming, listening to music or watching movies, all you care for the immersive audio delivered to your ears.

 I strongly recommend to choose a best surround sound headphone for gaming.

A quality surround sound gaming headset immensely contribute towards a realistic 3D gaming scenario.

What is surround sound? A technique to boosting sound reproduction quality of any audio source through additional audio speaker channels which circles the listener's surroundings.

The resulting soundstage generated from 360-degree radius in the 2D/3D plane, no. of channels may vary as per the technology or used device.

Audio marketplace flooded with various product and technologies, it is imperative to invest in the best product that perfectly fits into your requirements.

With due considerations of all, here I tried to recollect all vital aspects of the best surround sound gaming headphones together

Let's have a bird's eye view -

Device Name







Plantronics RIG


2.1 pounds





HyperX Cloud

Over-Ear (close)

6 pounds


Sound card


Stereo 3.5mm

PlayStation Gold

Wireless (On-Ear)

0.65 pounds


7.1 ch.(V)


3.5mm / Micro USB

Striker Pro ZX

Wireless (Over-Ear)

0.7 pounds





LucidSound LS30

Wireless (Over-Ear)

3 pounds


Amplified Stereo


3.5mm/ USB

Sennheiser PC 363D

Full Size

1.7 pounds


7.1 ch.(V)


3.5mm/ USB

Check Price

Turtle Beach-Elite Pro

Circumaural (Closed)

2.2 pounds


Gaming (deep bass)



Mad Catz FREQ7


1.6 pounds


7.1 ch.


USB/ 3.5mm

Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Wrath


1.6 pounds


3D Audio


USB (1.1/2.0)

SteelSeries Siberia 800

Wireless (close-back)

1.1 pounds


Dolby 7.1 (Virtual)


USB/ 3.5mm

Check Price

Consider these before buying a Surround Sound Headset

Here are those significant aspects must need to look out for your worthful investment and quality entertainment.

  • Compatibility with your systems: Different gaming consoles and headsets has their preferences, every headset designed to work with predetermined specific gaming platforms. For maximum productivity, it is vital to have perfect synchronization in between your source and audio device.
  • Audio aspect: This is next crucial part of gaming, it can be stereo or surround sound. The majority of eSports sector uses virtual surround sound which gives new meaning to modern gaming.
  • Wired or Wireless: This decision entirely depends on upon your preference, a wireless option gives freedom but has battery-limitations. Wired headsets restrict your movement and allow you unlimited listening hours; the choice is yours.
  • Connections: Analog or USB, both produce, and process sound in a slightly different way, most good quality headsets come with analog plug and USB adapter.
  • Power source: Most features like mic and processors consume more power, for a continuous play you need adequate connection & accessories. Source varied can have USB power, additional power cord or rechargeable batteries(in wireless headsets).
  • Build and Durability: It is crucial to have a durable and sturdy device that can withstand rigors of intense long gaming sessions.
  • Comfort factor: This is another most essential requirement need to be taken care off, lightweight customized built, headband & earcup comfortability, fittings, used material all matters.
  • Microphone Efficiency: Mic is essential for effective communication between gamers, can also use for skype and other chat applications
  • Noise Cancellation: loud, noisy environment can hamper productivity, minimal background noise helps you to excel in the mission.
  • Controls & their Placement: Multiple features followed by controlling measures, their effective location boosts your user experience and efficiency altogether.
  • Budget: Obviously it is important to make a best productive investment, choose device as per your requirement and finance.
  • Extra features: Every new entrant come up latest advanced feature and applications like; Group chat, proximity chat, Mute function, Audio toggle feature & lot more.

Now, it time to visit my exclusive Best Surround Sound Headphones collection, step ahead and feel the difference.

Best Surround Sound Headphones Under $100

Engulf yourself in blistering gaming action with Dolby surround sound effect! Also, connect and mix in music from your mobile devices.

RIG USB stereo gaming headset capable of delivering high accuracy positional audio followed by one touch three EQ presets.

Powerful 40mm drivers and Bass tube technology transform your audio experience to mighty heights.

The best deal is Plantronics signature 'Surround Audio Amp/Mixture' that gives you fingertip control over your gaming, music, and mobile calls altogether.

Indeed, a bridge in between your headset and rest of the world like your PC, smartphone, tablet or Gaming console.

An ideal pro-user audio solution with smooth fabric padding, 90 degrees flat folding and large memory foam earcups provides you very subtle comfortability.

Listen seamlessly on control less headset; as all command operations happen with RIG Mixture unit. A single port on left Earcup provides connectivity to either of two headset cables.

Here you got double Mic treat; the built-in Boom Mic and another in-line Mic with smartphone controls.

Audio performance is incredibly clear and impactful; choose from Pure(for exceptional vocal clarity), Intensify Bass with mid-range boost, and  Seismic for greater bass. 

Setting it up is very easy; USB/3.5mm cable directly feeds to your computer, 3.5mm stereo RCA for the gaming system, Xbox 360 to 2.5mm audio port of control device and an Optical port widen its canvas.

Super performing Gaming headphone with ultimate smartphone compatibility at highly affordable price tag makes Plantronics RIG an outright irresistible Gaming audio deal no one wants to give a slip.

For RIG's product review read here.


  • Best affordable gaming solution. Flat 90 degrees collapsible earcups. USB/3.5mm RCA connectivity. Dual Mic feature.Extremely flexible. Impressive mid-range conduct. Highly comfortable. Handy Triple EQ modes. Signature Amp/Mixture tab. Wider compatibility.


  • Boom Mike is slightly less adjustable. Weak Treble.

Get ready to enter the world of Hi-Fi Pro gaming with superbly optimized HyperX Cloud headset from Kingston.

So comfortable that you can enj0y late gaming without any stress and the price-tag is no painful either. Leatherette-padded cups, memory foam cushions, and ultra-smooth padded headband provide ultimate wearing luxury.

Leatherette-padded cups, memory foam cushions, and ultra-smooth padded headband provide ultimate wearing luxury.

Broad range compatibility is your bonus, easily synced with PCs, tablet, notebook, smartphone, airline adaptors and Gaming consoles PS4 & Xbox one. For later one, you require extra Xbox one stereo adapter.

Unique, distinctive HyperX design made you look sharp, stylish gloss finish and customized art propel you stand out in the crowd. Available in red & black or white & black

Available in red & black or white & black color options.

It's powerful 53mm hi-fi driver seems more intense with 60 ohms impedance and 15 Hz-25khz frequency response features.

The audio performance; Crystel bright low, mid and high tones along with enhanced Bass effect creates a mesmerizing gaming environment.

You can easily switch in between gaming and listening to music, ask how? Pretty simple with detachable Premium Microphone, plug in for gaming or unplug it for music uses.

The Brand HyperX recommended by world's top elite gaming organizations like Team Liquid and SK-Gaming.

With incredibly built hardware, multipurpose platform, hi-fi gaming and superior audio package HyperX Cloud is an high-worth sound solution at affordable prices. Also, performs best with both pro gaming and listen to music.

Product package inventory; HyperX Cloud headset and loads of accessories including airline adaptor, leather, and velour ear cushions, detachable microphone, Control box with 1m cable and 2m extension cable.

For Cloud's in-depth product analysis, just click here.


  • Great all-purpose device. Optimized hi-fi gaming. Fantastic build design. Luxurious comfort and feel. Superior audio and Mic quality. Undeniable gaming edge. Excellent sound isolation. Highly compatible. Best value affordable gaming solution.


  • Much bright sonic character. A top mounted mute button could be more convenient.

An exclusive limited-edition device for exceptional 7.1 virtual surround-sound gaming luxury wirelessly.

This Sony headset is crafted for Acute hardcore gamers, nicely complimented with Limited Edition Uncharted 4 -Playstation bundle.

Relish with its unique audio modes; Specially designed headset companion app for Playstation precisely boost the sound in your gaming expedition.

Here comfort meets style; cherish amazing in-depth audio stream for hours without any fatigue. Also, customize your appearance by switching out the removable faceplates.

No worries; PS Gold perform with perfection onto most of your systems like PS4, PS3 and home PCs.

Also, you can connect your PS Vita system or mobile gears with the help of 3.5mm audio cable. Thus make easier to carry your sound with you.

Specially designed Headset for Gamers: you can feel everything crystal clear whether it is loud boom or buzz-silent warnings in overwhelming 7.1 virtual surround sound.

Friends are precious; never let them down by chatting over internal noise canceling microphone altogether.

Battery life is excellent with up to 8 hours playtime, means you require to charge every two days on average uses.

Enjoy wireless freedom within 20 feet range; included features are volume controls, mute controls, mics and wireless transmitter.

This PS device available in Gray Blue colors, also consider Jet Black version at $23 cheaper budget.

If you are in pursuit of virtual 7.1 surround sound in the affordable budget, Playstation Gold-Uncharted 4 Limited version Headset is your perfect gaming solution. An exclusively designed device for high-end gamers.

What's in the Box: Other than the PS4 device you got Wireless Adaptor, 3.5mm audio cable(4 feet), Micro-USB recharging cable(1 feet) and Travel storage pouch.

For PS Gold Uncharted 4's summarized review click here.


  • Specialty gaming device. Sharp, slim design. Style with comfort. Multi-source compatibility. Absolute Audio modes. Wireless streaming. Superior virtual 7.1 surround sound. Concealed internal microphone. Better noise cancellation. Customizable appearance.


  • Plastic build requires careful handling. Close-fitting might be hard on large heads.

Best Surround Sound Headphones Under $200

Are you an proud owner of Xbox One Gaming machine? If yes, then you must require an Audiophile Grade Gaming Headset for extraordinary entertainment.

Audio Striker Pro Zx is a multi-platform audio solution for Xbox One lovers which facilitate fully enveloping sound and crystal-clear chat luxury.

Now takes your games, music, and movies adventure to whole new level with Polk's high-grade audio fidelity.

Double Mics delight: Cutting edge flexible, ultra-clear sounding, removable, Omni-directional Boom microphone equipped with Mute push button for your console and PC gaming.

Additionally for your mobile use, it has a discrete in-line microphone provide chat in motion. Stylish over-ear design and snug fitting infuse handy passive noise isolation.

Your comfort matters; Latest protein leather-wrapped headband, lay-flat pivoting ear cups, real leather earpads and metallic construction delivers durability and extreme comfort for extended hours.

Tech-Insight: Polk's premium-grade headset has custom wireless headset adapter for Xbox One. In-built Pro EQ offers audiophile quality, agile, smooth access to your game and chat volume mix.

Custom high-fidelity cables; Three detachable type pack includes dual-jack console controller cable, mobile connect cable and dual-jack extra length PC-connect cable.

..What do these do? You got minimal noise, boosted Mic intelligibility and elimination of distractive crosstalk, a win-win deal.

This tech marvel features; Polk's proprietary technologies like dynamic balance driver design and Polk Optimized Electro-acoustic Tuning (POET) for your big-league bash.

It is compatible with your Xbox One, PC, MAC, Playstation 4, Wii U, tablets, and smartphones. Also, try Striker Zx at $10 less budget.

Polk Audio Striker Pro Zx Headset exclusively designed for Premium hi-fi Gaming adventure which brings legendary sound stream in comfy plush hardware. For Audiophile-grade audio and dedicated gaming, we recommend it big way.

Find PAS Pro Zx's detailed performance analysis by clicking here.


  • Audiophile quality gaming headset. Signature Polk audio. Attractive, robust design. Super comfortable. Multipurpose platform. Sturdy build. Lightweight and portable.


  • No transport bag/pouch. Bit snug fitting.

The different league wireless headset for your universal gaming adventures crafted with most sophisticated design in the segment.

LucidSound introduces this out of box product for conscious style native-gamers. And yes, it carries different functionality and outreach in the market.

LS30 is a versatile and cross-platform compatible headset that seamlessly function with your PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 consoles.

..Also, can be used on the go with Smartphones, mobile gaming devices and other audio gadgets. Indeed a multiplayer, available in two Black and White color choices.

Appearance blends with action! Revolutionary mint-fresh design and premium built fiercely complimented with smooth, spontaneous controls.

Each earcup has chic integrated control disc on its exterior face for superfluid operations. Manage game volume, game mute, chat volume, and mic mute simply by raising your hands.

Feel freedom, amidst advanced wireless transmission which carries the uncompressed, accurate and balanced form of sound reproduction.

No more worries for Big-head gamers; Precise engineering ensure right clamping on earcups and memory foam cushion pads minimize your ear fatigue.

Experts say LS30 'Not only looks good also sounds pretty good' Find out how?.

No more worries for Big-head gamers; Precise engineering ensure right clamping on earcups and memory foam cushion pads minimize your ear fatigue.

Get ready for longer play sessions; its inbuilt Li-ion Battery runs up to 15 hours on full charge. Included Micro USB cable does the job.

Now monitor efficiently with dual Mics; Removable boom mic does the online chat and an integrated mic used for mobile gaming and calls function.

When not connected to your console, use it as a Passive headset with the music player, smartphone and mobile gaming gadgets.

All those looking for High-end wireless stereo gaming headset which matches the latest PS & Xbox consoles LucidSound LS30 is an ultimate choice. Premium audio quality, loads of gaming features, comfort and boom mic add new dimensions.

Looking for LS30's elaborate performance review? Just (click here).


  • Universal device. Great gaming feature. Dynamic audio quality across the range. Incredible battery power. Premium appearance. Stylish design & build. Ultra comfortable.


  • For PC Gaming, you require an additional USB dongle.

Have you ever enjoyed 7.1 virtual surrounds sound effect out of your PC's? To know follow my product analysis here and imagine the magic.

I haven't told yet, ok.. this is about Sennheiser PC 363D a name that brings extreme comfort and luxury in your gaming adventure.

This Sennheiser headset not about hearing the action, it is about at the core of it. How they do this? Keep watching.

Sennheiser's patented 'Ergonomic acoustic refinement(EAR)technology ensures direct channeling of sound into your ears, resulting in better sonics, dynamics, and definitions.

USB sound card brings Dolby's Headphone technology into play. Combined, these two create immersive 7.1 surround sound effect which propels hardcore PC gamer into extreme 3D competitive edge.

When we talk about Premium-grade headset's caliber, Microphone performance is very crucial, and PC 363D exceeds your expectations.

Here you got, Pro quality noise cancellation mic that's entirely flexible and mute automatically when raised delivers phenomenal clarity in your communication.

Enjoy uncompromised comfort: Laser trimmed open design aluminum ear cups joined by large comfortable XXL velvet ear pads resulting into airy, fresh and sweat-free listening.

Spontaneous-controls; positioned into right earcups for your convenient, quick access.

Setup is pretty simple, just download Dolby software from its official website onto your PC and follow the instructions.

The USB sound card comes with Dolby headphone control so that you can set your course.

It is well justified to say Sennheiser PC 363D is Best in class gaming headset that will not only deliver 3D surround sound environment, also sharp your skills and let you move to new levels.

For PC 363D's performance review click here.


  • Enticing pro-gaming design. Incredible audio performance. Top-league boom mic. Superbly comfortable. Awesome stereo separation. Signature Sennheiser legacy. Top-end pro-gaming headset. Two years parts & labor warranty.


  • Non-foldable. Slightly lighter bass frequency response.

The name 'Turtle Beach' rapidly seized their spot in eSports circuit. Anyone who've ever searched for a gaming headset, probably aware of its aura.

Elite Pro as the name denotes specifically targeted to professional gaming, also an official gear partner of 'Optic Gaming' world's top prolific gaming organization...

It has some revolutionary advances to justify the 'future of gaming headsets' tagline, have a look ahead-

-Effective communication is the key to victory; The Omni-directional pro gaming microphone loaded with 'TrueSpeak technology' make sure that your commands delivered loud & clear irrespective of conditions.

-The sound is a crucial part of modern gaming; Elite Pro's 50mm Nanoclear speakers produce crispier and enveloping audio environment around you.

Tournament Audio Controller(TAC) is a final assault weapon of Elite Pro armory. Its cutting-edge audio technology facilitates power chat, Mic tuning, gaming console syncs and multiple port area for your ultimate gaming setup.

Elite Pro specially designed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows platforms.

The external sound card delivers DTS headphone's 7.1 surround sound blast at your disposal.

Indeed, Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament headset is must have accessory for every Professional gamer. By combining with TAC, it became more lethal and gave final thrust for victory target.

Go through Elite Pro Tournament's review by clicking (here).


  • True pro gaming gadget. Super comfortable. Multiple adjustment options. High-end technology. Unprecedented mic & chat control. Immersive 3D-360 degree sound stage. Superhuman hearing. Instant local chat network. Complete high-end gaming headset.


  • Adding optional TAC adds $200 to cost, for the dedicated gamer it well worth. No built-in surround sound.

Best Surround Sound Headphones Under $300

If you are fond of superbly detailed wireless 3D audio, come and feel the gadget that is transforming the saga of sound.

Check out the surround sound wired gaming headset for high-octane play; this top league F.E.R.Q 7 headphones meant for your PC, Smartphones(ioS, blackberry, windows and android) and MP3 players.

Believe me, switching 3D never so easy; A simple button press unleashes vast 3D audio landscape where each and every movement audible inside gaming arena provides you a crucial edge.

Extra large 50mm speaker delivers immersive 7.1 surround sound with Dolby Headphone technology. Your game audio enriched with deep bass, crisp, clear highs, and finer details.

Device hardware is a perfect mix of lightweight, toughness and durability; lightweight metal construction gives ample room for customization and comfort resulting in long extended gaming sessions.

Your headset's detachable microphone comes with illuminated mute notifications; noise-cancelling feature makes your game conversation crystal clear even in loud, noisy environment.

..just a toggle the Mic mute button and restrict your team chats audio that you don't want to reveal, red LED signals you about the same.

On-ear controls placed very conveniently enabling you to make the required adjustment without removing your headset like mute function, volume adjustment, and Dolby settings.

It also doubled up as a portable headphone; Handy quick release connector initiates MP3 compatibility, just swap USB cable for 3.5mm audio cable and plug it directly into your source.

..With a smartphone, you can also avail voice calling through the microphone. For next-level multi-platform luxury, consider F.R.E.Q.9 wireless device.

Mad Catz F.R.E.Q. 7 is an incredible PC gaming headset with mesmerizing 7.1 virtual surround sound, innovative, sturdy design, easy build and strategic controls placements.

Take a tour of F.R.E.Q. 7's performance review by clicking here.


  • Ultimate 7.1 surround sound gaming headset. Powerful Bass. Dolby Pro Logic IIx up mixing. Innovative design. Handy connectors. Lightweight yet durable build. Dual PC & mobile use. Removable noise-cancelling mic. Intuitive software interface.


  • The headband needs slightly more flexible. Headset design might not to everyone's tastes.

Do something extraordinary with your PC gaming; the THX TrueStudio Pro sound technology way ahead than 5.1 0r 7.1 audio applications.

Live remarkable tale of 3D audio realism with SBX Pro Studio specifically meant for your PC and MAC. Being wireless adds additional punch to its virtual surround effect.

Creative labs have the legendary sound blaster audio series credited for signature audio quality and premium designs.

Uncompressed wireless technology precisely designed and tuned to boost the audio capabilities of your source further setting out the perfect leisure environment.

Tactic 3D Wrath os a high caliber headset entirely customized for your 3D gaming experience ensuring static free, finely detailed pro-gaming audio in your surroundings.

Now, you can feel the real potential of high-league games credit goes to its mighty 50mm full spectrum speakers.

Hardware build is pretty sturdy to withstand the rigors of intense gaming, central steel core along with high-quality plastic fabrication ensures to carry it around without any stress.

Expand your digital and music entertainment; Detachable microphone has noise cancellation capability, remove it and your device turns into a high-grade wireless headphone, surprising!

The style fits function; slick illumination and connection, volume and mute controls finely integrated into the earcup.

Being a pro-gamer, it is crucial to fine-tune each detail of your sound preferences. The Sound Blaster Tactic3D control Panel do everything be it, equalization, VoiceFX settings or creation of personal(tactical) profiles.

Efficient Li-ion rechargeable battery delivers up to 8 hours playtime on a single charge; you can also recharge your headset while in use.

Due to its high-league optimized PC and MAC gaming capability, Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Wrath is an excellent wireless audio solution which far exceeds than its price.

Read Tactic 3D Wrath's review here.

For more studio headphones go over to Gadgets Page for a comprehensive overview!


  • Great surround sound. 3D gaming compatible. High caliber wireless gaming device. Solid build. Elegant design. Massive Bass effect. SBX Pro Studio sound technology. Intuitive earcup controls. Customizable audio settings.


  • Initially clamp tightly on the head. Bit heavier.

Wireless entertainment always brings a sense of freedom, when cutting-edge gaming technology paired with it becomes the trendsetter of business.

The Siberia 800 delivers uncompromised professional audio straight to your ear canals, also performs virtually on every platform.

Get immerse yourself in incredible virtual 7.1 surround sound recreated by the constellation of three Dolby technologies; Dolby Headphone, Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic IIx.

SteelSeries incorporated many unique features in this headset, let's get introduced ahead-

-Although it's not cheap, you got your money's total worth when compared with every other gaming gadgets out there. The precise build, feature packed, and high performing platform becomes a prize possession of hardcore gamers.

-Incredible versatility; Play with any gaming or entertainment systems like PC, Mac, PS 3, PS 4, Xbox One(with adapter), smartphones, tablet and home entertainment systems. If your friend wants to join in, the Sound share port does the job.

-With multiple entertainment sources, you got scared by the thought of empty batteries mid-session. It has two 20-hours Li-ion batteries so you can swap them as per requirement. The spare battery charges inside the transmitter for your emergency uses.

-Regain full control of crucial features; The powerful OLED transmitter allows you to control the balance of voice chat and transform your EQ settings.

-Enjoy Couch gaming; Earcup mounted controls make adjustments well smooth and quick. Adjust volume level and navigate the settings right from the comfort of your seat.

-Simple yet striking design enhance your places value; Elegant matte black look paired with glossy finish adorn the earcups, inner ear cup shines well and add uplift the whole scenario.

For Dedicated hardcore gamers without any budget constraint, SteelSeries Siberia 800 is must buy. Great sound, elegant hardware, premium versatility, mighty battery power, and comfort throws enough punch for the title of top-league wireless gaming headset

Follow Siberia 800's(formerly H Wireless) in-depth product review right here.


  • Best wireless gaming headset. Amazing virtual surround sound. Multipurpose transmitter/charging station. Super comfortable. Retractable, unidirectional mic. Universal compatibility. Superb controller. Latency/distortion less performance.


  • Little expensive, not an issue for die-hard gamers. Complicated setup.


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Final Thoughts

I hope your quest of Best Surround Sound Headphones ends here, and most probably find your desired choice of products.

This particular collection is an ideal mix of High-grade technology, design, audio, features, comfort, versatility and value of price.

Considering, the magnitude and sophisticated nature of gaming sector, it is a pretty tough task to analyze and create the desired presentation.

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